Rob Black to Derek Hay; You’ve Been Played like a Bad Banjo; I Gave Lisa Ann The Information

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Rob Black this week declared that Lisa Ann was a member of The Rob Black army. On his show Wednesday afternoon Black ‘fessed up some more.

“I’m doing it. I’m hell bent. I see Derek Hay has put out a press release addressing Lisa Ann. Derek Hay has now sat with lawyers and has come up with elaborate mumbo jumbo.

“This is where I’m letting Lisa Ann off the hook,” said Black.

“She did what she was supposed to do. You, Mike South – this was a perfect kill. What happened and transpired in the last two weeks was perfectly orchestrated, a precise hit that was executed by the team. Lisa Ann was the perfect person to do it.

“What just transpired in the past two weeks- with all the evidence that when the industry said it could police itself- but you see the question is, how do you get the movement going and expose who you all are?

“You need a respected, admirable person in the business who not only worked for LA Direct [at one time] but is respected. How do you get a person like that expose the enormous testing flaw and spearhead the change that is needed?

“Lisa Ann would be perfect,” said Black.

“The wheels were set in motion. Lisa Ann ain’t going to let a John Stagliano slip through the cracks. Who would it be better than to put her with than Alex Gonz? You put that information with a really good casting agent, put some information out there and voila, Derek. Voila, Derek.

“Let me ask you a question, Derek. You’re asking Lisa Ann where she got this information from? You’re looking at him- Rob Black- you need to bring all your attorneys and investigation over here, tough guy. Derek Hay, you’ve been played worse than a banjo. I played you. Game, set, match, and now I got to mop up the semen that’s all over my body.

“Derek Hay, you my friend, your own greed played into the greatest Machiavelli strategy ever. Derek Hay, I’m the motherfucker who gave everything to Lisa Ann. What you gave in an official statement proves there are breaches in the talent testing system which has no position to ever say we don’t need condoms. Derek Hay, man it’s funny how you all got played.

“Derek, are you listening? Direct Models is done. Spiegler, you’re done. Condoms are coming. Guess what? LA is not at the height of irresponsibility. I guess I’m ignorant of the HIPAA law. Ask Lisa Ann three things. I gave Lisa Ann the information. I’m admitting it.

“You need to call the lawyers because I violated HIPAA law. Lisa Ann did nothing bad. Rob Black gave her the information to protect her life. She then informed the industry what a piece of shit Derek Hay and all the agents are, and this industry needs a centralized testing that looks out for the talent’s health and safety. She was given information by Rob Black and used that information to protect herself and her health and safety.

“I defy you and welcome you to bring that soccer mom lawyer to come at me for giving out that information. I gave information to a woman who was about to be put in harm’s way. She acted on that information and exposed a ring of lies deceit and corruption, She should be applauded and put on a pedestal. Once again call your lawyers. Have them call Robert Starr.

“Hit him up with letters that I’m in violation of HIPAA code about a gentleman with hepatitis who was about to give it to Lisa Ann. Derek Hay, make sure you and Diane Duke get in line with lawyers. Call Paul Cambria he’s already in one litigation.

“After they deport you they will stick a missile up your ass. I gave Lisa Ann the information and then you gave us every piece of ammunition to shove it up your ass. To get yourself out of getting fucked you clearly state the industry testing process, every agent, everybody that supports the policy that we can police ourselves and that it’s the best it’s ever been- in a span of one press release you sat there and said this clinic is approved by APHSS, and it’s not our fault if they don’t test for certain things.

“But we’re just going by what the loophole states.

“Derek Hay is now promoting the loophole. Free Speech, Paul Cambria, Vivid, when you guys go argue your case that artistic freedom and all of that overrides condoms- you’re argument, Cambria, is done. Paul Cambria, you do realize the argument on the other side will pull up all the facts of what went down this past year together with Derek’s statement will destroy your case.

“Derek, again, I gave Lisa Ann the information. Your battleship just got sunk. You admitted that our industry has been lying- everyone involved in that lawsuit, Kayden Kross- you all got played. I gave information to Lisa Ann who did not work in a scene that we set up. It was the perfect storm.

“Lisa Ann concluded this motherfucker [Gonz] has hepatitis and is a piece of shit. Lisa Ann did what we knew she would- she would talk and expose the truth. She’s strong and not a pussy bitch like Kayden Kross, a little puppet bitch who does what Vivid tells her to do.

“Derek Hay just detonated the entire business with this statement. I guess you’re a shitty agent who doesn’t pay attention to someone who didn’t make him money.

“Derek Hay, thank you very much and I will repeat Rob Black gave Lisa Ann all the information. From the beginning I set up that Lisa Ann would be there for the Alex Gonz scene.

“How do I know so many things in the business from scumbag Victor on? Alex Gonz was on the inside. Him and about four other guys went to another testing facility. As I get the information about the spikers- we’ve been talking about guys in the business who spike their dicks. Want to talk about hepatitis, talk about guys who inject their dicks. The people in the business are trying to tell you guys stuff that flies in the reality of what’s going on. I’ve been around spikers all my life.

“I spiked somebody. Me and Tricia Devereaux did it at Elegant Angel. It’s fucked up. Patrick gave us a caverject kit and said this is for guys who are impotent. I had it in my desk and when we did cellar Dwellers 2 we had a scene with John West, and John West could not get his dick hard. It was a limp, lump of shit. It was a nightmare.

“We had to get the scene done like it happens now. The girl was a big D.P. girl, Kimberly Kummings. She was like, yo, let’s fucking go. We took a break.

“Me and Karen Stagliano- we got John West in my office. I busted out this kit. Patrick said you fill it up with this stuff and inject it in the base. Karen said I’ll do it. There’s John West naked- she’s pulling his cockhead, she sticks him and it didn’t work because we were terrified. We didn’t know how much to put in. It worked a little, but we wound up making it an anal scene. Back in my day we did it all.

“The testing procedures here are completely flawed, and since I’ve been back in the business I shot 15 parody movies. I never got a test that wasn’t from CET or TTS and if I got one from a funky test, I would have walked over and gone, yo, why is your test kind of funky?

“Back in my day when we say a test we didn’t know, it was a fugazi. I’d want to know the person with the funky test- I’ve been like that over lesser stuff. I’ve been through all this. I know what it’s like to go, wow, you’re all pieces of shit. Marc Wallice, the guy we all hung out with- really? That’s creepy as fuck.

“Derek Hay you did everybody a favor and for them to say thank you Rob Black for putting all the wheels in motion. Everybody please just give me that one piece of respect- admit that none of this would be happening if Rob Black did not have a radio show.

“That’s all I’m asking. You have the entire business outraged over our testing procedure and this clinic- LabCorp- will test for only half the diseases.

“Our industry supports the fact that this LabCorp has been around and for the fact they do not test for hepatitis and the fact Alex Gonz can go there and get a clean test and work in the industry. And everyone saying we’re safe and don’t need centralized testing, centralized casting Really?

“I did what I had to do. I am the source for Lisa Ann. If anyone violated any code, I’m guilty. Bring every attorney you got over to me. After yesterday, you my friend are done. You need to get on an airplane and go back to England.

“Lisa Ann, you are off the hook. You were put in a scene with Alex Gonz so you could do what you did. Remember at the end of the day I’m far smarter than you, and I’m not going away. That meeting yesterday was so huge it’s going to be fun watching you pack up and move out.”

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