Rob Black Predicts Convicted Poo-nographer Ira Isaacs Will Have A Tough Time In Prison

Let’s talk about America’s favorite poo-nographer. Yes, I’m talking about convicted dog fucking film seller Ira Isaacs.

As you know, Ira Isaacs was convicted of obscenity for producing and distributing scat and bestiality movies. Obscenity was also what I was charged with and after a long legal battle, I spent a year in La Tuna Federal Correctional Institution in Anthony, Texas. Ira Isaacs created porn that was a bit more extreme.

People have tried to split hairs on what he produced and what he distributed, but at the end of the day if you’re making money from movies depicting people fucking animals that’s fucking wrong. Watching the heartbreaking animal abuse commercials with the Sara McLachlin music that play constantly on CNN will give you an indication of where America stands on this issue. Whether you’re actually filming them or just distributing them, you’ll be hard pressed to find a jury that says that is OK.

The movies Ira Isaacs did make involved him getting a coupla girls, getting them inebriated on drugs and after a sumptuous feast of Taco Bell, he would have them eat his shit. Yes, number two right in the kisser. Emptying his shithole in their piehole. They would smear his doody on their faces and perform fecal minstrel shows all while under the influence of mind altering substances.

This, along with the dog fucking videos, got Ira Isaacs convicted of distributing obscenity. What’s amazing is that he was convicted in Los Angeles. You can be a cop and beat homeless people to death and get off. You can be OJ Simpson and butcher two people and walk. But what Ira Isaacs did was so disturbing that a jury said, “Hell no. This motherfucker’s gotta go to jail for four years.”

He was tried twice before being convicted, those resulted in a mistrial and a hung jury. People said, “Look, the government kept going after him. It was a witch hunt.” I’ve said it before, I don’t think the government and the people of Los Angeles would’ve cared that much if it only involved people eating poop. The issues were that the girls were fed drugs, which brings consent into question, making it borderline rape and the dog fucking crosses the line with almost anybody. Even in liberal Los Angeles, where murderers go free and cops kill the homeless with impunity, fucking dogs and doping up girls to make them eat shit is something where Angelenos say they have to draw the line.

So Ira Isaacs reported to prison. He reported to the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown LA to await being sent to his ultimate destination. He hopes to be sent to Terminal Island or Lompoc. Max Hardcore also checked into the LA facility, which has no drug program, no yard, no library. It’s a way station more or less. Max hoped to be sent to a cushy prison close to home like Terminal Island or Lompoc, but was instead sent to where I was, La Tuna FCI in Anthony, Texas, the worst prison in the system. Despite what Isaacs wants, where he will be sent is up to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I suspect he may be sent to La Tuna as well. It seems to be the prison with the most open beds or the one that doesn’t give a fuck about people and will stack them 2,3 and 4 on top of each other. Or he may be sent to a facility in Arizona or Colorado.

I would say it’s unlikely that Ira will be sent to the prison of his choice. If he is sent to Terminal Island or Lompoc, then his attorney Roger Diamond is the greatest attorney in the history of mankind. That will be something that my attorney Lou Sirkin couldn’t pull off for me or for Max Hardcore and Lou Sirkin is a pretty good fucking attorney.

I tell ya, he’s gonna have a real bitch of a time in prison. Feeding girls drugs and making them eat shit is something that is hard to claim a First Amendment right. Distributing dog fucking videos is also a tough sell. As hardened as guys in prison are, from the gang bangers to the meth cooks, there are no rapists or other abusers in the general population. Those guys are ostracized to segregated housing. When you arrive in gen pop, you are asked to produce your paperwork to show that you are not a child molester or rapist. If you do not, or if you produce something that is shady, you will either get the shit beat out of you and be sent to segregation or you will be killed.

When I was in La Tuna, there were no inmates within the general population who were in there for abusing animals, women, kids, nothing like that. That is a no no. When I first arrived, I was looked at with suspicion because of my short sentence and the fact that I was in a medium-low security facility far away from my home. Someone with a sentence like mine should’ve been sent to a camp. They thought I must be a “cho-mo” which is short for child molester or a rat, a snitch. I had to produce articles from Details magazine and other publications to show that I wasn’t. The articles showed how I challenged the government to come after me. They said, “Wow, you really did piss off somebody in the government to get sent here.” I said, “Guilty as charged.” So the suspicion of me being a rat or a cho-mo was quickly dispelled once I was able to produce the articles.

So Ira Isaacs is gonna have to explain to a whole bunch of people in prison why he is there. He’s gonna have to tell them that he made videos of girls eating his shit and sold videos of girls fucking dogs. That ain’t gonna go over too well. The hardest of the hardened criminals in prison aren’t into abusing women or fucking dogs, so Ira Isaacs is gonna have a tough time. He mentioned in previous articles of wanting to enlist in a drug program, which will shave off about six months of his sentence. That, plus the two months of every year knocked off for good time, he will legitimately have to do about three years. It’s gonna suck for him to be in there for three years having to defend drugging women to eat his shit and selling dog fucking videos.

Good luck, Ira Isaacs. I definitely don’t envy you.

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