Rob Black Points Out Glenn King’s “Pain” for the BS It Is; Glenn King Should Rebate Talent the Entire Cost of a Test

Evil Angel Director Glenn King on Slim Pickens’ site announced that he was going to use condoms in his movies, not only because it was the law but that he was going to kick in a $25 rebate to each performer for testing, besides.

“It’s probably more notable that I’m paying each performer a $25 testing subsidy with each scene,” said King.

“I think it’s wishful thinking when someone says ‘the performers make plenty of money. If they can’t afford more testing they should sell some of their gucci purses’ and its equally naive to think that producers are making so much money that we can easily afford to pay for testing.

“The big money days in porn are long gone,” King goes on to say.

“For almost every producer I know, every extra dollar that comes out of our pocket is painful.”

Those are the statements which Rob Black, doing the math on his Tuesday afternoon show, called bullshit.

“Glenn King at Evil Angel is some kind of great guy that goes all condom,” Black observed.

“I see people talking and debating that. To me it’s a non factor. Somebody asked me who is Glenn King which is funny in of itself. We’re talking about a guy who says he’s going to use condoms because it’s the law.

“He does this entire spiel about there’s going to be a whole song and dance about pro choice. First off, if you’re going to use the law, you can go to Glendale, Pasadena to shoot. Not that it’s healthier or safer that you’re going to use condoms?

“Than what you [King] say is retarded stuff,” Black continued.

“You’re going to pay each performer a $25 rebate. What is $25? Glenn King you’re such a scumbag. Glenn King is a douche bag. If this isn’t corporate American talking about extra dollars coming out of your pocket. And Glenn King is paying $25. Wow.

“That won’t pay for gas to the set, you fucking jerk off. Every extra dollar out of our pocket is painful. What these assholes forget is, they make it up tenfold with comps and ‘best ofs’.

“Every one of you girls who’s ever been in a movie will never make another dime. When Glenn King talks about this big pocketbook hurt, I bet if you go through the Mean Bitches library you will finds comps of yourself, that whole hundred extra bucks he paid talent for one movie is going to come out in an extravaganza.

“Glenn King will edit and put that movie together for nothing. If he’s a real director he does that, and it costs nothing. He now has a movie that is free that he’s given you this whopping $25 for. he packages it in a DVD- you can get packaging for $.45 cents times 2,000 pieces. He lays out 900 bucks for replication.

“If it’s double disc maybe it’s $1800. To have the sleeves made are four cents and you got to run 5,000. Add $200 for your sleeves. I imagine Glenn King authors his movie, with artwork maybe $500. We’re at $3500 for a comp.

“Glenn King puts together 2,000 pieces ready to be shipped and he’s going to charge $18. That’s $36,000 and out of that $36,000 his cost is $4000?

“Can you tell me how these extra dollars coming out of producers pockets are painful? If Evil Angel says they don’t move 2,000 pieces I guess they lie to everybody.

“Glenn King you slimy little piece of shit. Take your $25 and you shoot four guys, four girls, you’re talking $200 you stupid fuck. You guys are from Evil Angel and brag how you’re the number one company. Glenn King, you are insane and live in a bubble called Evil Angel. You’re a joke, dude.

“Glenn you’re such a rebel. Go to Glendale and shoot without condoms. You are a punk, a little piece of shit. Glenn King, it’s very simple. Every talent you shoot give them $150. That’s $1050 that goes to a test for them at a later consideration then you will be supporting the performers.

“Do that every shoot that means you’re contributing $15,000 to the health and safety of all the performers which is less than you make on one comp. See how simple that is? The rich don’t want to pay.

“When you work for the number one studio in the business and you get the number one prices wouldn’t it be safe to say you’re making more money than all the other producers, and if you’re not, then you’re doing something wrong.

“If you’re shooting 15 movies a year and are averaging $19,000 on every movie that’s almost $300,000 a year. Fuck you. You guys really are pathetic. You act like all this stuff is complicated. It’s not. Apparently our business is too stupid to get on the side of a public health issue because we listen to Christian Mann, Diane Duke, John Stagliano, and in turn what we get is what we got and it’s fucking garbage. Unbelievable garbage, Amazing.


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