Rob Black: Racism is Giving an Award to Lily Carter because Graham Travis was f**king her

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On his show Thursday Rob Black said someone messaged him after his show Wednesday calling him a racist for his remarks about Asa Akira.

“I’m a creature of mainstream pop culture- the thing that’s not a two month fad but a ten year cycle.”

Black explained that his remarks about Akira stemmed from what’s hot in pop culture, and that porn isn’t reflective of it.

“To find something that appeals to the mass market, you have to go beyond the IVD buyer who’ll take product depending who’s fucking him.

“These buyers are having sex with girls, and the manufacturer reports sales to AVN. That’s the world we [porn] exists in. But I go by the mainstream world. Look at Madonna. She’s 98 years old and she re-invents herself, she puts together a new gimmick. She’ll do a Vogue era, that gimmick, that vibe. Look at our mainstream world, the actresses, the clothing, who’s buying it.”

Black argued that DVD sales in porn are not reflective of pop culture, but, rather, who’s a buddy of Jules Jordan and who goes to concerts with him.

“Our business is not about what the people want. The only way you know that is through VOD or cable sales.”

As much as it probably gagged him to say it, considering his feelings about Steve Hirsch, Black said Farrah Abraham is more representative of what the public wants.

“Farrah Abraham is not an Asian chick, a black chick, a tattooed chick. She’s a pop culture figure, and that little cunt’s worth millions. She’s not a Chink. She’s not a Greaser.

“She’s not a dark haired, Moors-looking big haired big assed Snooki-looking Guinea. She is every Republican’s wet dream of a white trash, uneducated hillbilly-living, taking their daughter to a porn studio with their child. There’s a Republican for you.”

According to Black, there’s always some hot chick in the porn business that fucks their entire body up with tattoos, but there’s still someone saying she’s hot.

“When that girl is revered in the business that’s not a reflection of society, but because Peter Warren’s pee-pee is hard.”

Speaking on his behalf, Black admits there’s not one Italian character in society who’s any less than a stereotype.

“If we perpetuate a stereotype or look, we should deal with the consequences.”

“Asa Akira is probably a great performer. I don’t know- if taking it up the ass and letting guys beat the fuck out of you and push you as far they can push you distinguishes a great performer.”

“Nobody gave a shit about her in 2008. She was a Jap girl. You don’t like me saying that? I welcome all the Japs to come picket me. But it does the business unjust when you put somebody in the mantle position and say let this be this leader.

“It’s not affirmative action or the Supreme Court. It’s not Clarence Thomas. It’s not the Rooney rule. If you want to make a statement, give Naomi Banxx some juice, if you want to be the racial rainbow.”

Black said if you look at the big thing in porn right now, romance movies, “There are white motherfuckers- There’s no Tyler Perry shit going on.”

“Asa Akira is a made commodity just like Don King used to do when boxing ruled the world and Don King made who would be the champion. The media makes it. You could anoint any girl in the new AVN structure and make her performer of the year. You could put anyone there.

“Hang out with Spiegler. Make sure L.T. at Elegant Angel likes you. Make sure Graham Travis likes you. As long as Graham wants to fuck you, you’re good.

“If you’re going to anoint somebody, anoint what’s popular in popular culture. Japs are a niche, but it’s not the fabric of popular culture. Asians are not a dominant force in pop culture.”

Racism, said Black, is Naomi Banxx not winning an award for the porn parody of Training Day.

“You guys were the racists who gave it to Lily Carter [pictured] because Graham Travis was fucking her. There’s the racism.”

“Asa Akira is just another girl who gets choked out by Mr. Pete in a movie directed by Rob Black imitators at Elegant Angel.

“When we become of land of Japs and rice, when Brad Pitt becomes a Jap, when Leonardo DiCaprio becomes a Jap, you can give the big awards to Asa Akira.”

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