Rob Black Rips Into Manwin; Boy, Does He

The last few minutes of Rob Black’s show Tuesday afternoon show were devoted to Manwin. Devoted, however, may not be the proper word in this context.

What Black said is stuff you probably didn’t learn about in school, read in history books or hear on the Fox Business News report a couple of weeks ago. By the way, whatever happened to Charlie Gasparino’s Manwin expose? Told ya.

“Manwin came in- they’re foreign terrorists,” expounded Black.

“Brazzers was started. Middle Eastern. Fact. Terrorists. The guys who attacked 9/11. The guys who attacked 9/11 were Middle Eastern. Bin Laden had protection from the Saudis. Manwin, Brazzers the whole thing was started by terrorists.

“Oh, Rob, I’m told by the end of the day Manwin is owned by German conglomerates,” Black said in a mocking voice.

“Really? The second worst enemy to America, the motherfuckers that…” Black next talked about extermination.

“Six million of my fellow friends and Jewish comrades.”

“So it was from the Middle Easterns, the Saudis and the goddamn terrorists, all the way to the German fucking underground gangsters,” Black went on to say.

Black also had this to say when Fabian Thylmann gave the commencement address at AVN last year, “Wasn’t that chilling? When you closed your eyes didn’t it bear remnants of the Third Reich? ‘Vee are goink to systematically take over da bizness.’

“It was Adolph. He was marching everyone to the camps. Fabian the man in Germany and Benelux and money that’s in Cypress. Didn’t they get bailed out by Russia? You’re talking about the machine that started in the Middle East, and what are they doing? They’re in bed with the Free Speech Coalition.

“They’re in bed with the testing services. They’re in bed when they bought Digital Playground. They’re in bed when they bought company after company. Terrorists. Nazi sympathizers. That’s what you let into this business.”

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