Rob Black: Top Story on AVN Touts Movie with a Cast That’s Retired; Mike Lerner You’re a Lying Dogshit Salesman

Rob Black explained why the adult industry is in the toilet, although guys like James Bartholet think otherwise.

As an example, Black said AVN can’t print a worthwhile story to save its life.

“Steve Javors sucks on the tit of every girl in the porn business, and you guys can’t dig up a story and do one that’s not retarded?”

“AVN is shit, but the one story that caught my eye was an awesome company on AVN, Al-Awlaki Video News,” reported Black.

“It’s a new company being started called Aura. It’s Distributed by Pure Play which is owned by Frank Koretsky, the evil wizard. He owns everything in the business The only thing Koretsky doesn’t own is a toy company, at least that we don’t know of yet.”

Black said Koretsky’s empire is supposed to be predicated on quality. “But if it’s garbage in our business, it’s cool,” said Black.

“They have a new line that their touting – this cutting edge product that has these high end girls.”

Black looked through Aura’s first movie Three Way Thrills – which stars Penny Flame and Avy Scott.

“We know Penny Flame is retired and wrote a book where she shit on the business. Avy Scott is retired. I haven’t see Brooke Banner in five years and Charley Chase is recently retired.”

“Mike Lerner at Pure Play you’re a lying dog salesman,” declared Black.

“It’s all comp garbage.” Black says, yeah, maybe he was being Ralph Nader and Mr. Consumer Advocacy.

“Maybe I am, or just maybe I’m part of the 99% that just doesn’t like getting fucked any more. I’m struggling every day to earn money to put food on the table.”

Black said starting a company with a ruse is something you do when the economy is good.

“We’ll sneak in a comp, old scenes. Not you create a company and have Al-Awlaki Video News say it’s a new company. You should be ashamed.

“Koretsky, if he were in La Tuna, he would have his eyeballs gouged out and throat cut.”

Koretsky, according to Black, threatened him in an email recently after Black revealed a similar business practice a couple of weeks ago.

“You are a piece of human garbage. We called you on a business practice. I piss in your mouth, you fuck. We called you on the fact you’re a human cancer so what do you do?

“John Cornetta knows what a snake you are.”

Black said Tom Byron’s footage has been spread around the Pleasure Productions catalogue and is being sold as new movies.

“It’s amazing. You are human garbage.” Black told the story that when he first started Extreme Associates, Michael Koretsky tried pulling a fast one in Vegas at the IVD booth.

“It was our first show as Extreme Associates. Koretsky gave us a little section where we had our girls signing autographs. This is the kind of scum the Koretskys are. Tom Byron vanishes out of my sight. Tommy’s, like, I need to talk to you. Something weird happened, someone from Frank’s organization offered me a job.”

Black’s explanation was that the guys in Koretsky’s company had to be fucking with him.

“Byron says no, that’s the guy. Byron’s getting kind of loud like he just got raped and is pointing out the rapist. It’s Michael Koretsky. He offered me a job. The blood is boiling in my body. This is all factual. I hope you fucking die, Michael Koretsky.”

Black said to Frank Koretsky we all need to talk.

“We go into one booth- me, my dad, Mike Koretsky and Frank- I said to Frank I want to know why your brother tried to steal my employee. Michael, this motherfucker, comes up to him, ‘Are you happey, would you think about leaving?’

“What do you say to that? And Michael is sitting there with his mouth open. Nobody’s saying anything. I ask Frank I want to know why the fuck would your brother try to steal my employee. Michael’s, like, Rob, Rob, Rob.

“Is Tommy a liar? Frank goes, Rob, Rob, Rob, maybe there was a misunderstanding. Michael didn’t say one fucking word. Koretsky, you fucking scumbag, are you going to deny that? That’s a Koretsky for you.

“Michael Koretsky tried to take Byron in a middle of a show, and I called him on it. That shows what they’re like. It’s like your wife cheating on you at a party with a friend in a bedroom.

“That is the Koretsky brothers. I should have known then, but you never forget what they did and what they represent. I’m the only one with balls to punch you, motherfucker. You are on borrowed time.

“Koretsky is a Schindler without a conscience,” said Black.

“I was his friend, man. That’s what he does? That’s the Jew who reported to the Nazis and got paid for it. He reports where all the Jews are hidden to all of the Nazis. You are Samuel L. Jackson, the house negro in Django. The house negro that sold out.

“You don’t want to see anybody else make a goddamn dollar unless it goes to you. You are a fucking German through and through. You want to control who buys what. You are just like Manwin except you’re a homegrown terrorist. I was an ally, and you fucked me. That’s what you did.

“You put out new releases and you use Tom Byron Pictures footage. You are even doing ads in AVN with pictures Tom Byron took. Tom Byron did the artwork. The entire foundation of their company is off what Tom Byron did, and he’s not getting one penny.”

Black said he was getting his old distributor list and giving them the heads up.

“Any new release you get that is all content from Tom Byron Pictures and it’s being sold as a news release- Evolution Distribution- their four lines put out new releases and use product from Tom Byron Productions.

“That is what Koretsky is doing. Those are the people that represent our business, and you wonder why the business is in the toilet.”

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