Rob Black: Sam Hain is The Lion’s Den Owner’s Son

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If you tuned into the Rob Black Show, expecting updates on wrestling, MMA or current events, you’d have been disappointed. Black spent the afternoon talking about, wow, porn. On one of the topics which addresses what sells in the business these days, Black is saying you could put shit in a box and sell it if you knew porn’s chain of command.

“Peter Warren slaps a picture of Bonnie Rotten or some other tattooed monster on a boxcover, and goes ‘this is the hottest chick right now. We all love her.’ And everybody goes and shoots her. And [Frank] Koretsky and them are all retards.

“‘Yeah, okay look what’s on the AVN cover. Nobody sells any more, so all the video stores or what’s left of them are, oh AVN online. Look at the cover. Send me five pieces, thank you. The tattooed freaky girl, that’s the hottest thing? Okay.’

“I love New Sensations, and I love Scott Taylor,” said Black.

“Scott Taylor’s in bed with Lion’s Den. Lion’s Den is one of the last few video chains that are left. The big movies that Taylor put out are by that kid Sam Hain. He did a movie for Wicked. Everybody loved him. That kid is the Lion’s Den owner’s son. So Lion’s Den, which is a national chain and one of the few that are left and they can take 500 of a movie.

“When I was over at Jerry’s at Exquisite they would take 150 of a number, but you had to give them a special price or they would only take 50 pieces. It’s like what GVA basically used to be. And they’re high end and classy. Lion’s Den is no joke.

“Lion’s Den is no shabby establishment. I’m not making a joke. Well the owner of Lion’s Den has a son named Christian. He goes by the name Sam Hain. Of course he wants to do movies. Well, prior to that, Scott Taylor who’s a great business guy, he basically got in bed with the Lion’s Den guy.

Basically Scott Taylor made it to where if you wanted to get your product into Lion’s Den, you had to go through National Distribution- National Distribution is owned by Scott Taylor and the only way to get in was going through Scott Taylor and Lion’s Den.

“So you would give your movie to Scott Taylor for $12 and Scott Taylor would sell it to Lion’s Den for $14. Scott Taylor would make two bucks. Lion’s Den would sell it to their own stores for $18 and that’s how the cycle works. So when Sam Hain got old enough and said, dad, I want to make movies, I want to be a big porn star and hang out and fuck chicks, the dad said, Scott Taylor. So basically the Lion’s Den guy funded all those movies and Scott Taylor put those movies out. Duh. That’s a no-brainer.

So you’re going to be partners on a movie with a kid whose dad is the Lion’s Den owner. Now I’ve got a company like Lion’s Den being my butt buddy. Now you’ve got a company like New Sensations saying we’re going to have a big tattooed freaky bitch on the cover at Lion’s Den.

It doesn’t mean it’s good. It don’t fucking matter; it’s all bullshit. If it doesn’t sell Lion’s Den boxes the movie up three months later and sends it back.

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