Rob Black Predicts Steve Hirsch Will Offer a Contract to Honey Boo Boo; Hirsch Needs an Intervention

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With Peter Finch blaring his words from the film, Network, Rob Black declared the day Mad As Hell Friday. Basically the Measure B lawsuit took another defeat in the courts, Black reported.

“If we had any real representation or anybody that gave a real shit about us- what did they say- the judge is leaving wiggle room for everybody to get together and make a settlement, maybe come up with something.

“The judge in this case, he’s even saying hey, why doesn’t that alleged junkie, Steve Hirsch, the AIDS Health Foundation guy, all your attorneys, get together and see what kind of settlement discussions there are.

“Why isn’t someone pointing this out?” Black asked.

“Because it would lend credence to everything I’ve been saying. This is that kind of shit that should get you as mad as hell.”

Black pointed to AVN’s recent coverage of the Measure B lawsuit and Hirsch’s smug picture as proof that Hirsch is the de facto leader of the porn business.

“The condom issue is with Vivid and Steve Hirsch,” said Black noting the picture AVN ran was flattering to Hirsch and “not those beady doll eyes where he’s all junked out of his mind.”

A critic the other day said Black had burned all his bridges and was therefore irrelevant to discussions.

“I burned a bridge?” asked Black. “

There’s no bridges left to burn. Steve Hirsch would rather take meetings with Mr. Marcus.”

Part of the story was Vivid’s announcement that it would not be shooting sex scenes in LA County.

Really? We know that’s a lie,” scoffed Black.

“If you’re such a staunch supporter on Measure B, why are you abiding by this law?” Black wondered.

“In LA County you’re not going to wear condoms, but outside you will, Safety doesn’t matter to you, but it matters enough that you won’t shoot sex in the city. So you’ll go outside the city because you don’t need health permits.

“I’m lost. The fact that Steve Hirsch is our leader with his smug little junkie look- but everything he does represents nothing good for our business. Christy Canyon so far has been the only one to come out and say Hirsch is this awesome dude. What has he done? He’s given $1.5M to a girl named Abraham who was 16 years old in a drug rehab clinic he has with Dr. Drew Pinsky.”

Black again pleaded for Hirsch’s friends like Mike Warner and Paul Fishbein to do an intervention.

“I’m talking about his propensity for pedophilia,” said Black. “I want to know if he watched Honey Boo Boo with his right hand on his penis. Are you seeing the next Vivid girl when you’re watching her? Steve Hirsch is looking at Honey Boo Boo and saying that’s my next contract girl.

“I’ll call Honey Boo Boo’s mom and I’ll call the Boo Boo uncle. I’m going to get them in the Vivid offices and make a contract. Let’s figure $100,000 a year until she’s 18. She’s what, 8? Hirsch will offer a 1M and give the family the money. When she turns 18, she gets Lexington Steele. I figure by then Mr. Marcus will be gone.

“But Rob Black, you’re talking about an 8 year old girl being cultivated to a life of pornography? Ah, yeah. Steve Hirsch has a sex tape of a 16 year old girl who started as a piece of shit. Just like Stagliano started his Strecth Class where he was just oogling girls and 17 volumes later he’s fisting them.

“There’s a trend in our business for leaders to regress into a serious head spin of destruction. Steve Hirsch sits there and fantasizes about Honey Boo Boo.

“I’m calling on Paul Fishbein, Bill Asher, you all need to get Steven in the room, tell him you can do the pill but lay off your fantasies of young children. When you’re sitting there watching Honey Boo Boo, stop it. You have this Honey Boo Boo infatuated company owner that has to get his face out there.”

“This is the guy that’s leading our business that had the great judge Pregerson issue a statement, everything to basically tell everybody to get together. If a piece of shit like Steve Hirsch can lead this charade that he’s something other than some skeevy trenchcoat wearing piece of garbage, that’s what he is.

“When people like Orenstein or the great Phil Harvey- Phil Harvey’s the guy that should be out there with his face and fighting.

“Phil Harvey shows people that you can have a good company that plays by the rules, an owner that doesn’t get mired in controversy and he showed that there’s a right way to do things. That’s Adam & Eve. It would have been awesome to have Phil Harvey our de facto leader. He’s not someone that’s going to offer Honey Boo Boo a contract to model his sex toys.

“I guarantee, if he’s asked he’d sit down and help this business. That’s a guy who’s a rock star and should be taking the place of Steve Hirsch, a piece of human garbage. Steve Hirsch being a leader is now a joke. Our entire business sees him as a joke.” Black said even Hirsch’s employees look at him as a jerkoff.

He’s neither a ruthless business man or a Larry Flynt, said Black.

“Larry has always ruled on fear. Steve Hirsch is a bumbling retard. Nobody fears him. He’s a retard George Bush. Steve Hirsch has every opportunity to be a real hero of the business and he drops the ball.”

“Two bumbling retards of this business are Steve Hirsch and John Stagliano who’s got HIV who doesn’t tell anybody he has it. All of Stagliano’s employees are dead- John Leslie, Alex deRenzy, Bruce Seven- Stagliano sucks the life out of everybody. Woody Long, dead!

“Steve Hirsch and John Stagliano are the Bush & Cheney of our business,” declared Black.

“Just like Bush and Cheney they destroyed our buisiness for the next 8 years. Are you better off today than when Steve Hirsch and John Staliano ran rough shod in this business? These are two people that are heavily influenced by the Free Speech Coalition, heavily influenced by Manwin and AVN; Raul Chrsitian owns AVN and has lines with Evil Angel and Jules Jordan.

“There was a time when there were checks and balances. There isn’t that no more. The good ones like Phil Harvey won’t run for the job because it’s been polluted.

“Are you better today than you were four years ago? The answer is no, motherfuckers. Steve Hirsch owns his own television channel. You 99%ers of the business can’t keep the cable on. John Stagliano is starting clothing lines and opening novelty toy companies. He’s starting Buttman magazine video lines. He’s better off than you are. Those two sons of bitches are better off today than you are.

“When Syphilisgate broke, who stood up there with Marcus? Christan Mann and Diane Duke. That was Vivid and Evil Angel. They sold this business to Al Qaeda. John Stagliano and Steve Hirsch sold this business to the terrorists.

“The judge said all you people need to sit together and work out a deal. I said from Day 1 there was a deal to be made and now a great federal judge is saying work something out. I don’t think Weinstein will budge.

“He doesn’t have to. He has the momentum. Steve Hirsch and John Stagliano failed us. This thing we’re fighting is your loss under your stewardship. We now have a bill that’s going to go through and become law because of Vivid and Evil Angel. We have a judge who wants parties to make a deal, and Weinstein doesn’t want to have anything of it.

“This is why you need a revolution in this business. Phil Harvey we need you you.”


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