Rob Black to Christy Canyon: You Forget When Gangsters Were Giving You Old Lincolns

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The last time Christy Canyon went public with Steve Hirsch idolatry, Rob Black basically stripped her naked exposing flaw upon flaw in her arguments. Today Canyon did the same thing, and Black stuck his finger up her ass and turned Canyon into a “fuck puppet”.

Canyon decided to comment on Mike South’s site about what a great guy Steve Hirsch is and, by contrast, what a creep Black was though she didn’t mention him by name. But you knew from the comments who she was talking about.

“She must be shaken by Tommy Sinopoli’s death,” said Black. [Canyon used to be Sinopoli’s girl friend.]

“I’m not going to be mean to Christy Canyon because she’s just a porn girl. She’s well spoken, articulate but you get like that after hanging around the business 40 years.

“When she hung out with Tommy Sinopoli he was a player in the business. Christy Canyon was with educated people so to speak. Christy Canyon knows how to maneuver.

“I first met her on a trip back from IVD Warehouse. It was Christy Canyon, Rob Black and Jenna Jameson in a limo going to the airport.

“Christy Canyon’s an old porn star who made her living by being ‘friendly’ with all the players in the business,” Black explained.

“She did what all the girls do, and she’s old now and works for Manwin the pirate company. She got with the Manwin people and toes the company line there.

“You really want to break this down? It then shows you, Christy, you‘re not intelligent but a superficial porn girl. At 40 you were showing your pussy at dance clubs. Do I want to do this or give you a pass?”

It was Black’s opinion that if you were going to do a comparison of porn company owners, Steve Orenstein would be at the top of the list.

“Steve Orenstein is number one- I think he could shit in his cereal and get away with it- look at his company. Look at Orenstein’s company and the people he keeps on payroll because he feels obligated.

“Jessica Drake is about 100 years old and wouldn’t talk bad because she’s been kept. Look at Orenstein’s staff that have been there for years. Jessica Drake technically owes Wicked 50 movies- when are they going to get them? When she’s 70 years old? But Orenstein who runs his company like a third world nation, does the right thing and knows if he keeps his troops and army well fed, nobody will destroy him.

“That’s being head and shoulders above the punk-ass Steve Hirsch,” said Black.

“Christy Canyon’s prerequisite of being a good company owner- is never bouncing a check or blowing a director- you know you’re wide open for a plethora of stuff,” continued Black.

“Are you talking about Vivid that has no control of what directors do on sets? Your prerequisite of a good owner is you never switched a scene up on a performer or forced her to give you a blowjob.

“Before I got indicted, before I was put on display for war crimes, before all that happened, I did all those things. But I never made a girl blow me to get a job. Never. Ever. And I never switched up a scene on a performer. Never. Ever. You’re saying Hirsch never did that. So I’m only guilty of bouncing a check. You got me.”

Black said what Canyon recited in her litany was the badge of honor for most porn company owners.

“I’m not sure what you’re point was. Your theory is Steve Hirsch is a great guy because he never did those things. Ginger Lynn mothered his child and he hid the kid until he was 14. Steve Hirsch never saw him.

“What are you drinking or something? Here’s my question – is it worse to bounce a check or refuse to acknowledge your child, what’s worse? Yeah, there were times when performers’ checks would bounce and they’d have to wait three or four days.”

Black explained that he had to balance a payroll that allowed his own employees to have health insurance and care for their families.

“Performers back then were making tens of thousands a month and you had to wait a couple of extra days? And I’m a scumbag for sacrificing and asking fellow talent to help 175 people, and I’m a scumbag?

“I never forced a girl to blow me to get a job,” Black laughed.

“They all got paid whether the scene was used or not. But the bounced check – you got me. Take out the bounced check, and I’m there in the criteria of being a great owner.

“I will make good on what I owe people. I’m just as awesome as Steve Hirsch. I’m right there in the same league as Steve, right?

“But here’s where you shoot yourself, Christy- here’s a question. During the era of the Nineties when Vivid was started by Ginger Lynn and she built that company around contract girls, it was common sense they got beautiful girls. These girls had baggage.

“Hyapatia had a pimp, Bud Lee, who worked there at Vivid. Janine was one of the biggest stars, a Penthouse girl before becoming a Vivid girl.

“Tori Welles got out of the business in a drug induced stupor with Paul Norman who got her body tattooed up and then she disavowed the business. She actually came to work for me- I would show up to her house and pay her money I didn’t have, and she still talked shit about me.

“Here’s my question if Steve Hirsch was such a great guy, and it was common sense to hire these five girls- Russ Hampshire would have hired Janine if she was available. Steve Orenstein would have hired Janine- so Steve Hirsch didn’t do nothing special.

“You, Christy Canyon, made your bones sucking Mark Carriere’s cock being a LeisureTime girl. Hirsch saw you as No. 4 on the food chain when he brought you over to Vivid. You were the poor man’s fucking brunette. ‘I’ll give you a contract.’ Big fucking deal. Why doesn’t Steve Hirsch help all these girls now?

“Hyapatia is living with the Steve Nelson trolly guy. I called her feeling bad that she’s a 52 year old woman looking to do scenes again because she needs to pay her bills. Why doesn’t Steve Hirsch give her a place to live? While he sits in his plush digs, why can’t he give her a studio apartment at $800 a month and have her live there and make her a goodwill ambassador doing interviews and signings?

“I don’t run Vivid, and I just created a job for a Vivid girl. Fuck you, you stupid bitch, motherfucker. Come here to Star Gardens and wrap your mouth around Rob Black’s cock – maybe I can infuse some logic in that think Armenian brain of yours.

“You sonofabitch, Hyapatia Lee is sitting there in a dingy apartment with Steve Nelson and she’s making the rounds looking for work.

“You arrogant, elitist motherfucker- Steve Hirsch must be tapping it every so often. Janine, that lunatic? Janine tried to come back. She was hanging out with us. Vivid told her she was out of her mind. Goodbye! Yeah, they helped Janine.

“Tori Welles was working for New Beginnings. They went out of business and fucked everybody. I talked to her because I like old porn stars. I still see them as young and not a 40 year old train wreck.

“Tom Byron hired her and tried to start a management company that lasted a couple of months. She was paid to hang out. She would call Marci Hirsch telling her I had money troubles. Marci told her to watch out I was a scumbag. I’m a scumbag, but I gave Tori Welles a job. Ultimately it amounted to nothing.

“She was owed $10,000 and got paid every dime and complained to Marci Hirsch. Christy Canyon, why didn’t Vivid hire Tori Welles, the girl who did Night Trips? Her being signed at the time was a no brainer. But what happened? Why is Tori Welles not a goodwill ambassador to Vivid? How about Steve giving them healthcare? It would cost $300 a month on corporate health care and he could put them on a full time job basis.

“I would think any decent honorable business man would do the things you mentioned. Your concept is bullshit and you need to apply it to all the Vivid girls that are out there now.

“It shows you, you elitist scumbag that your former boss made his living on the backs of talent and that talent today are in the need of help. Talk about today.

“The problem is in a time when the talent are getting sick with disease and business guys like your boss are rallying around the Free Speech Coalition and asking talent to put their lives on the line- we see Steve Hirsch offering Farrah Abraham 1.5M and doesn’t come up with money for talent testing- he sits on top of gobs of cash and don’t give a shit.

“You, Christy Canyon, forget when gangsters were giving you old Lincolns. You forget that era, and it’s fucking disgusting. Steve Hirsch could be the hero, and that’s what you don’t get. You were never a smart girl. You were no different than Brooklyn Lee, and were a toy fuck puppet. You were a fuck puppet brought through the ranks of the business. You were a fuck puppet who came into the business and were told when, where and who to fuck.

“Hirsch could be the leader and starting clinics for the business. Here’s $200,000 for that. Next. So now he gives Farrah Abraham $1.2 M. Then he sets up doctors offices for another $200,000. Everything I talk about he could do, and that makes you no more than a fuck puppet.

“Brooklyn Lee said today’s the day I stop, and you in your Fifties are still a fuck puppet. You are officially just a fuck puppet. You started and were lead around by people you thought were telling you the truth.

“You never understood what this shit is about. Instead at 50 years old it’s so funny you’re acting like the little girls of our business. It’s funny. I think you’re Benjamin Button aging in reverse.”

Black rhetorically asked about the profits on the Abraham tape and was it worth the lives and health of the performers.

“If Hirsch made a half million and started up clinics- he would get rewarded 50 times over. Don’t you think that’s where our problems, are where he could have re-created the business with that Abraham money?

“That’s the problem, and you can’t see that. Being a great man is providing for health check ups, checking for HPV. I could give you a list what the great Steve Hirsch could be doing for our business, but you think about 1991 porn stars that don’t have a job.

“Julia Ann still performs to this day, a lady in her late Forties sells her pussy. Go to Dyanna Lauren is a fucking prostitute. Why doesn’t Steve Hirsch look out for the people of today? Why doesn’t he help Dyanna Lauren so she doesn’t have to be a prostitute on Eros?

“Shame on you, you elitist bitch you are an embarrassment to the girls in this business. You got your piece and fuck everybody else.”

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