Rob Black to Christian: Get Your Katie Summers Facts Straight You 6’4” Hulking Queen Blogger

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Without naming names, Rob Black went off on Christian XXX during his Wednesday afternoon show, Black, as he always does, systematically went through the facts – this time the Katie Summers lawsuit – and showed how Christian doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

Christian posted this week that Summers was in the business over a year and, therefore, should have known that John Stagliano was HIV positive.

Screaming at Mach 4 intensity, Black pointed out that Summers was in the business a scant two weeks and that her scene with John Stagliano- which was shot in Miami, by the way, was her fourth scene in the business.

So much for Christian’s facts and that Summers was wise to the ways of Porn Velley. Prior to her scene with Stagliano, Summers had moved from Texas where she was living with her parents. She then came to Miami and hooked up with Type 9 Modeling. Kevin O’Neil set her up with a meeting to talk to Stagliano and Joey Silvera who were in town.

Black said he was speaking as an “irrelevant guy clinging on to desperate fame.” Which was Christian’s assessment of him.

“I love when people in the business talk about you and say you’re irrelevant. A crazy person who sits out in an alley, beat offs and eats his own feces, to me that is irrelevant. So how are you a non-factor when people are talking about you being irrelevant and a non-factor?

“I speak the truth, yet everyone dismisses the truth and runs with parcels of bullshit. After yesterday’s events, it was very enlightening because you got to see where peoples’ thoughts are and the industry is.”

Black was talking mainly about the “arrogant” comments Karen Stagliano made and the support she got from bloggers.

“I can’t fathom how someone is so ignorant. People are saying a lot of stupid stuff that is wrong,” stated Black.

“People speak, and they don’t know what they’re talking about- I offer this advice to John Stagliano supporters, Free Speech Coalition supporters, agent supporters, Type 9 Model supporters- if you don’t know the facts, I would suggest you not speak, because if you speak about stuff that you don’t know, you are doing Stagliano an injustice, and this business even more of an injustice, because you look like you’re spreading lies similar to what you did with Mr. Marcus and with the condoms issue- lies, lies and more lies.

“I was talking about this impact months ago. You said I was full of shit, now people are covering this story.”

Black explained that “old porn hags” are diving into the story and criticizing Summers that she didn’t do her due diligence.

“Then you got the audacity, you used to be B-list stars, saying how when you were in the business you googled and Wikipedia’ed and did your homework. In the 1980’s you googled? Sorry, you washed up porn hags, you didn’t. You had a good agent named Jim South who would never send talent to work with an HIV performer.

“Jim South was around when shoots were called ‘commersh’. I can’t imagine that guy would send people out in unsafe environments. Old porn trolls opening their old troll mouths talking about research this and that- this industry never likes to put up safeguards. ‘We did it the hard way- fuck you.’

Black described himself as someone who never jumped to conclusions and would give someone enough rope to hang themselves.

“Today is a ‘hang’ day,” declared Black who went after both Christian and Karen Stagliano.

“Here’s the time frame,” said Black. “Let me explain to you again what I said three months ago, but no one’s talking about it. I was lying then, I guess, but it’s now in a lawsuit.”

Black noted that he was being attacked by the “keyboard warriors” how he had a hand in the lawsuit because he had a grudge against Karen Stagliano. They were an item 16 years ago, and Black reserved the last hour of his show to explain in detail what caused their fall out.

For the time being, he said, “16 years later I’m supposed to be harboring this hatred and making up elaborate stories and schemes. Think about this – the best part being left out of this story, like John Stagliano’s HIV status, is that not a lot of people know me and Karen were together. According to her I was rapist-abusive.”

Black actually introduced the Staglianos.

“I put them together. But I was this mean rapist. But I guess I wasn’t that bad enough where we all hung out for eight months afterwards. People conveniently leave out that fact.

“Richard Abowitz hates Karen,” Black also revealed.

“He said John Stagliano is getting everything he deserves because Karen is a torturous, evil person- are those his exact words? No. But he did say Karen makes John’s life miserable. Karen was a terror at the Evil Angel office. She was there before Christian Mann was there.

“Talk about this vast conspiracy? It is profoundly hilarious to listen to people try to defend John Stagliano and Karen and all of them, and watching all of the lies unfold.

“I’m demanding an apology. We’ll see if I get it, but I doubt it. Big hulking queen bloggers don’t like to apologize. Be men and apologize to Katie Summers. All of you, be a bunch of men and all of you old porn hags hit your keyboards and start your apologies. I can’t wait for the apologies.

“Katie Summers’ fourth scene in the business was Stretch Class. It came two weeks after her being in the business. It was shot in a dirty, grimy hotel in Miami. Explain to me how Katie Summers did 10 shoots for Evil Angel [which is what Christian said in his post]. C’mon I’m waiting, tough guys.

“Katie is about a week into the business, in Miami, where she ran off to from Texas,” Black explained.

“She goes to Miami to Type 9 Models. In the first week she was brought to to Bang Bros. Now we have a girl getting with a pimp who’s supposed to protect her. All these agents are all supposed to protect everyone. He gets this girl and brings them to these people. He tells her there’s this big porn company Evil Angel coming out here- they’re the biggest in the business. So they go to a big luncheon, you 6’4” queen, porn hags, did you know this fact?

“They’re at this big luncheon where ‘Stags’, Joey Salvera [sic], where all these people are sitting there with this young girl who’s done two scenes at this point. Have you ever fucked a guy in the ass they’re asking her? Have you done this? Kevin O’Neil, they’re all sitting there with a girl who has done no more than two scenes in Miami.

“And here she is with Stagliano, a multi, multi-millionaire executive player in the adult business. Joey Salvera, a fucking legend, and Kevin O’Neil, the architect with Derek Hay of the world famous LA Direct.

Everyone sat there at this lunch and talked about everything known to man, but not one time was testing, HIV, nothing was disclosed. The only thing this girl knows is what she’s being told.

“You fucking scumbags who don’t know nothing but shit, but I guess the plot thickens. Everybody wants to say Katie Summers should have known.

“Except this girl wasn’t in California, assholes. She didn’t live in Los Angeles. She performed in a dirty hotel room with Stagliano in Miami Florida. I guess that’s a fact that Karen doesn’t even know. I guess that’s a fact nobody wants to talk about or know.

“After the lunch in Miami, I think it was a day later when Katie shot with John Stagliano- her fourth scene in the business.

“I would think with a girl in the business for two weeks- how the fuck can you sit there and honestly say this girl should have said to John, ‘let me see your test.’

“’Excuse me, sir..’ She got her test and was told these are the protocols. She was told these guys are the most successful company in the world.

“These are historic legends. Why would this girl not assume that this guy she was told is the biggest player in the business would be performing without an HIV test? Riddle me that, you fucking pieces of shit. Fuck you!!!

“Now I’m the bad guy because you hear stories that I fought with Amber Lynn or Spiegler? I’m a scumbag? I just laid out criminal facts. If this happened with anybody else, this business would be besides themselves.

“Joey Salvera would call her up and book her in movies- she did most of her work for Salvera because she trusted Salvera and Evil Angel. I would like to know why Salvera Inc- I don’t understand why did you and Kevin, nobody, tell her and give her a choice?

“The best part of this is everyone saying she should have known- ‘fuck her.’ And I’m a scumbag? Really. hey, queen, I’m a scumbag because I owe money, because Frank Koretsky owes me and Tom Byron. Tom Byron was the only guy that would shoot you when you were ostracized by the business and you have the audacity to say all of this?

“Frank Koretsky loves hookers, cocaine and jet planes while the people in this business suffer, how dare you. You motherfuckers, you opened up the gates of hell. What does Koretsky do other than that? And what does Stagliano do other than perfecting a way to make a movie that any asshole can make.

“John Stagliano showed the same carelessness when he let a trannie ejaculate into his buttocks in Brazil. And it’s downright pathetic that you have Karen Stagliano going on defending John with her lies.”


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