Rob Black to Brooklyn Lee: “You Must Be a Retard; You Must Wear a Hockey Helmet”

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Rob Black gave a shout out to Tom Byron who celebrates his 52nd birthday Thursday.

“And his cock still works,” observed Black.

Apparently Black’s drawing heat from Brooklyn Lee. Black on his Internet show said Moz was responsible for Lee’s success and somehow Lee took that to mean Black was pissing on her.

“All I did was say Mike Moz was responsible for this girls success,” explained Black.

“I was being nice to a friend. What do I get for that? Brooklyn Lee is saying horrible things about me.”

Although he wasn’t specific about what was being said, Lee must have made a comment that Black flunked out of porn because that was the phrase Black harped on, noting that he made the Best Parody drama in 2012 with Taxi Driver so how could he have flunked out of porn.

“Birds of Prey – Brooklyn I think you were nominated for best g/g/ sex scene. How do you win something for something from somebody who flunked out of porn?

“You must be a retard. You must wear a hockey helmet,” Black told her noting that people thought Birds of Prey was awesome and nominated for a bunch of awards.

“You and Spieg and all the little bloggers, can you come up with something other than I flunked out of porn?”

Lee must have said something else about it taking her months to get paid. That’s what Black addressed next.

“You created drama on a set; you got your ass fired by Derek, and I hate Derek. Then you went to Spiegler then I decided to fuck with you.

“I was friends with Mike Moz. I used you like the entire business used you. You took work from girls because you were fucking Mike Moz and sucking his cock.

“Mike Moz is a gentleman, and a man’s man. I don’t want to talk shit about him because he’d beat my ass.”

Black said he was aware that Lee was Moz’s girlfriend. So Black went to him and said he needed caliber girls for some projects and was assured that he’d get a deal from Moz’s “old lady.”

Black told a story to explain how Moz had the juice to put Lee where she was. Black said if it hadn’t been for Moz, he’d never have hired Lee for Birds of Prey. Black said Lee caused nothing but drama on the set.

Black said he knows for a fact that Lee goes on other sets and “talks shit” about other female performers.

“I’m done with Brooklyn Lee,” declared Black.

“You can keep running your mouth. I don’t give a fuck. Everything you got was from Mike Moz and LA Direct. You were fucking Mike Moz, and other LA Direct girls like Madelyn Monroe couldn’t pay their mortgage because you was getting their jobs.”

Black said LA Direct girls can now rejoice that their work isn’t being given to someone’s girlfriend.

“Remember, asshole, who put you there” Black addressed Lee. “The guy who flunked out of porn.”

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