Rob Black Suspects That Bill Margold Must Draw Money from the State Because He’s a Lunatic

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Rob Black began his afternoon lecture first, with a couple of final shots aimed at Bill Margold. Black said he’s through talking about porn’s long time historian especially after he went to the PAW website, thanks to a story over the weekend from my colleague Sean, and found nothing to suggest that Margold’s organization was worth spit.

Black said it was brought to his attention that Margold has been obsessing about him on Twitter.

“It’s Tom Byron who brings those facts to my attention,” Black said.

“We need to not talk about somebody any more because he might die,” Black was informed by Byron.

“I have old creepy pedophiles following me whereas James Deen gets adolescent children,” said Black noting that Margold’s cock must explode when he talks about him.

“But I shouldn’t say pedophile- that’s a parody- I don’t have any proof that he ever fucked children, but if you go to anything he’s associated with- it’s very creepy.”

Black described Margold’s PAW site “like a Chris Hansen trap for pedophilia.”

“Basically this foundation is a scam to pay the guy’s rent. He tells people he’s a charitable outreach organization. Where’s the pension program you talk about, Bill Margold? If you go to this site, and it’s a sham, if you donate to this it’s a sham. Who the fuck does he help? Seriously.

“The site is old, and Bill Margold doesn’t do anything with it. If you clicked on this you’d think, wow, what an awesome organization. But it’s more Bill Margold who’s done nothing and talks shit for the sake of talking shit.. He’s such a jerk off. Bill, take the site down. There is no PAW Foundation.

“This site is up, operating and taking donations so Bill Margold can pay his rent. He must get disability because he’s fucking nuts and the state gives him money for being fucking cuckoo.

“Bill Margold is basically a fucking bum who lives off the government that he shits on every day. You’re part of the old order, Bill Margold. There’s no light that shines on you. It’s faded out and extinguished. You’re a dark cloud that was created and spawned by you. You are as dark as they come, and the way you do things it’s over and done.

“You’re a piece of fucking human dog shit.”

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