Rob Black Reveals More of the Behind the Scenes of Black Monday

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Pesky rumors were flying around like mosquitoes yesterday when AdultFYI was down for most of the day and was being propagated via another server.

It took longer than expected because GoDaddy kept busting my balls over the issue, and webmaster Bill Fox kept telling Tom Byron that ‘Gene has all the DNS codes to make the switch.’

No, I didn’t. Fox had them because he made a similar switch in servers last November. Even though I own the site, I was never made privy to the DNS codes. Wankus played the same game with me when we had AdultFYI together.

Black gave his rendition of events with a little exaggeration tossed in for dramatic effect. Mike South had put out some of the information.

“Mike South, you’re going to make me tell the amusing story,” said Black.

“Bill Fox is a pleasantly large man who drives around in a little wheel chair. He’s a nice guy. He’s a real fucking gem. He used to work with Sasha at the 818 piece of shit studios. Bill got his big in with Streamate, and also shoots at his studio and does the live streaming for Porno Dan.

“Bill and Mike Fattorosi are buddies – I always call that section of that business bottom feeders. They mingle. Who would hang out with Fattorosi? Him and Bill Fox are butt buddies, and Fattorosi had a porn star network where ‘we’re going to stream a show’ and it failed miserably.”

Now let me clear up some mistaken notions. Black seemed to think that somehow Fattorosi and Fox were in cahoots together. They may have been. I don’t know any of that for a fact. What Black said was true in this sense. Fattorosi told me he’d connect me with people who would re-design my site and give it more revenue options. After nine months, that never materialized. I asked Fattorosi what happened.

“I didn’t think you were serious about it.”

That’s exactly what he said to me. How could you not be serious when you’re telling someone you’re going broke supporting a non-productive business model?

“Fattorosi would tell Gene we’re going to redesign your website like AVN where people will pay big bucks,” said Black. True enough.

“Fattorosi and Bill Fox were kind of like partners.”

That I couldn’t tell you. This I can tell you. The stumbling block in taking over the site was the transferring of files to another server, and I have a huge data base. If you have the transfer codes, it’s a relatively easy process. If not, it can take days. I told Fattorosi I was hesitant about approaching Fox about getting the codes, thinking that Fox might just make my site disappear out of spite. If I had only known Fox was going to drop AdultFYI like a hot potato.

Black then discussed my history with Fox

“Bill Fox hijacked the guy’s site, and in the middle of the night.”

“Fattorosi, they were all going to get together and develop this AVN type of website that was going to do all these great things. Nothing happened. Absolutely not one fucking thing happened while AdultFYI was housed and operated by Bill Fox.”

Black suspected that Fattorosi was Mike South’s source for the story about AdultFYI going off the grid, just as it was apparent that Fattorosi was probably the leak about the male performer who got Hep-C last November.

“South and Fattorosi exchange information all the time,” said Black.

“But South didn’t mention that him and Fattorosi are butt buddies and that’s who Mike south got this information from. Bill Fox, poor bastard, was being a nice guy.

“And Fattorosi was the one who brought Gene Ross to AVN for that job-thing. Fattorsi would play this whole game, ‘this is off the record, that’s off the record.’

“So guess what, Mike, salty dog South, because you’re cum tastes like salt, guess what happened? Fattorosi and them are mad because they jerked Gene Ross off for all these years bringing him to AVN parties and they get mad because Gene reports about it.

“What happens? Gene Ross calls me up- ‘I’m done with this site.’ He tells me this story.”

I told Black I had received a notice from Fox that as of July 1st I was on my own to find another server. Black then called Fox.

“Bill Fox told me he was hosting some girls site [Violet Blue] and people threatened to sue him because he hosted this girl’s site. I guess he got hit with lawsuits and stuff. I called Bill Fox what the fuck are you doing? Gene is with me.

“’I didn’t know,’ he said.

“Who’s suing you?” I asked him.

“’Nobody, but I deal with all these people and barely survive as it is. I got threatened by a girl’s pimp and there’s grumblings that people don’t want to shoot at my place. I’m telling you to go on another server because I’m getting shit.’”

“What happened? One broke motherfucker, Gene Ross, who’s going to live with Scotty Schwartz, he’s got a website and a server bill and who’s taking it over? Me.

“Another asshole with no fucking money. The other jerk off with no fucking money. One broke motherfucker to another broke motherfucker, while Frank Koretsky flies around in a jet.

“I’ll give you a list- big shit Fattorosi,all these big shots, Gene Ross we’re going to build your site. What does it take? Rob Black to come out of prison and get reacquainted with the porn world.

“Then I go to my good friend of 15 years and take my good friend on my back and carry him through the darkness of fucking evil. I got to take Gene Ross and rebuild – at the end of the day I’m loyal to people who are loyal to me and believe in everything I told them.

“Fattorosi’s a guy who would invite Gene Ross into his home every Sunday for dinner, but at the end of the day when push comes to shove, I did it. I didn’t have the wherewithal to set Gene up until five days ago. To all the legions of fans, I’m sorry that people like Fattorosi and Bill Fox do what they do, and it takes a Zicari to clean up the mess.

“For all the people out there that despise Gene Ross and hope he would fucking die of cancer, all of you people that hoped when you saw there was no AdultFYI and hoped that Gene Ross died of cancer; and the other half are asking where is Gene and where are we going to get honest news?

“Rob Black had to come and save the day and take AdultFYI – the half of you who prayed the cancer was gone, you can thank Rob Black for bringing him back and the fans can thank Rob Black for bringing him back online.

[During the drama Monday, the recreation of presented itself as a viable option, and Black reported on his show that might happen.]

“Mike South you need to update your facts. I just gave you the scoop, the real story. Salty Dog, you can thank Rob Black when you thought Gene Ross and AdultFYI were dead. Gene Ross, and Rob Black control what goes on in this fucking business.”

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