Rob Black Urges AVN’s Theo Sapoutzis To “Clean House” at the Magazine

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On his Tuesday night show, Rob Black predicted there would be a major shakeup in the porn business because the government is now involved. He also urged AVN owner Theo Sapoutzis to clean house at the magazine.

“We are watching porn performers in Sacramento and calling them stupid,” said Black.

“We’re going to Cal-OSHA meetings making people cry. We’re beating people. We’re making girls bleed. We’re putting a perfect girl like Jessica Drake in the middle of dogshit hookers.

“You have porn stars speaking on behalf of the industry so we can look stupid. That’s what you guys do,” said Black.

“And I brought heat on the business? I gave you guys a fucking empire, and you guys fucking destroyed it. I gave you a road map to do extreme content, and you guys ruined it. You guys ruined this business because the government’s involved.

“It’s the entire business which turns its fucking eyes as John Stagliano’s destroying it. He destroyed the business you love. John Stagliano can sit there at a lunch and look a 20 year girl in the eyes and never once say, ‘I’m HIV positive, does that bother you performing with me?’

Black says the adult industry hardly equates to working at a gas station where you interview for the job and a mechanic says I have HIV does that bother you? ‘Well, if you stick your hand up my ass, yes. You’re not putting speculums in my asshole.’

“But I think if you’re in the sex business, and you’re going to have someone spread your sphincter and stick things up there, it might be a cool thing to say you’ve got HIV. Call me an idiot.”

Black also called out agent Mark Spiegler. Chanel Preston, who is repped by Spiegler, recently appeared in a Stagliano Stretch Class.

“Mark, you can get a lawyer all you want,” said Black.

“Your partner should be beating your head in. There’s no getting out of you sending talent to work for Stagliano.”

Black then offered the name of attorney Adam R. Stull and his phone number 877-815-7421

Black urged girls to call Stull if they feel they’ve been sent to unsafe working conditions.

“He’s an attorney not a mark where he drives porn busses or bangs porn girls,” Black explained.

“He got us out of our contract with Elegant Angel. Adam left his old firm, and he’s got his own practice.”

Black didn’t think there was too much difference between being a porn agent and a casting agent in California where the same rules would then apply.

“I think in California it’s one agent license,” said Black.

“But can porn agents knowingly send their talent to work with an HIV positive performer? That’s all I want to know. Ask Adam Stull. Maybe everyone can call him up and ask him.

“He’s a real lawyer. Ask him if a licensed and bonded agent is obligated to tell his talent that John Stagliano is HIV positive, and is there some type of law that says he’s not allowed to send them to work with an HIV performer? Would Stagliano be an unsafe working condition?

“As a licensed agent, when you send your talent, i.e., Chanel Preston, to work for John Stagliano, and he has HIV, there’s no way around it,” Black declared.

“When you show somebody a tape of him inserting his hand in somebody’s rectum- you are never going to find a mother fucking doctor that is going to say that’s safe. Would that mean that’s an unsafe work condition?

“I know I’m a fucking scumbag, and I live under a rock. I got no money to eat food except for the dollar menu. I have nothing going in my life, so the only things I have are questions.

“Mark Spiegler, when you were bankrolling Dick Nasty to make fat girl movies and are now a big player with a big mansion, would sending your talent to work for John Stagliano constitute an unsafe work condition? That’s all I want to know.”

“Derek, you English cunt, you call people up and threaten them. Listen when you send Alexis Texas to work for John Stagliano is that an unsafe working condition? That’s all I want to know.

“Diane Duke as head of APHSS, aren’t people obligated to tell you that they just had Stagliano fingering their asshole? And shouldn’t there be a letter to AVN that these people shouldn’t work for talent for two weeks?”

Black then talked about Theo Sapoutzis, the new owner of AVN.

“Theo is a man of fucking integrity,” said Black.

“Theo is Greek, and there’s one thing I know about Greeks, they have integrity. I know it’s not Theo covering up the Stagliano story.”

Black then counted the number of Evil Angel ads in the current AVN.

“Peter Warren, so you guys are doing this elaborate cover up for two pages of ads? Peter will you please do this story? Theo, I know you and your partners are men of action. Will you guys please put this plan into action and clean house?

“Will you bring AVN back to the prominence it was? Jesus Christ, you guys will whore yourself for two fucking pages. Theo, I know you and your partners are Greek men of action, but please, Theo you and your partners, please clean house at AVN.

“You know there are a couple of guys to bring in. Get rid of Javors and Warren. Fishbein, if you have any juice left, step in and say enough is enough. Why would you not report on Stagliano? This is a news story. When we left Elegant Angel, you ran an 8-page story, and Patrick [Collins] tried to kill the story. AVN had integrity then. Now AVN just flagrantly says, fuck you.

“Back in the day when you went out to dinner with a reviewer it was always the AVN people couldn’t be doing four corners like Steve Javors. Jesus Christ, they can’t be dating porn girls or taking porn girls to meet their parents.

“There may have been sucky-sucky back then, but, my God, look on Twitter. AVN, you are turning your backs and being done in by a guy named John Stagliano for two fucking ads.

“Theo, Sharon, I know you don’t know what’s going on. That’s why you had to get history from Tommy [Byron] for two hours. AVN used to have guys like Mark Kulkis and Gene Ross. Find me girls who can say I fucked Mark Kulkis to get Performer of the Year.

“AVN used to write a bad review now and then. AVN now is dog shit. It’s our magazine, and it’s a name. The magazine and the people involved are dogshit. Theo and his partners are the only cool guys. But you guys won’t be men of action if you don’t report on John Stagliano.”

Black, who earlier pointed to Paul Cambria’s role in the Measure B lawsuit, said Cambria can’t defend his own client who isn’t telling performers he’s got HIV and performing with girls.

“Spiegler, Derek, how do you send talent to work with Stagliano? I’m a scumbag because I bounced a check, but Stagliano’s working with HIV. I went to prison, but John Stagliano is considered awesome because he doesn’t tell you he has HIV and works with you?

Black said if this is the case, why doesn’t Stagliano just wear a condom and fuck the talent. “They do it on the gay side.”

“Or maybe some of you girls have actually been convinced that if he puts a rubber on you’re all cool,” said Black.

“I can’t imagine that when you were growing up somebody told you that’s a safe practice.”

Black wondered how an agent in good conscience can take 25% of their clients’ money and book them with Stagliano.

“Does anyone tell Diane Duke our performers are flying around the world having sex?” Black also asked.

“Shouldn’t our talent be on some kind of quarantine list if they’re going over to Europe having sex? When you go to different countries, they tell you to have shots. Are Stagliano and Joey Silvera when they come back from Brazil, are they reporting to APHSS, or am I the only asshole talking about this?

“Am I the only asshole who thinks agents don’t give a shit about anything? Turn the girls out and who gives a fuck. He’s got HIV? That’s the risk you take. Shut up.

“Think of all the Kink girls,” continued Black.

“They shut up and do it for the money. A Spiegler girl will work with an HIV performer then work for Kink where they beat the fuck out of them. Our business is shit because we have agents that break protocols.

“I told you the government is now watching. We’re not under the radar any more. You all wanted to be legit didn’t you? Let’s all go legit. The government is coming, let’s go legit.

“You’re just like a Hollywood agent you say? Oh, so you send a girl across state lines to have sex. You send them to work with a performer who has HIV. You are definitely a power player in the business. Awesome.”

Black predicted that this time next year, the business won’t be around and neither will the people.

“The structure that is today won’t be around. The government’s coming, and we’ve got to clean our shit up. The only way to do that is get organized.

“You got to get behind guys that are showing an example that you can have a classy business, classy talent and can make money. From agencies to companies, the business is changing. Mark my words. The revolution is starting and it ain’t going to stop. It’s coming.”


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