Rob Black Urges Performers to Back Lylith Lavey and Shun 101 Modeling

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Although 20 minutes of his Internet broadcast were plagued again by audio problems [he inadvertly had the mute button on], Rob Black had a relatively easy job of it Monday afternoon.

Black on his show took off on targets such as Mr. Marcus and Marcus’ attorney Martin Cutler. Black said Marcus was probably dumb enough to think he was hiring mob attorney Bruce Cutler who defended Phil Spector. Instead he got Martin Cutler.

Rob Black said both Marcus and Marcus’ attorney Martin Cutler are retards and deserve to wear the hockey helmet Black has reserved for those meriting one.

“Marcus you get the helmet for thinking he’s Bruce Cutler. Bruce Cutler would never say the stuff you’re attorney is saying.

“This is too easy to spend three hours on. Lylith Lavey [pictured] is the poor girl, and I’ll take another day to apologize to her for thinking she’s completely retarded as humanly possible. She’s just ill informed,” said Black.

“She was part of 101 Modeling- Bud Lee and Robert Moran- the fact that Lylith Lavey felt pressure enough she couldn’t call the great pimp Bud Lee to go this dude’s dick is fucked and clustered with real shit.

“But in the porn business it’s just the opposite where Lylith would be yelled at and called a troublemaker and forced to stay on Eros as a hooker.

“This girl is brought up in a culture where it’s not cool to call up and say this dude’s dick is fucked up,” Black observed.

“In the real Hollywood, it is your obligation when you’re on set, and not one person would call you a troublemaker.

“You can’t create an environment where talent works with people who are sketchy looking,” said Black.

“We’re talking about a business about our bodies. ‘Wow, that girl smells weird.’ ‘That guy has a funky rash.’ ‘Are you sure that’s not super Gonorrhea?’ ‘That’s a herpes outbreak, are you going to stick that in me?’ ‘That white stuff coming out of your cock, is that gonorrhea?’

Black then read Cutler’s absurd quote about Lavey, as a porn performer, should have knowing what she was getting herself into.

Black said it’s kind of like Larry Flynt telling his managers on set to take food away from porn performers because they’re porn guys and that they don’t need to eat.

In Nevada, said Black, sex workers are treated like diamonds in the rough and that safe clean environments are set up for them.

“Ask Sunny Lane who’s Dennis Hof’s girlfriend and who would rather be at the Bunny Ranch than on Jeff Mullen’s Love Boat set.

“In our environment, the sex work you do, no one gives a shit about your health, safety or anything about you. They don’t give a shit if John Stagliano who has HIV works with you.

“Nobody gives a shit when you’re working with Hungarians with syphilis. We’re in a climate where this guy [Marcus] gets paraded around by Chris Mann and Marcus’ lawyer says, ‘Hey bitch, you knew what you were getting into.’

Black said such reasoning would be unfathomable in Hollywood in light of Vic Morrow’s tragic death on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Black also figured that Martin Cutler has to be a fan like lawyers Al Gelbard and Michael Fattorosi who married a porn girl.

“These guys aren’t real lawyers,” said Black.

“Yeah, like everybody who gets into the business is a porn star. You can’t get your degree from the La Verne College of Law and say you’re a lawyer and get hired unless it’s by some downtrodden porn girl.

“I got to figure Cutler is a fan of Marcus’,” concludes Black.

“This brings me back to the climate of our business. Lylith Lavey was brought up in a climate where it’s not welcome for her to report something on a set and that she’s being pressured to have sex. Our business is digressing into complete anarchy.”

Black said he’s heard all the horror stories from performers who fucked skeevy guys thinking that it would result in more work.

“It’s razor bumps- nobody in porn works with herpes. That’s the culture you girls, you guys, every facet of our business exists in. You are shit. You are what the Republicans know as shit. When Larry Flynt ran for governor he ran on the Republican ticket. Rich people stick with rich people. Money goes with money. Larry Flynt is money and Jenna Jameson came out for Mitt Romney.”

Black said he knows a lot of porn people who voted for Mitt Romney although they would tell you otherwise.

“That’s out business – the climate of our business, is, there’s no respect for the talent, no respect for the women. No girl should ever put a syphilis dick in her mouth and feel she can’t say something.

“Girls are going that will never happen to me. Bullshit. Any girl who is successful knows that you had to play ball. If you were a Spiegler girl you did whatever you were told to do. Rene Lacroix, Spiegler Girl. Katrina Rose, Spiegler Girl. Andy San Dimas, Spiegler Girl. London Keyes, Spiegler Girl. Jessie Rogers, Spiegler Girl. You were all Spiegler girls and worked with Mr. Marcus.”

Black said a performers union would never have let that happen, that Cutler’s a “scumbag” and Marcus takes being ignorant and inarticulate to a “high art form.”

Black also said Cutler’s argument is tantamount to an argument that a woman got raped because she was asking for it.

“That entire climate is a reason for our mess,” says Black.

“When a girl works for John Stagliano and he doesn’t tell her that he’s HIV, that’s a problem. That creates a climate where a girl like Lylith Lavey puts a stage 2 syphilitic cock in her mouth.

“Just the fact that she had a syphilitic dick in her mouth, I couldn’t even date her,” Black laughed.

“I’d have to go ghetto on her. Then I would have to get pimp-mad. The emotion that you just sit there and go, that bitch. But it’s the climate. Circumstances put her in a situation where she probably thought the adult business was run like Hollywood and then discovers it’s Bud Lee and Robert Moran. Want to stay at a model house? It’s $1,000 a month. Knock off some of that rent by doing privates with me.

“You are nothing but a girl who sells her pussy for movie,” Black told the female talent.

“You look down on Koreans doing your nails? You’re nothing but a blue collar worker who sells her pussy. You’re doing something in a grand scheme of things that amounts to shit. You are a whore who’s going to die an old whore.

“You are a whore, and that is your life. That’s not being a porn star. And when the climate changes, you will see a new vision in this business and it’s going to come. It takes a bunch of strong leaders. It’s about health. There has to be more girls like Lylith Lavey, but they’re scared to say anything because the business has no safe guards.”

Black said there’s an insidious network of producers and directors who’’ll contact their friends to make sure a girl complaining about health conditions will never be hired.

“Believe it or not, it was never like that,” he added, noting that what happened to Lavey was downright evil and there needs to be a coalition that can safeguard the talent.

“Can you imagine if Lylith Lavey called up Bud Lee, that there’s a big problem here. Who knows? Maybe Bud said go suck that thing, don’t worry about it. In a climate Fran Amidor from LA Direct described that has too too many girls and no work, why would a girl call? Black asked.

“Unite girls wise up; you’re doomed, and you’re going to get syphilis. Support Lylith Lavey. You need to shun 101 Models. Want to be a sex worker? Go outside of Nevada.”

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