Rob Black: People Have HIV And Brad Armstrong Wants to Play Games and Make Jokes

“People in Sacramento are looking at us in horror,” Rob Black was saying Wednesday night.

“We are going through a serious issue. This is serious business, and we need leadership to stand up and say enough is enough. We’ve had five months for people to make fun of each other and write little Twitter messages, but people like Brad Armstrong are still playing kiddie games in the shallow end of the pool when the adults are playing in the deep end.”

Black was talking about an open letter Armstrong wrote him.

“This is a company [Wicked] that’s controlled by Manwin,” observed Black.

“We are adults dealing with real issues, and you have people at Wicked who are kids. We’ve already left that end of that pool. We all came up with stupid stuff three months ago where we played games. Now we have four HIV cases in a month.

“Go get your own radio show, your own website, go, play games get your own audience.

“Sofia Delgado is somebody’s child,” Black went on to say.

“She has a deadly virus. We have people in Sacramento fighting for legislation. This isn’t a time for games. We’ve moved on. Are these the people you want telling you things? You have people at huge companies, and they’re making jokes. Wicked is a condom company, and they have a director making jokes about a performer who is HIV positive.

“The condom company, Wicked, is owned by Manwin who also owns Cutting Edge. Head director Brad Armstrong makes jokes about people who are dying. It’s just embarrassing.

“You have Steve Hirsch shooting during a moratorium. You have Wicked making jokes about people with HIV. They’re making jokes about talent with HIV. I thought Wicked was the pro condom company. But really they have no talent and aren’t creative, and if they had to compete on a level playing field, they’d go bankrupt. We have four cases of HIV, and Wicked makes jokes about people that are trying to help performers.

“That’s what Wicked does, and they’re pro condom. Of course they shoot Brazzers content with no condoms. They make fun of people with HIV. RadarOnLine isn’t that nice to know that Wicked makes fun of four performers coming down with HIV and the fact that their company is owned by a company that is condemning everybody to death?

“That’s what Wicked does all day. They have their talent make fun of talent. Wicked Pictures makes jokes about the AIDS crisis and their defense is they do an AIDS walk and they make fun of HIV.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said Black.

“But Wicked in not pro condom. They only wear condoms, but they’re not pro condom because Jessica Drake does commercials against condom legislation. They are untalented and mock talent for having HIV. They mock the situation we’re going through and mock all the talent. They tell you to put your extra pay for your tests on your wish list. They actually tell talent to put testing on your wish list.

“Yes, talent, you have heard it here. While we’re going through a crisis like you’ve never seen before Wicked tells you to put your test on your wish list and have people pay for it. That’s what they’re telling you.

“Wicked is telling you to go to fans and take their money to pay for a test that is for free. That’s Wicked Pictures for you. Thanks, Wicked Pictures. Thanks, Steve Orenstein. I want you to understand that Wicked tells all the talent to get someone to pay for your test so they can live off the backs of your hard work.

“Thank you Wicked Pictures for showing what a classy operation you can be. LA Weekly would like to thank you. RadarOnLine would like to thank you for a very classy demonstration. Wicked mocks the people who are trying to do good and help people.

“Wicked, you guys are quite the organization. Wicked Pictures is part owned by Manwin. I say all of it is owned by Manwin- the Internet whatever that means. What it means is that Wicked is part of Manwin, Cutting Edge Testing and the blood poolers. You should not be paying for a goddamn test. But Wicked is part of a $3 million scam.

“Wicked Pictures wants to profit on your death to the tune of $3 million. These are facts. Wicked Pictures mocked all the talent and told them via twitter, quit your bitching and tell people to pay for your tests on your wish list.

“Wicked Pictures said all you talent instead of paying $1.5 million you’re going to have to pay $3 million and put it on your wish list. Oh well. Then in the wake of finding out that Sofia Delgado is MIA, Wicked Pictures is off making jokes and having a fun good time about the HIV outbreak.

“That is Wicked Pictures making jokes about HIV and what is going on right now. That is a fact from Jessica Drake to Brad Armstrong are telling talent to stop crying and putting your test on your wish list. They are literally making fun-fun and we have a young girl, someone’s child- similar to when Steve Orenstein you were the salesman for a man, Ruby Gottesman, who was a pedophile-shooting pornographer.

“You disregard children, then so is that how you look at children today? Sofia Delgado was somebody’s little baby and you and Wicked Pictures are fucking mocking her just like you mocked children when you worked for a child pornographer.

“You worked for a child pornographer, and 30 years later you are making fun of somebody’s child. Wicked Pictures is making fun of somebody’s child. Right now there is a parent home weeping because her child- the woman you are mocking- Sofia Delgado- didn’t put her test on a wish list.

“Sofia Delgado put her trust in your hands and you failed her and Sofia Delgado has HIV because Wicked Pictures told her to put her test on her wish list. Sofia Delgado has HIV today and can thank Wicked Pictures for Sofia her HIV status. Steve Orenstein, when you used to pocket that money from Ruby, is that what you do now? Instead of taking a child and fucking them on camera, you fucking take their soul and kill them.

“Steve Orenstein, you created Wicked Pictures [and with money from the late Lenny Friedlander] by working for a child pornographer. That’s Wicked Pictures’ motto- we’re in bed with Manwin; we tell talent to put $240 on their wish list, and if you get HIV our directors will mock you, and they will laugh at you and challenge anyone who wants to stick up for someone’s baby.

“Brad Armstrong and Wicked Pictures are mocking this child similar to the way Steve Orenstein mocked children who were being abused by Ruby Gottesman. If you want to sit back and take this, I’m not. This is all factual.

“Steve Orenstein worked for this man and learned how to exploit children. Sofia Delgado is somebody’s fucking child and Steve Orenstein and Wicked Pictures they said it’s open season on kids. That’s what they said because Sofia Delgado is somebody’s child. Wicked Pictures, there is a woman crying hysterically because she knows her daughter will die before she does. Wicked Pictures, you’re making jokes about Sofia Delgado; you’re making jokes about this woman’s eventual death.”


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