Rob Black to Diane Duke: You Lie and You’re Not Even Good at It

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Rob Black gave both Diane Duke and Stuart Waldman, president of VICA [The Valley Industry & Commerce Association] the what-for on his Monday night show

Like he’s so systematically done with the arguments about the industry moving to Nevada, Black, point-by-point, attacked the facts and figures offered by Duke and Waldman in their support of what the adult industry means to LA economy.

Waldman said VICA was opposed to Measure B because it meant an estimated loss of 10,000 production jobs that the adult film industry attracts, including makeup, lighting, carpentry, transportation, food service, payroll processing, Web design and actors. The adult film industry has been estimated to generate between $1 billion to $11 billion a year.

Black scoffed at the notion that Manwin, probably the biggest company in porn, wasn’t even part of Waldman’s payroll processing argument.

“They’re money launderers. They’re taking their money and washing it.”

Black also took issue with Waldman’s argument about how Web design would be affected.

“Most of the web design is done overseas,” contends Black.

“You can get Filipinos like I did to build your websites. Seriously, there is no web design in Los Angeles, you stupid bastard. It’s laughable to break down the Free Speech Colaition, Diane Duke, Joanne Capistrano and the corruption and the fact that everybody in our business is getting fucked except for the 1% of our business.

“The 99% like Tommy Gunn and Marcus London- those guys- and every other girl that we know that gets the shit beat out of them by Princess Donna for a paycheck are getting fucked.

“Every beautiful girl that’s on every adult website in America, I can’t imagine them getting off being cattle prodded and being fisted anally and being forced to throw up up blood from a cock- I can’t believe that.”

“But you have Free Speech and Joanne Capistrano trying to cram down our throats that we’re all doing awesome. We’re all making millions and leave us alone.”

Regarding porn actors, Black, like Jimmy Hoffa, has been muttering the word “union” for quite some time. Black says he’s been told this will never happen because talent is transient.

“Then why do you guys [Free Speech] bring up all the talent as being part of this fabric of Los Angeles with all these jobs?” Black asked aloud.

“I remember when this whole condom debate started. It started as a health/AIDS-thing where our business is acting responsibly. Hirsch and them are saying we haven’t had an HIV case since 2004. That was the mantra, we are responsible adults.

“And then Marcus comes in and does the whole syphilis gimmick and now Free Speech can’t talk about STD transmission because of Marcus. So now Free Speech has had to change their tone and go it’s a get of our bedroom this is a privacy issue; this is a First Amendment issue. You’re stifling our creativity issue.

“The issue before was safety then when that got blown out of the water, it went to creativity, government waste and freedom.”

Black pointed out that California’s a pretty liberal state with Arnold as past governor, two women senators, a Latino mayor and Jerry Brown the present governor.

“Like he’s been our governor 78 times and this guy there is no doubt he was doing coke and LSD and partying like a motherfucker when he was banging Linda Ronstadt.”

Proof of what he says, Black himself ran for mayor and got 1,000 votes.

Addressing the Ira Isaacs obscenity trial, Black commented, “It’s tough to defend doped up girls eating turds, and we all know the two girls- and dog fucking movies. I don’t care how fucking liberal you are, it’s tough to skate that whole line. It really is, and he’s [Isaacs] still skating it.”

Besides, said Black, the judge from the Ninth Circuit of Appeals Alex Kozinski was known to have gone on to a porn site or two.

Having laid out the liberal agenda, Black, on the condom issue, said, “But when the city is put in a situation when their hands are tied, what are they to do? And you don’t give them any other choice. Diane Duke, you don’t give them any other choice. You sit there and say because of Measure B, people aren’t using permits.

“Wicked gets permits because they have big productions. Vivid uses permits. Their productions are very big and elaborate and they actually don’t like a bust because Steve Hirsch will look very bad. New Sensations doesn’t shoot without permits because they actually took a hit and they go we don’t want to do that.

“Hustler? They took a hit. My cousin Mark Zane got into a Cal/OSHA thing over condoms. So Hustler gets permits and they have their own studio.

“So you have those four studios that use permits. Diane, all the other companies, regardless of Measure B or not, don’t get permits to shoot.

“Diane Duke, you’re a liar and you’re not even good at it. When you lie you look stupid.”

Black pointed out that the city doesn’t have to go to the press to defend itself getting rid of the porn industry.

“They have the movie industry and they’re the darlings of anything. They don’t have to. And we’re debating about spreading disease, and you have John Stagliano doing what he’s doing. The city doesn’t have to defend its position. They actually have people who do research. Research such as knowing that Elegant Angel is a gonzo company and more than likely doesn’t secure permits.

“They shoot all the boxcovers at their building which is not permitted. And then they shoot at three of their peoples’ houses- Mason who used to be there or William H- or there’s five or six people in the industry with nice houses which they rent for $500. If a condom bill passes or not, would it matter to them? Absolutely not.”

The research guys, said Black, are likely to turn up the fact that Evil Angel’s owner is HIV and interacts sexually with performers. What?

“That’s another reason why LA doesn’t give a shit about the condom-thing,” said Black.

“When push comes to shove they’re just going to show these tapes [Stretch Class] that we’re irresponsible. That’s why we need a mandate.”

Black conjectured that the research guys were also likely to determine that Evil Angel shoots at Stagliano’s house and there’s no permit.

“All these directors shoot in their own personal houses so are they permitted with Film LA? No, boss, because it’s their house and that’s the way the business goes.”

Continuing with the hypothetical conversation, Black addressed Jules Jordan.

“They’re the other big player. They don’t do it either. The owner Jules he’s a big shot. He’s the world renowned great Jules Jordan. He shoots all the scenes out his house. Is he permitted? Nope.”

“So those are the main companies outside these four permitted companies, boss. So nobody gets permits regardess? Yup, yup, yup.”

On the issue of why studios don’t want to get permits, Black said permits are $780 for one day.

“Well, boss, people in porn don’t make money any more. These gonzo companies shoot one or two scenes a day. With five scenes that would cost them like $2000 in film permits. Yeah, so they don’t it. And they’re not making any money.”

Black says LA actually has a fact checker on these stats and that people like Duke arguing with them need to wear hockey helmets.

“There ya go,” said Black.

“LA doesn’t have to do anything except sit around and watch us be dumb.”

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