Rob Black Urges Mr. Marcus to Come Clean for His Own Sake


Rob Black on his Thursday afternoon show commented on the Lylith Lavey lawsuit filed against Mr. Marcus and how Marcus faked a syphilis test which led to the legal action.

Lavey worked with Mr. Marcus on a Bang Bros. shoot in June, 2012, and the implicating photo showed Lavey sucking Marcus’ cock which exhibited second-stage syphilis. Marcus initially explained it as a vitamin deficiency in an interview that he did with Nica Noelle but later owned up to the fact that he had second stage syphilis.

“It’s been brewing for years and that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Black.

“She is suing Mr. Marcus and now the machine is going. Lylith, my love, and lawyers call me. Lylith, you need to contact the attorneys we’ve been talking to.”

Black agreed as I do, that it’s not just a lawsuit involving Lavey and Mr. Marcus; the Free Speech, Diane Duke and Manwin are implicated in this mess because Lavey was sent to perform in an unsafe working environment. If that’s proven, then 101 Modeling stands to lose its license under California Labor Code Section 1700.33

“Your lawsuit is thin because Marcus has nothing,” Black contends, noting that there’s bigger fish to fry.

“Marcus a patsy. He’s nothing more than a Lee Harvey Oswald. Marcus, this is your time to come clean and throw people under the bus. Lawyers are going to ask you about this cover up. There’s a massive cover-up.”

Black wondered how any girl could have stuck “that disgusting thing” in their mouth unless they were coerced.

“Lylith, you’re one of those sheep and I’m the shepherd. The wolves are at the back door. 101 Modeling needs to be brought into this suit. Free Speech was part of this conspiracy. They knew about it, and Marcus confided in Spiegler.”

Black pointed to the coincidence of one Spiegler girl after another either dropping out of the business, or electing to do only girl-girl scenes after the Marcus cover up was exposed.

“Remy Lacroix was a Speigler girl,” said Black.

“She was on her way to top awards around the time of this Syphilisgate. She wrote that she’s quitting the business for her health. Now she’s working again [with Best New Starlet awards to boot], but she was so concerned about her health and safety what happened? Now she’s not concerned, and the climate’s even heavier. Lilith, your lawyers need to take a deposition and see what Remy has to say.

“We also need to know what Mark Spiegler had to talk to Mr. Marcus about because they had a lot of meetings. There needs to be a deposition of Mark Spiegler and Kristina Rose another Spiegler girl who’s not in the business any more.

“This is a wild and crazy girl. This is the girl who was the Orgasmic Analist of the XRCO. She worked for me. She was great. Kristina Rose all of a sudden stops working. Kristina Rose was active on the boards calling Marcus a scumbag. You need to get her involved.

“Andy San Dimas who I love and masturbate to, had her entire career destroyed. Syphilisgate happened and Andy San Dimas decided to stop doing guys.”

Black said any excuse that San Dimas offered that it was because of her husband was bullshit.

“Andy always dated married dudes. She’s a professional. She dated wrestling guys and all of a sudden she quit and retired for a bit of time. Forced retired.

“Then she left the great Spiegs and went to the hated LA Direct. Everyone knows Spiegler girl look down on LA Direct girls. In the pecking order you have Spiegler girls and LA Direct girls who are more hookerish. Spiegler girls are juiced in with Peter Warren.

“Andy San Dimas all of a sudden leaves and goes to the world’s most hated douchebag? Where girls like Lexi Belle make fun of her on twitter? Charley Chase was all part of Marcusgate so was London Keyes.

“Marcus, you need to come clean,” Black urged.

“You need to say here’s how the story goes. If you come clean and tell the entire story you will not look like the scumbag that you are. It’s serious. You’re getting sued. You’ll be under oath. You’re going to go to prison for perjury. You’re going to lose and you will have a civil judgment placed on you.

“You will be like OJ. You won’t be able to work in our business or hide because your wages will be attached by her lawyers.

“You’re done in California. You ain’t going to be able to get a bank account, shit. If Lylith is working with a lawyer they’re probably getting a piece, pro bono, 40% of everything she’s to pull out.

“Bang Bros- that’s Manwin. They are unbelievably liable,” Black contends.

“I guarantee you they don’t have workman’s comp. Racketeers don’t have workman’s comp. Free Speech is going to be hit on two sides. There’s another lawsuit that’s going to take down Evil Angel and Free Speech. Free Speech will be dismantled.

“Lylith, call up Cal/OSHA, T.T. Boy, call these people and ask them how it works. This is a slam dunk. There’s negligence.”

“Marcus if you doesn’t tell the truth you will have to go to prison for perjury. Marcus, you might need to counter sue because you’re being made a scapegoat. You need to counter sue Free Speech because they didn’t have your best interests. A doctor wasn’t provided you by APHSS. You need to get people involved. People have been telling you to lie, that’s a lawsuit.

“Lylith, you were not in control of that set. Bang Bros. let you perform in a scene with somebody who had syphilis and with visual evidence. Bang Bros,, and Manwin, you failed our talent; you let Lylith Lavey down, man. Manwin, you let the talent down.

“That three ring circus of Free Speech, APHSS and Manwin was supposed to take care of Lylith Lavey. Everybody’s supposed to protect the talent but they failed.”

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