Rob Black Puts AVN on Blast for Ignoring Gay Industry Crossover Issue; Rocco Reed a ‘Fanook’ he Says

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As hard hitting as he could be, Rob Black Tuesday afternoon put some serious questions to AVN which the magazine and its star reporter Mark Kernes cannot answer, or will refuse to address.

“I get a lot of heat from people when I don’t go into big diatribes about our business and the issues we have going on,” said Black.

“’I want you to yell about this person or that person.’ What I am David Horowitz? Is that the only thing you people are hearing when I talk? When I say someone is a motherfucker that is verbage to ‘extentuate’ the complexity of that person being a fucking loser.

“When I talk about an issue that this person is an asshole or a terrorist, at the end of the day we’re talking about an issue. When I look at what’s going on with AB 322 and the condoms, and you have to wear an electronic force field around your body, I’m providing the talking points and the mechanisms for solution, but I can’t do it alone.”

“Let’s equate our business to its own town like Hollywood is treated as its own entity,” said Black.

“Our porn community is like this Hollywood town and everybody knows that. We’re our own family- you hear that all the time. That’s everybody’s mantra.

“We’ve established that AVN is the propaganda wing of Manwin. Theo won’t call anybody back. You now have a voice of our business , AVN,that’s dispelling a mantra that is very shocking to me.

“It’s amazing to me that the voice that is sending out the message to the media – Mark Kernes – who’s writing op eds for Al Qaeda – it’s just bullshit. The mantra coming out of our community would not be tolerated in other lunatic Muslamic countries where they cut your head off.”

Black said for Kernes to talk about the industry not having an HIV outbreak is like the Republicans under George Bush bragging that there hasn’t been a terrorist attack since 9/11.

“Yet it was the worst terrorist attack to happen on US soil, but we haven’t had an attack since. And, guys, we haven’t had an HIV outbreak in 8 years on the straight side.”

“That just shows you how little Mark Kernes and AVN know, or how much they’re fucking liars. Kernes, when you sit there and talk about the straight side – 80% of our male talent pool are from the gay side; or they’re escorts, Derrick Burts was an escort who worked on the straight side. These guys are still escorts, and the guy Derrick Burts worked on the straight side. He was a crossover. Ryan Driller is a crossover. Danny Wylde is a crossover – why won’t you admit that?

“The Free Speech Coalition, AVN, Manwin, the entire fabric of the business that does nothing except collect money from the establishment, why does AVN not talk about that? Ryan Driller is a crossover. Wolf Hudson is a crossover. He doesn’t hide from it. He prides himself on it. There are name girls who are part of the Spiegler empire that have worked with Wolf Hudson. He’s a known crossover.

“What’s different about him than Derrick Burts who got the bug? Derrick Burts snuck in on the straight side of the border, sprayed his HIV then went back to the gay side, secretly taking escorting gigs.

“You’ve got ‘straight’ male performers who are sucking cock but say they hate fags. Oh, that picture of the dick in your ass is something you did for money? Oh, that’s okay. I got it. ‘No, I got a girlfriend and I was looking at her the whole time.’ I got it.

“But the Free Speech Coalition doesn’t want anybody to know that. According to our business, the gay industry has nothing to do with us. I would love for gay company owners to know that. If all the gay companies pulled their advertising, AVN would go out of business.

“Add up all the money those gay companies shell out from lube all the way down- look at XBiz half the magazine is gay.

“What if all the gay companies pulled their money and started their own publication? You would watch XBiz and AVN go out of business. Diane Duke, you asshole, Kernes you asshole – you work for a company that makes their money out of the gay community. What about the Derrick Burts kid? He was with straight talent.

“Danny Wylde – the guy who the Free Speech Coalition put on the Huffington Post website, I could pay him to suck my cock right now.

“We talked to Wolf Hudson about him fucking a guy as the Green lantern. Wolf says can I pick the guy? Danny Wylde. ‘He’ll let you come on his face.’

“It is a known fact that Rocco Reed [pictured], maybe he caught the HIV and vanished from the business, yet everybody knew that he was gay. He dated Asa Akira. They would play in the gay realm. I know for a fact.

“You have Rocco Reed who shocked our business when he crossed to the gay side and got this big contract. I guess everyday except Brad Armstrong knew that. Rocco Reed was the biggest thing, but I knew he was a fanook, and he was close to somebody to us who did fanook shit.

“Asa Akira made sure she put Rocco on blast. She went he’s a fanook. Everybody knew Rocco was a queer, but nobody talked about it. That’s our business.

“He looked cute and gorgeous and handsome, but he was your prototypical gay dude. I could see him get blasted by Adam Killian. Diane Duke, Joanne Capistrano, answer the question, but you act as though I don’t exist.

Black still promises to invade AVN some afternoon.

“You guys at AVN are what we say you are. Alec Helmy, you sit on an empire that could be a game changer, but you elect to be a bitch-punk, and sit back and do nothing. There’s somebody you don’t want to piss off because you think they’re cool? You hang out with somebody you look at as cool and are part of that establishment? You’re a third-rate Paul Fishbein. Paul Fishbein was the Jan Werner of porn. Fishbein would go on Howard Stern.

“Alec Helmy is a third tier wannabe. Paul Fishbein hung out with Steve Hirsch. If you’re Alec Helmy, why would you get into the business unless you wanted to be king shit? Why wouldn’t Alec Helmy say he’d want to be on Showtime or get blown by chicks like Fishbein? He could be a kingmaker but elects to be this punk bitch.

“That’s somebody who says America sucks, but I don’t vote. XBiz has got a bunch of great guys but, shit, they would write and jump at the chance to run a real magazine. XBiz has the opportunity to make everybody talk about them. Alec Helmy, you could do a Jerry Maguire letter that’s your mission statement. ‘Look at where our business is at.’

“People are saying what I’m saying, but they’re being threatened by money. Brazzers will give you a scene a month, but I’ll give you promises.

“Helmy, you could make that change by throwing the Free Speech Coalition under the bus. You could set up your magazine to do that. You could have an unbiased trade magazine with hard hitting news and respectability and have a voice that people won’t laugh at.”

Black suspected that advertisers if asked would back Helmy’s efforts to have a hard hitting magazine.

“Listen to my show,” said Black, “and you’ll listen to the hard hitting stories that are going on in the business.”

As one of them Black noted that Jayson Quinlan got the shit beat out of him by Allie Haze’s husband.

“That really happened and that would be something that would be entertaining. These yahoos are tweeting that like they’re going to kill each other, and, Alec Helmy, you can report on it. I know you’re not in the business of selling magazines, but don’t you want to put out a magazine people will look at?

“AVN, you dismiss everything about our business that involves the gay community. The powers that be are spilling bullshit propaganda but dismiss the gay shit in the bathroom involving straight people. What is your answer to all the crossover guys like Derrick Burts? Seth Gamble does it. How is the Derrick Burts situation any different?

“We have crossover talent flipping back and forth. Spiegler girls work with crossover guys. You have crossover guys engaging in risky behavior where they don’t wear rubbers.”

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