Rob Black to Free Speech: You’ve Stolen Your Last Dime

It might have been solar flares. Who knows. But Rob Black’s Friday show, was like running a gauntlet of Blog Talk Radio and Skyping malfunctions.

Just as Black was getting to the good part about 2257 and how Diane Duke and Free Speech have been running a con game on the industry for years, the Internet gremlins decided to have their way with him. But I was able to catch most of what he said.

Before I go into that, here’s my thoughts on 2257 in a nutshell. It was a dead issue. The Feds didn’t have the time, the interest or the resources to uphold it, but thanks to Diane Duke and Company and a trial in Philadelphia, anti-porn organizations like Morality In Media have had their memories refreshed and will now be all over the Justice Department about underage kids spreading their legs in adult movies.

The substance of Free Speech’s protests against 2257 is that the porn industry doesn’t want regulation of any kind. Critics like Black have been saying if you want to play in a man’s game, you have to abide by the rules. Like condoms, for instance. And Cal/OSHA’s new rules are coming in September.

“Diane Duke and Joanne Capistrano [sic] lead but have never been in the business,” Black observed.

“They don’t know anything. Meanwhile, Cal/OSHA is getting more involved. Everything I told you is happening is happening.”

Black advised the industry to not give any more money to the Free Speech Coalition because it was riding the coattails of Rondee Kamins [pictured] of GVA Cleveland, and then turned 2257 into a cash cow for itself.

“They’ve perpetrated this bullshit for eight years,” Black continued.

“They’re probably made millions on bullshitting this industry that they were going to do something; the only thing they did with the world’s worst lawyer [Jeffrey Douglas] next to Gelbard is noting except extort, lie and deceive the industry into giving their organization money that they were going to fight a law that was bullshit.

“Let me explain about their bullshit. Let’s see if Mark Kernes a lying old man that’s out of touch writes about this- let me tell a story- this record keeping law came with the Traci Lords incident.

“Before that, the industry never felt a need for regulation. Before Lords we didn’t have to have IDS, just a signed model release. Nobody gave a shit. Traci Lords came along and basically fucked over and exploited the business.

“Some people knew she was underage; people went to jail like Ruby Gottesman, Steve Orenstein’s mentor. Then the Feds instituted this records label law which said 1995, and before, all movies are exempt from records keeping.

“This record labeling law went into effect and that was it. A woman by the name of Rondee Kamins fought this because they have swinger magazines. Rondee challenged the law. She had swinger magazines where fat people would send her cock pictures- all these people would send Rondee all this stuff, and they had a swinger publication and sold it in adult book stores in America.

“The swinger mags were big. I think she still has the magazines. She argued to the government, hey, you’re going to put me out of business because I can’t get IDs from a fat guy in a trailer in Mississippi with a dripping dick. I can’t get this guy’s IDs and model releases.

“She said, fuck you, I’m going to take you to court. It wasn’t the Free Speech Coalition, not Jeffrey Douglas, but Rondee Kamins- not our trade association that has bilked you for millions.

“When I got busted Rondee Kamins sent me 10 grand. She said here’s 10 thousand for your legal fund. But Lou Sirkin [who Black contends sold him down the river] already wanted a piece of the action. The fucking scumbag wanted that money.

“Rondee Kamins in 1995 all by herself challenged the record keeping law- guess what? She won. Then the Feds appealed it and a federal judge in an appeals court overturned the lower judge’s decision and it went back to court.

“Rondee Kamins who none of you ever heard- I’m telling you the truth about Rondee Kamins- you don’t give her one dime, but you give it to Diane Duke to fuck over everyone in the business. I’m giving you factual information, and all you people with a mom complex and all you keyboard warriors who are ashamed of who you are- you have no idea; and when someone calls you on your bullshit, you hide.

“This industry has been hijacked and taken over commando style,” contends Black.

“But we’re not going to let that happen. This industry hides its collective heads in the sand and reaches into its pockets and gives Diane Duke millions while Rondee Kamins got shit on and got nothing.

“Rondee started this, and when it got overturned, that’s when the Free Speech Coalition decided to get in. They waited on the sidelines to see which way to go.

“As Rondee Kamins fights this battle, the Free Speech Coalition decides to jump in in 2005, and they decide they’re going to take up this battle. So the Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Paul Fishbein who were all around – Paul Fishbein controlled the media in ’05.

“All of these people conspired against Rondee Kamins- thank you for spending your hundreds of thousands- but now we’re going to shake down the business and profiteer off the industry misery- bartering and profiting off peoples’ misery. Steve Hirsch and the whole lot of them.

“So Rondee Kamins and GVA Cleveland went at it alone. The Free Speech Coalition joined in and now you have a ruling that came down from a federal judge- when the Free Speech Coalition got involved they, Steve Hirsch, Jeffrey Douglas came up with this grand scheme.

“What it was, was plain and simple. They supposedly had Paul Cambria sit down with the Federal government and they made a deal, that while on appeal, if you were part of this special list and were chosen on that special list – but you had to pay the Free Speech Coalition something like $1,000 per company to be protected.

“When we paid that $1000, your company name would then go on a list that Jeffrey Douglas and Free Speech would hand to the Feds; and that would exempt all the people from filing this paperwork.

“Everybody in the business hired everybody and their mother to create records keeping- you gotta have it on this and that; third party producers would have to have your records- VOD companies were giving studios this story – we would have to pull all your content down. But if you signed up for the special program- as long as you were on that list- nobody would fuck with you until it got straightened out in the courts.

“Free Speech might have collected half a million to put your name on a fictitious list. Like you could imagine the Feds keeping that part of the bargain. It was just another big scam.”

Black would be the first to admit his records were a mess.

“The federal judge ruled – this could have been done years ago- all that shit is pretty unconstitutional and vague. The Feds can’t bust in your house and ask for Kagney Linn Karter records.

“Any asshole could have fought that from the start. Any kid lawyer from the ACLU. But Free Speech made millions.

“But my telling you that I’m destroying the business? I’m explaining when Free Speech concocted an elaborate scheme, and all that money ran up to a few chosen ones who got all the money- the people who the industry decides are our leaders. Not the workers in the business who slave for garbage wages.

“That small chosen group of friends they decide who makes money in this industry and who doesn’t whose flesh is worth selling, trading and exploiting. The Free Speech Coalition is now saying, ‘Hey guys we need to start fundraising to appeal this.’ What are you going to appeal?

“If Rondee Kamins had the millions Free Speech stole, and she sat down with the government – ‘can we work together; the Traci Lords issue needs to be addressed, but this is what we should do.’

“With the money Free Speech stole, Rondee could have cut a deal with the federal government. But don’t let that happen with this condom debate. This condom debate is about safety, jobs and being sheep for an old regime, a commando style regime that has hijacked this industry; and these people at the top have displaced us and thrown us out of our homes.

“My family has been in this business long before John Stagliano. Paul Fishbein, what makes you so righteous that you can throw me out of my house? Steve Hirsch, you displace me and throw me out. I was here before you. My family was here before you. My lineage to the porn business is here before you. Paul Fishbein, who the fuck appointed you the leader of this business?

“Diane Duke, I was here long before you. Christian Mann I was in this business long before you. I could give you list after list of people that worked for my uncle, worked for my dad, worked for my family in New York long before any of you put your filthy dirty feet in Porn Valley.

“Paul Fishbein emails me that I blew it that he could have done things for me. Fishbein, what were you going to do to help me? What plans did you have? You’re upset that you controlled the media, and I came along, but I believe in democracy; I believe in America.

“My family is rooted in America. Paul Fishbein who died and made you anything more than a nothing? Free Speech, you’ve stolen your last penny. Rob Black, the American badass is here to tell you you will never raise a dime from these hardworking performers who bust their ass so you can drive around in your fancy cars so Michael Warner can put his car collection in an airplane hangar- no more.

“Your commando style regime is done. We’ve exposed you. We’ve sniffed you out, and we will provide whatever basement crawl space you are hiding in- your reign of terror is over. You will never steal from this business again. I will remind you of how you stole from Rondee Kamins, and how you stole from my family.

“Free Speech it’s over; it’s done. The reign of terror is no more. That Rondee Kamins sat around and let you get away with this is really disgusting.

“She spent hundreds of thousands fighting this battle and for her not to come out and say Free Speech is scumbags and Free Speech stole from the business on behalf of a law I beat. They want to swoop in and suck out every last dime in this business.”

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