Rob Black to Laurie Hirsch: Let’s Party With Your Divorce Settlement

On his Monday night show mentioned that Steve Hirsch almost hired him when Patrick Collins and Greg Alves then at Elegant Angel almost fired him.

“I used to work out at the same place Steve Hirsch did. Steven said if you ever leave or get fired, come to me. It gave me that confidence to hold my head up, go back into Elegant Angel, and say, ‘Fuck you.’

“Steven was the one who gave me the balls to think I was the biggest thing. How could Pat fire you?”

When B. Skow, aka Michael Bisco, went over to Jerry Estrada’s company a press release was issued,” Black continued.

“They do one movie then Bisco goes to Girlfriends Films. But wait a minute, guys, he also shoots on the side for a company called Dream Zone. You wouldn’t know that because a guy named Val Anderson which is Ralph Long, is the director name for Michael Bisco.

“So the last movie Bisco shot for Dream Zone, Ralph Long put his name on it and Tom Byron made it. That’s the deception put out there. Dream Zone is owned by IVD’s Frank Koretsky. The guy who runs it is Adam who’s best friends with Jerry Estrada. So Bisco, Hirsch, the cocksucker who calls me a liar, I told you what was coming. You told Axel Braun and your sister I was a liar. Hirsch, who’s the fucking dummy?”

Black said Hirsch’s actions prove his point that it’s Bill Asher who made Vivid. [Before Asher came around it was often said that it was Hirsch’s former business partner David James who made the company.]

“Ginger Lynn was the one who took Vivid from where they were at Califa St., counting pennies; then you got Laurie Hirsch, the ex wife.”

Black addressed Laurie Hirsch telling her he was available especially when she gets her divorce settlement.

“When I say that Lizzie and me have an open thing, it’s call money-open. If you’re worth a million dollars, then we’re open.” Black said that offer also extends on the behalf of Lizzy.

“Rich sugar daddies- if you have a million on paper, then we’re open.”

“So Laurie, I swear to God. I swear to L. Ron Hubbard. We party hard on the weekends. I know you’re going to get a million dollars in that settlement. We’ll party for a million dollars.

“Listen to me, Laurie, when that settlement goes down you’re going to call me. We’re going to go skiing and we’re going to party when you get the settlement.”

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