Rob Black to Brooklyn Lee: “You’re an International Hooker- You Sex-slave Yourself”

You talk shit about Lizzy Borden? Rob Black proved Friday afternoon what will happen. During the second hour of his Internet show, Black systematically dismantled Brooklyn Lee with facts, stories and courtroom exhibits to prove the point that Lee’s not only “stupid” but “a liar.”

It was like Inherit the Wind, but on radio. I could picture Black, in a sweaty southern courtroom, snapping his suspenders, waving a bamboo fan over his face and putting a jury in the palm of his hands.

After hearing that second hour, I’m also convinced that Black should be the industry attorney of record fighting Measure B. It was the most amazing performance I’ve ever witnessed and it was all about a man defending his woman.

“When you retract, and say I’m very sorry for what I said about Lizzy, that she’s a competent director and a role model for the business, I will stop talking about you,” Black told Lee over the airwaves.

Brooklyn Lee decided to aim barbs at Lizzy Borden on the Internet this week. It was a strange turn of events because Black started out the week being highly complimentary of Mike Moz, noting that Moz, when he was at LA Direct singlehandedly guided the destiny of Lee and made her a star in the porn firmament. Then, again, Moz was Lee’s boyfriend and hardly objective.

Nevertheless, Lee, for reasons known only unto her, decided to go on the attack. She twittered that Black had flunked out of porn, Class of 2013.

The first hour set the stage with Black cataloguing the sins of Lee, blogger Mike South, male performer Keiran Lee and introduced the mysterious Samurai character into the mix

But the second hour is when Black went for the jugular.

Black mentioned how Mike South who calls Lizzy, “Lizzard” went on his blog and gleefully reported that Brooklyn Lee had given Black a smackdown.

“You’re a fucking hillbilly,” Black told South. “And you know it, you’re a fucking hillbilly. You fish on a boat and hang out with fucking Tim Case in strip clubs. Lizzard, Lizzy, that’s real funny.”

Regarding Brooklyn Lee, Black thought it all amusing coming from a woman who had “7,000 clothespins” stuck to her face in a porn movie.

“I’m not even sure where her convoluted, drunken rambling stuff was [coming from]. I don’t know.”

That aside, Black was still perplexed why or how Lee could attack a woman that “honestly not one girl in the business can say ever said bad shit to.”

Black also pointed out that while Tera Patrick won a Best New starlet award, like Lee, she didn’t have to have clothespins stuck to her face to win it.

“I’m pretty sure of that. I’m pretty sure that Tera Patrick didn’t do massive cum facial overload to win that award. Brooklyn, I’m pretty sure that Tera Patrick didn’t throw up on a guy to win that award, baby.”

According to Black, it’s apparently easy to win such awards if a girl is willing to let a guy abuse her.

While he was at it, Black also provided the amusing genesis of Lizzy.

“Here’s a girl who quit doing guys after Tom Byron fucked her in the ass and she shit all over him- when she was a 20 year old girl and did an interview with me, Michael Steffano [aka Luciano], the male performer of the year brought her to me, a brand new girl from Jim South.”

Black related how Steffano told Lizzy that he makes movies for Extreme Associates. Lizzy’s comment? “I heard he [Black] makes girls eat hay.”

“So she meets me and we do our interview,” Black continued.

“And we had a cancellation on this movie called The Pornographer. Now Brooklyn, here’s some more history for you, you stupid cunt. A guy by the name of John Keeler, Jane Waters, directed that movie. A legend in our business. Your idol John Stagliano? Keeler shot some of his movies. John Keeler shot my future wife because I asked her we have a cancellation, do you want to do this anal scene? She goes, ‘I’ve never done that.’ I go it’s real simple. Tom Byron’s a fucking legend.”

Black described how Lizzy agreed to do the scene. “And she shit on Tom Byron- she’d be mortified that I said that.”

“She got done with the scene, and we fell in love. She did another movie Terrors from the Clit where she did a scene with Luciano and Chris Cannon who couldn’t cum at the end; we had to use a stunt cock. He was drunk. We were all fucking hammered. Look it up. It’s an historic movie.”

“Then we started dating and she would say, “I got these ideas.’

“Ideas, oh shit. Another porn chick with ideas.” The way Black remembers it, Lizzy said he was the bad boy of porn, she wanted to be the bad girl. Black told her to go for it.

“That day Lizzy Borden quit performing with men and girls and became a director.”

Black said it was amazing that Lee would attack his wife.

“You’re going to trash my wife? There’s girls Lizzy’s friends with that I fucking hate. No issue. They don’t like me. One her best friends, a girl Sarah, I fucking hate. When I look at her I want to fucking stab her in the face. And she calls me cock face.

“Lizzy is someone who goes out of her way to help girls and you’re going to attack her? If you recall, and people can piece together this, the first thing I said was Mike Moz helped you. Mike Moz is a great agent.”

Black suspects that Lee’s got a “lot of psychological things” inside her and that he must have hit a nerve.

“I was actually being nice to my friend, Mike Moz, and here’s this girl, Brooklyn Lee that he helped make a star.”

Black explained his point in saying that was to give Moz street creds so that one day he might start his own agency and use Brooklyn Lee as an example of what he could accomplish.

“You want to take that away from Mike, Brooklyn, to the point where he’s tweeting and sounding like a prisoner in a camp. So you guys are either still together or he feels completely horrible. I can’t figure it out.”

“Mike Moz is a great guy. I say that and this is what happens? So many people are going to get thrown into this because of Mike Moz. Please, Mike, don’t beat me up. Seriously, dude, you’re bad ass. I don’t want to have the living shit kicked out of me.”

Black recalled how when Lee thanked Spiegler at the AVN awards, Black turned to Moz and said that was wrong.

“Dude, you helped her. That was your girl. Mike just looked at me and smiled. Pretty much like he did his whole relationship with Stormy Daniels. He smiled. While Stormy shit on him he just smiled and took it. Just like now. Mike I’m sorry you have to smile and take it. He’s a great agenct, a great friend and it’s a shame Brooklyn wants to go on a tear like that.”

Black related how Lee tweeted that he flunked out of porn and he took months to pay her.

“I went on [my show] the next day and pushed your buttons. It was hilarious. I hit a nerve. But you brought my wife into it and you didn’t have to.”

With all the things being said back and forth, Black described how he went on “a fact checking expedition.”

Then, Lee, he said, went back on Twitter, “rambling and drunk or whatever you were. It was hilarious. You went on a rant to thank people. You did. You said I flunked out of porn, and I rebutted that. You said it took months [to be paid] and I rebutted that. Then you, said, okay, it took weeks. And ignorant people are applauding you. You just reiterated everything I said.”

Black went on to call Lee “an international hooker.”

“The entire world knows you. You do go to Dubai, right? You do go on those tours all the girls go on, right? I’m friends with a girl who’s gone on that tour. Right, Brook? You sex-slave yourself. If I’m wrong, sue me. If you can go into a court of law and take a lie detector test and say you’ve never gone overseas to work for the prince, the prince that we all know and engaged in sex with him for money…The Samurai told me.”

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