Rob Black Unplugged Continues; The Surprise Ambush and Black Addresses Gattogate

The Rob Black Show, continues unplugged and available free for watching. All you have to do is link to

If you tuned in Tuesday afternoon you saw a couple of amusing new bits emerge – Black interacting with his chat room denizens and Black instituting the surprise phone call.

Black also tried to get Sixto Pacheco on the line to ask him about Hep testing. Pacheco was “in a meeting.” But now, in Black parlance, Pacheco has become The Sixto Kid.

Who will be “ambushed” today is anyone’s guess.

Towards the end of the show, Black addressed some of the “Gattogate” theories. Monica Foster, has been up and down this story, but Black offered a couple of his own opinions.

“We talk about Gatto, Gatto, Gatto, I don’t get why everyone dismisses what I say. Gatto is a politician. Scumbag or not he’s a politician. Campaign contributions don’t matter. There’s no laws being broken by fooling people into voting one way or another. There is no rules or regulations on flip-flopping. There is no rules or any of this stuff.

“There is no rules on Diane Duke. Everybody’s reporting about this, but there’s nothing illegal. All it shows is that there’s some fucked up shit in our business. But I’ve been saying that. But people are going, ‘look, Mike Gatto on his campaign paper..’

Black hastened to remind that he called the shot that Gatto was going to shelve AB 332.

“I thought you wacky bloggers would have had the feel of Rob Black in you and that would have made you guys smarter. Once you had the taste of Rob Black the brain power would evolve and you’d become smarter.”

“I told everybody about the Gatto-thing before the Gatto-thing came up. You went, okay, okay sure. What don’t you fucking get? The bill was shelved. Of course it was shelved because there’s going to be some institutional things coming down the pipeline.”

“I sat there and told you guys about Gatto. I told you guys the bill was going to be shelved. I said there was still time that the bill could be killed. That was my hint.

“You guys sat there and said Rob Black’s full of shit. What happens? Now everybody’s running around Republicans this and that and Diane Duke gave him $6500. Let me explain something, you stupid motherfuckers, what everybody’s saying that Mike Gatto and all these people involved were bought for $6400? God, are you fucking stupid? Seriously, guys, I’m baffled. I’m confused.

“Gatto ain’t doing shit for $6,000. That’s just what had to be done. That’s politics. We’re not even talking about the City of Bell conspiracy where these people were being paid millions. And you want to talk about a $6,000 payoff? A $10,000 payoff there?

“That’s fine but that’s politics. Gatto didn’t kill this bill because he was paid $6400. Gatto killed the bill because there’s more money for California which is going to include a plan for a centralized health clinic. Talent agents, all of this stuff is coming, guys, and Mike Gatto knows it.

“He’s on board with the plan. I need you bloggers to get on board and start listening to me. I need you not to be Tea Party members. Seriously, I need you not to be Tea Party members. You crazy ones. I need you guys to rein it in a little. You guys can all be nuts, but I want you all in the big tent. You can’t be a tea bagger and a tree hugger, and an environmentalist and Libertarians- they’re all the same.

“You guys that are getting wacky? Rein that shit in. You all got ideas. You’re all doing research. You’re all doing good. I need you guys to chill the fuck out. Gatto does business in politics. That’s why you have 501s. That’s why you have Super PACs.

“Gatto did what he did because the bigger legislation is coming down the pipeline. So tree huggers, tea baggers, back the fuck off of Gatto. Chill the fuck out. You can’t be marching down state street with automatic weapons. Speak your minds, but chill.”


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