Rob Black: Sandy at OC Modeling Worries More About Prince Yahshua’s Penis Than Cameron Bay’s Health

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Sandy at OC Modeling along with her client Xander Corvus went to AVN Friday and both were responsible for some of the most callous remarks that could ever come out of a human being’s mouth. Let only a porn performer’s mouth.

Corvus said to AVN, “I definitely feel for [ Cameron Bay], poor girl. She’s so cute and a really kind girl. She made mistakes, but it’s not like she got HIV by being responsible. A bird didn’t just drop it on her.”

Rob Black figured turn about was fair play when the shoe was on the other foot and Sandy from OC Modeling made a plea for funds for Prince Yahshua

“Sandy at OC Modeling is a piece of shit,” said Black.

“OC Modeling is Sandra McCarthy. They’re part of the pimps, part of LATATA which is an organization for all the performers- they do such a great job. LATATA works hand in hand with Free Speech- it would have been nice if all the members of LATATATA- how many agents- twelve would kick in.

“What’s $32,000 [McCarthy’s financial goal] divided by 12? Give me a calculator. This is from the same agency with Xander Corvus who threw Cameron Bay under the bus.

“Sandra at OC Modeling could raise that money without bothering anybody in the business. Tears streaming down her face, she’s setting up a fan fund where fans who go on message boards and call us names can donate money.

“OC Modeling, you are trying to look good because, with Xander Corvus, you’re glad Cameron Bay got HIV and she acted irresponsible. That’s what Sandy and Xander Corvus said.

“Then Xander Corvus went on a drunk twitter, and he rants about having homosexual acts with me and he’s stalking Katie Summers because I spoke the truth. Xander Corvus says fuck the bitch [Cameron Bay] she’s an irresponsible cunt. So they didn’t like the bad publicity, now you have the Prince needing procedures and Sandra telling you how awesome she is setting up a fund. She thinks she’s doing something good.

“It’s very easy because it’s easy to expose them as the pieces of human depravity that are going to be eliminated,” said Black.

“There are 12 members of LATATA. All Sandra has to do is take the 11 other members of LATATA and have each of them contribute $2910 in checks paid to the order of Prince so he could have his penis fixed.

“Sandra, instead of pretending you’re doing something good, explain to LATATA the problem and that you’re going to send Anthony to all the offices to collect a check for Prince because Prince has worked with members of LATATA’s talent to make them famous.

“As a giveback, they cut a check for $2,910 for his medical expenses. Sandy at OC Modeling, while you’re at it, have them throw out another check for $5,000 with the name Cameron Bay on it. What do you think about that? Sandra at OC Modeling, you are awesome.”

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