Rob Black to Diane Duke: You Do Realize That Danny Wylde Does Gay Stuff?

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Rob Black was extremely critical of the choice to put porn performer Danny Wylde on the firing lines during Monday afternoon’s Huffington Post interview about condom legislation.

But the thing that amazed Black the most is that Diane Duke would make a serious blunder by having a “crossover” performer speak on behalf of the business.

“Dianne you dumb cunt- how are you talking about safety when someone is practicing risky behavior outside the business?”

“They’re arguing with Mark McGrath [of the AHF] about safety.”

Black pointed out that Wylde, in the interview, talked about how the commute, should porn pull out of the Valley, would be bad for him, that he would have to travel further to get to work.

“It’ll make him lose his job and it’ll make him homeless.”

“I guess he can’t got a job anywhere else,” Black surmised, acknowledging that Wylde’s arguments are pretty weak.

“There are people in Orange Coutny who commute every day to the Valley, not for sex work. Dude, you realize people with a lot of jobs harder than you, sucking cock, commute. You realize how retarded you sound? There’s Mexicans that travel from Mexico under a razor wire to work in the United States so they can get back to Mexico to see their families.”

It’s the “sucking cock” part that was intriguing. Black explained.

“Diane you do realize that Danny does gay stuff? That Danny in his personal life has no problem sucking on a cock?”

Black explained that when he was going to do The Green lantern comic book parody he talked with a male performer because The Green Lantern is homosexual. “I wanted him to fuck a guy.”

“He’s like aaaaaaaaaaaah, I’m getting straight work but I can let a guy blow me.”

Black asked the male performer if he had anyone special in mind.

“He said there’s somebody I’m comfortable with- Danny Wylde. I go is Danny Wylde fucking gay?” Black said he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Black claims the performer told him Wylde loves cock.!!!!!!!!

“So Diane Duke you put a crossover performer on TV, and that’s something everyone in our busy, historically, complains about.”

“Because the whole concept of gay-for-pay is bullshit,” said Black.

“You take cock and love cock and do it, somebody pays you for it, you’re a fucking queer. Henceforth, if you have talent that were doing gay movies, they’re doing it in their personal life. Which means they’re engaging in risky behavior.

“The rule was crossover guys couldn’t be in our business. So Diane, you put Danny Wylde on there so now McGrath can say how can you talk about safety when you’ve got someone practicing risky behavior outside of the business?”

Black pleaded for his audience not to donate money to Free Speech.


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