Rob Black: The Free Speech Coalition is Never Going to Change

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The Free Speech Coalition was in Rob Black’s gun sights Thursday afternoon. On his Internet show Black made the following observations:

“You have Joanne Capistrano and Diane Duke,” said Black.

“I can complain about them until the cows come home. Mike South, you sonofabitch, you can complain about them all you want, but here’s the issue. Who is overseeing it? In the government no president can be corrupt because somebody oversees that- the American people, the Constituion.

“In football you’ve got the player’s union. [NFL commissioner] Roger Goodell can’t be corrupt. There’s a checks and balances for all of these organizations. Every organization has a checks and balances.

“But our organization doesn’t. So we complain about Diane Duke and Joanne Capistrano, but who are we complaining to? That’s the point. And Mike, you’re a goddamn rocket scientist, who do we complaint to? Because Marcie Hirsch sits on the board. There’s the Vivid money. Manwin dumps the money into Joanne and Diane Duke so there’s that money, and Flynt doesn’t give a fuck about nothing. He’s got those casinos, and his wife who runs around and everyone kisses her ass.

“Adult FYI, everybody, it’s an absolute, corrupt system. I think Joanne Capistrano is corrupt, who do I tell that to?

“Right now who am I telling that to? All the pornsters? All these pornsters have these contracts by these agents that they believe are real. The talent believes they can travel and do escorting gigs around different states and they’re not prostitutes because somebody’s put in their head they’re porn stars.

“So if they’re in a Texas hotel room and a vice cop [arrests you]. You don’t understand, I’m a porn star. And the detective goes, no, no, no, I’m a detective; I’m with vice, you’re a prostitute. And you go, no, no, no it’s okay. I’m a porn star. My agent Derek Hay told me I’m a porn star. Honey, this is pandering. We have to take you to jail.

“So who are we telling this to, the talent? The Free Speech Coalition will always be there because it will never go away unless the government comes in and does away with it. Unless there is a phantom man or woman who runs the Free Speech Coalition that we have not seen or heard, the Free Speech Coalition is never going to change. Diane Duke we all complain about. Joanne Capistrano we complain about but there’s nobody to go to.”

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