Rob Black Takes on Mike South, Brooklyn Lee and Keiran Lee; The Samurai Knows, Says Black

With CNBC monitoring his show, Rob Black was in top form. He will be the subject of several articles in weeks to come as the angry pornographer.

Living in the obvious lap of luxury, Black announced that he got pulled over by the cops for an expired registration.

“I got the goofy car with the front light out and the rear bumper ripped off and tied on with a bungee card,” Black explained.

Toby Dammit loaned Black the card with the advisory that you will get pulled over. Black mentioned that he’s been exchanging emails and was asked what he hoped to accomplish with his rantson-air.

“I dunno. I’m auditioning,” Black said conceding that he’s just a dumb guinea lowlife who’s flunked out of porn.

“I’m a moron and a loser. Nobody will listen to me.”

Black, who went after Mike South big time, spent sarcastic moments apologizing profusely about reporting how Steve Hirsch allegedly stole money from his father.

“If you say lying things people will actually sue you,” Black conceded. “Skeeter Kerkove said horrible things about Mark Spiegler who sued that cocksucker for 80 grand.”

Because he was talked about on South’s page, Black announced that he had finally made it big.

“I went to and there I was plastered on his front story. I made it. I know you guys think I’m doing a schtick, but I made it. My biggest enemy ran a headline that says Rob Black Did Not Flunk Out of Porn.”

Black also tried helping South correct some of his errors in past stories involving LP Duplicating.

“Mike we got a bunch of corrections, but remember, I’m dumb. You’re the rocket scientist.”

Black then ticked off subjects he and South probably agree on including Manwin and the talent agents.

“Mike I will email you a host of things we agree on. You compare me to Donny Long who said the gay Jew mafia runs the business. We know that Manwin the terrorists run the business. Donny Long hates guys, but I suck cock on Hollywood Boulevard, and my sister’s gay. She came out of the closet. I love fucking gays. Tommy’s [Byron] brother’s gay. Tommy and I have the equal power of gayness. If you want to say me and Byron fuck each other than I’m totally down for gayness.”

Black said if he hated guys like Donny Long, he wouldn’t have hired Seth Gamble.

“Ryan Driller came to my house. He brought beer. There ain’t anyone more gay than Ryan Driller. My wife tweets Chi Chi LaRue all the time, but he doesn’t respond. Me and Axel both love the crossover guys.”

“We’ve established that I love gays because I’m one of them,” Black continued.

“Mike, you’re a rocket scientist and a journalist. You’ve never been one to lie. Can you at least give me props that I’m a second generation pornographer from a family that can take credit for the beginning of pornography in the Valley?

“I don’t think Donny Long has that. Can you at least say that I’ve got a father who got busted for a movie involving Paul Thomas and Sharon Mitchell? Can you at least give me the credit to say I’m at least different from Donny Long that I came from a family that had balls back then?

“And I won Director of the Year,” Black continued.

“Can you give me that difference? I also got Best Non Sex Performer. There was a time when I did own that category before James Bartholet. Amongst being a scumbag and bouncing checks; after owing all these art departments after going to prison after giving them money, how’s prison for punishment?

“Can you at least say this, Mike South, that the pornography made today is 17 times harder than what I made? I think I did make one movie specifically to get the ire of the world. All we did was create a roadmap for the industry to take it farther.

“Mike can you at least say the movies I made really laid groundwork for the business of today being extreme? I’m flabbergasted by people. Kink has a line where a woman is being gang raped while people watch. They have a director named Princess Donna who says tell me what your fantasy is. If it’s rape that’s what you do. You have a woman director lowballing a performer on price.

“Mike can you at least start speaking the truth like you used to do? I haven’t heard you rally once against Kink. Think about what they do and Jules Jordan, your buddies, do and what Mike South would have done to me?

“That’s what I call hypocrisy. Michael, you can’t base it on personality. I can scream and I can yell- but that’s my audition- and you’re the number one blogger in the world. Now that we’re going to work together will you at least get on my side now?”

Black was also back on Brooklyn Lee’s case and how she sticks her foot in her mouth with every thing she tweets. Black recalled another Brooklyn Lee faux pas at the AVN award show.

“You thanked the audience and Manuel Ferrara for letting him vomit on you. You stupid motherfucker, get your hockey helmet. You went on stage and thanked people for letting you vomit. You’re right. I made vomiting an art form. You’re right. You validate my point. Mike can you at least say I invented vomit?

“Brooklyn Lee, you got an award for vomiting on someone. Oh God!!!!!!! I don’t have to go any further. I just watched a movie in which you smacked yourself in your face. Wow. You said I made vomit an art form and something about simulated rape?

“Brooklyn, you’re too easy. I’ll get to you later.”

“I’m calling you out, Mike South,” Black continued.

“If I’m wrong about Kink, tell me how Kink is any different? I know you’re sitting there listening to me because you said this is entertaining.

“When I said Steve Hirsch stole money from his dad, that was wrong. Thank you for pointing that out. Steve Hirsch never stole money from poor Freddy Hirsch. I’m retracting what I said. I heard an alleged rumor. I’ll tell you my source for that. The guy’s name is… The Samurai.

“Ask Larry Flynt. The same man, The Samurai, gave Larry Flynt the John DeLorean tapes. Steve [Hirsch], you need to call Larry Flynt and find out who this Samurai guy is.

“It’s also alleged that Ginger Lynn, the most famous porn star in the world has a child by Steve Hirsch. That’s what The Samurai told me. Ginger Lynn beat cancer recently. Ginger Lynn, the girl who created Vivid. Larry Flynt’s buddy The Samurai said all this. Michael South I’m sorry. Steve Hirsch never stole money. Steve Hirsch never fathered a child that he hid for 15 years.”

Black brought up the Kink raid in which cops found guns, started frisking people and found the owner with drugs. Is the owner of Kink, Peter Acworth- is he a United States citizen?” Black wanted to know.

Given all his transgressions, Black said he never had a porn building next to city hall where he put dog collars on girls under the guise of the fetish community.

“Mike South, can you at least go through the world of bondage and tell me what the rules are supposed to be? Because if I did what Peter Acworth is doing, I’d be crucified. It’s amazing. Our rules were always no sex in bondage.”

Black points out that Nina Hartley’s husband is an expert in the BDSM world but might draw the line at what Kink is doing.

“It’s hard to have James Deen tie up a girl and fuck them and then go to a court and show them a compliance tape. Is it fun? Yes it’s fun. Want me to put your head through a wall? Yes, it’s fun.”

“Mike, I think you should talk about Kink every day. You printed a story about LP Duplicating omitting the gangster involvement. I’m perplexed.”

Black mentioned that he won Director of the Year for Miscreants where a woman in a chair is “raped” in a parking lot.

“But back then we couldn’t rape, we had to have an out. We took it to an art form and won a shitload of awards.

“But I can’t spell, Mike. I don’t know the capital of Las Vegas. And Keiran Lee [pictured] said I’m a tool. Okay, Keiran Lee, asshole, you’re a terrorist worker. You work for terrorists. And you haven’t done any sex trafficking? I can’t produce a woman who’s flown to Las Vegas to have sex with you? What is Keiran? British? Not even an American citizen. A guy who paid for his papers. I guy who breaks the law. You said who is Rob Black, this tool?”

“This is the tool, motherfucker, who ran this business 15 years ago. That’s who I am. When you were working in England, probably for terrorists, I was in the adult business running this shit. Not alone. Before there was Brazzers, the terrorists, before the list goes on. You want to open your fucking mouth and pay for your papers to stay in this country?”

“Keiran I didn’t know who the fuck you were. It was me, people like Russ Hampshire and Steve Hirsch…asshole, take the cock out of your mouth. I was systematically eliminated from the business because I wouldn’t go condom. And we didn’t.

“Keiran Lee you scumbag, you ask who am I? Who the fuck are you!!?? Shut your fucking mouth and go back to England. You’re not even here legally.

“I will prove that you paid someone to get your papers, motherfucker. There’s your history lesson.”

Black acknowledged that South as a true legend in the business was working together with Black at Elegant Angel.

“You can’t deny I was the heartbeat of the business, I was the roadmap of the business. Please, will you do that for me? Christ I got a Ruben Sturman Award. Donny Long doesn’t have that.”

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