Rob Black to Steve Orenstein: “We’re running out of holes to bleed out from”

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Talking about the changes going on over at the ATMLA modeling agency, Rob Black wondered if Peter North and “Mark ‘Blazing’ Sphincter” were now going to take the bull by the horns and change the negative perception that talent agencies in the business have.

Black noted Schechter’s name but said it looked like “Sphincter” at quick glance.

“In that story that came out today, there’s no mention of Peter North,” observed Black.

“I’m sure he’s still there. I’m sure Al Brown and the Shphinc won’t get on the phone with me. My question is are you going to continue to do business as usual, or are you willing to change and shake things up?

“What everybody doesn’t understand is, all it takes is for one person to speak up. Then it’s game, set and match. I’m not talking about a mope, either. All it would take is for a player to come out for workers’ rights, all of these issues and say we want to support that and work towards a common goal.

“’Let’s talk about facts and issues and get something done.’ All it would take is one of the agents, one of the studios, one of the A-list caliber men and women- and we’re not talking about a DP girl for Jules Jordan.

“Jessica Drake is A-list, someone that has a real connection with mainstream media that looks at her as someone who just doesn’t get a cum shot in her asshole,” Black noted.

“I’m talking about performers who’ve been in this business 20 plus years who then step out and talk about the bullshit argument that condoms make women’s vaginas raw and chafe.

“You’ve never heard Jessica Drake or Wicked or the thousands of scenes they’d shot- never once have they had any one get a disease or open sores because the ‘condom was fucking me for five hours straight.’

“You never hear anyone at Wicked say they have six hour scenes of condoms. Right now you have a whole bunch of talent walking around and talking about condoms, but no one’s using them.

“The ones that do, like Wicked, are not speaking up. Ten years ago when they did speak up they were looked at as garbage and dog shit. Steve Orenstein knows he got to together with Steve Hirsch and it was a systematic move to put me out of business.

“But Orenstein also saw that a huge AIDS outbreak was fucked up and that we want to protect health. Awesome. Then, when everyone left that idea to go back doing raw dog, Orenstein was told, Howdy Doody, go fuck yourself. Keep wearing the rubbers.

“I’ll say he was lied to in getting into that debate about safety. Regardless of whether he gives a shit, I’m going to say he was lied to. But Orenstein maintained a moral obligation: ‘I’m going to keep my employees safe and find a way of making money and make Wicked a powerhouse.’

“I respect Steve Orenstein for being lied to by the tribe,” said Black.

“Orenstein has always done the right thing. I guess Jessica Drake, Steve Orenstein, and Wicked, I can understand the reluctance of her speaking out and saying, ‘My pussy has never been raw, chafed or wounded. I can tell you I’ve never had a sexual disease because everyone’s wearing a condom.’ But she doesn’t say that. She poses in ads with hookers from Air Tel Plaza.

“I will predict this. Free Speech Coalition is going to preach to you that you’re lucky to be wearing condoms and not Hazmat suits. ‘Now give us some more money.’ But now they’re ignoring what’s going on in the business and I find that deplorable and despicable.

“Steve Orenstein for not speaking up, you’ve become a sympathizer and that’s a cold hard fact. The way the business is right now, there ain’t no way Koretsky or Adam & Eve or any of the powers that be that were sitting in those new rooms with old ideas, trying to control everybody’s thoughts and minds can do anything to harm you. Steve Orenstein, July 24th is you day of liberation.

“If you think that Frank Koretsky, Adam & Eve are going to do anything now if you speak up- no, it’ll never happen. Steve Orenstein, what you do is shit, but by taking the stand you did 12 years ago, and having the balls that you did 12 years ago- come out now and have a voice in this business.

“Steve Orenstein, you started off as a salesman for Ruby Gottesman- unless you got billions stashed away- you now have a fractured company no different than any other people out there. Every facet of your revenue is turning into shit- watch the market share and you see Manwin who contributes to your Internet operation being more and more jammed up.

“When Manwin is done, that money stops. You’ve been part of an old system that’s outlived itself. You were a progressive thinker ten years ago. I can’t believe your mind doesn’t think the same way and you don’t sit there and see the inevitable that’s coming.

“There’s a complex scenario in this. The entire business goes condom. Right now it’s the law. If you’re doing scenes without condoms you’re breaking the law.”

Black is of the belief that more intelligent people will be coming into the business “than the brain dead retards at Wicked.”

“The novelty of Wicked being the condom company will not be there any more. You’ll have Wicked going oh fuck we’ll have to step up our game. On a level playing field of all condoms they might not compete with a Vivid or an Axel Braun. I think Orenstein is a visionary and somebody who actually wants to make a difference.

“I think Steve Orenstein is a realist and sees what’s going on. I got to think Steve Orenstein would agree with me. Steve Orenstein, man, this ball game, this race- have you heard the saying game changer?

“Steve Orenstein, you can be that game changer. Wicked Pictures can be a game changer. If Wicked Pictures got behind a UAWA, that’s a game changer. Steve Orenstein is the deciding vote on the Supreme Court. That’s how important Steve Orenstein is.

“You have a hugely successful company that adheres to a strict testing policy and adheres to worksman comp, insurance; you have a company that plays by the rules, doesn’t take short cuts and protects the American worker. If Steve Orenstein crossed that line, that would send death chills through the spines of Koretsky and Hirsch. Crossing the line would be bigger news than Sammy Gravano being a government witness against John Gotti.

“Your first legacy was as Ruby Gottesman’s boy, a guy who sold and profited off a 15 year old Traci lords. That’s how you started, but are you going to be remembered as the all-condom company that was ultimately right? But you sit back and watch an industry die. I can’t figure why anyone would want that to be their legacy.

“Our business is not getting better; it’s getting worse because we’re not doing anything to make it change. No one is plugging up the hole. Every time we plug up the hole, some asshole is making a new hole. Steve Orenstein, we’re running out of holes to bleed out from.

“Bandaids don’t stop a wound that needs 50 stitches. It only stops the blood so long. Steve Orenstein has the power to be a game changer who instituted a set of regulations that worked for him and his employees. But you don’t want to share that with Cal/OSHA. You want to be complacent, sit back and do nothing.

“You can lead by an example. You can say ‘We’ve been shooting condoms. I live in a beautiful house.’ Don’t tell me any of you cocksuckers in this business can’t handle condoms. Steve Orenstein managed to do it.

‘We don’t have chaffed penises and our sales go through the roof.’ All those Wicked fuckers have jobs and are paying their rent and their cable bill. They’re all making money. All are disease free. You have a model. Steve Orenstein has laid out a game plan that has worked over ten years.

“Steve Orenstein, why will you not join in this battle? Ten years ago everyone shit on you, I get it. Don’t be afraid of Koretsky. Koretsky is sitting in lawsuits. You think they’ll tell you to go fuck yourself because you like Rob Black.

“Bonnie Kail will call up Pete at IVD, and Pete will say they’ll take five pieces instead of 100. ‘Okay, things are slow? I see where this is going.’ Then she calls Koretsky, ‘ Hey Frank are you trying to play games with me?’

“The way the business is, you’re honestly going to be afraid that anybody in this industry will blackball you or Adam & Eve has decided not to do business with you because you took a stance? As good as Wicked is, you really think any of these motherfuckers are going to try shanky panky?

“Steve Orenstein, you will never have enough money or influence to get into their club. You, my friend are part of us. They don’t like you. They’ve never liked you. They never will like you. You can make a difference.

“We’re talking about a central health organization, condoms, educating workers so they know their work place rights; providing affordable health care and negotiation and enforcing contracts with employers so workers will be treated with respect. I will help assist you in the fight against this shit. You have the power to change this game.

“Already you’re telling yourself we can’t make parodies anymore. Instead of dying there rise up, wake up, get a little illumination and say fuck this I want to be part of something more. It’s basically overhauling the entire business and implementing policies to guard intellectual rights – we’re talking about a monster overhaul.

“Think about those 19 year old girls that come on your set; take a look at the faces of the talent you employ. Look at the faces of the girls that work in an environment that has catered food, a health procedure where they feel they are safe as humanly possible doing what they’re doing.

“Look at the face of the girl who knows she isn’t being sexually harassed on the set. Look at the faces of the women that walk out your door realizing they’re never going to experience that again.

“They only experience they’ll have is Princess Donna punching them in the face or torturing them or Chris at Foxx Modeling telling them they’re going to turn tricks. Watch those happy faces turn to horror when they got to work for Smash Pictures or Porno Dan or Jim Lane or Derek Hay and be a sex slave.

“Those faces have names Lexi Belle, Lylith Lavey, Katie Summers- the names go on and on. Steven Orenstein and Wicked don’t have the problem of guys spiking their dicks and fucking girls with puncture wounds.

“There are no smiling faces in Porn Valley. Don’t sit back and let mass genocide happen. You have a chance to make a difference in the business and make a difference in the lives of 18 and 19 year olds.

“Let’s see the smile on the face of a girl who goes to turn tricks at the Air Tel Plaza, gets punched in the face by Princess Donna and gets syphilis from Mr. Marcus, gets her jaw broke and then handed a teddy bear by Bill Margold.

“Would you want your child to be on a Wicked set or on a Jim Lane set or a Bang Bros. set with Mr. Marcus and 50 shades of syphilis?

“Twelve years ago you gave a shit about the talent. I can’t believe you have abandoned that love in your heart. I believe you’ve been seduced and are a part of an old world system that is crumbling.

“You can now come out on the side of what is decent and right. The UAWA needs Wicked and Steve Orenstein. We need to form a team.”

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