Rob Black : Why Are Agents Not Paying For Testing? Talent : Dump Your Agents, Don’t Be a Loser

“I want to talk about the testing costs and how somehow the agents some are not in the mix whatsoever.

“Not real sure how that is. We can talk about it until we’re blue in the face.”

“Let’s talk about what we have in an agent. What they are are basically pimps. They are trafficking women for sex. What Derek Hay and a couple of other did is went and got licenses.”

“California is really the only place where it is legal to film pornography. Problem is talent agencies, like Cal/OSHA regulations, were never meant to be applied to pornography.
The agents all run around with papers saying we’re licensed agents but they never bothered to read the part where it covers sending talent to unsafe work conditions.”

“Talent agencies never had to deal with the question of the safety of 50 man gangbangs when they dealt with actors like Robert Duvall and Marlon Brando.”

“The minute a girls walks on the sets and they are drugs or alcohol, the minute they work without a condom the agents are violating the rules of their license. The agents break every rule in the book when they send talent out to do a 50 man gangbang.”

“So th├Ęse agents take money from producers, they take money from talent, they double dip.”

“Then they have the talent sign these contracts that you can wipe your ass with, but these agents like Derek Hay and Sandy at OC Modeling have these girls sign these contracts and when these girls want to get out out these contracts they have to pay the agents two thousand dollars. That is a fact. I know two girls that this happened to. One girl at OCModeling and one girl at LA Direct. And these agents take 15-20%.”

“Then you’re asking who should pay for the testing? Are you guys serious? Are you fucking serious?”

“Every guy or girl should have their agent pay for their test. If their talent makes them money, by selling their pussies, their dicks and their assholes, it is in the best interest of that pimp to make sure their talent is a shelty as humanly possible so they can keep getting out there fucking and sucking.”

“These pimps take a piece of every single thing the talent does. When they cam, the agent gets a piece of that. when they go on a signing the agent gets a piece of that. When you work for the companies, the agent gets a piece of that. Alexis Texas has a contract with Adam and Eve. How much do you want to bet that Derek Hay has a piece of that?”

“So how can any of you be questioning who should be paying for the fucking tests? Can I ask all of you girls how you are so weak and feeble to not say, ‘Yes, my pimp should be paying for my test.’

“The guy who picks up the phone and all he does is talk to Tim Von Swine and sends a girl over to shoot?”

“Charity Bangs who is with 101 Modeling, who is Bud Lee super pimp and Robert Moran. Why does your agent not pay for your test? Why should any of the producers not work out a deal with the agents and have them pay for their test? Are you that weak that you can’t pick up the phone and book your own work? Kinda confused on that. So you have to give 20% of your money to Bud Lee and Robert Moran? Why should anybody but your pimp pay for your test?”

“Remember producers, owners, all of these people are included in the cal/OSHA regulations because these people are real. The agents are pimps.”

“So why is Charity Bangs not out there saying the agents should pay for the tests? Charity Bangs goes out there and takes a load in her mouth and then goes back and gives her money to Bud Lee and Robert Moran. Why?”

“Shall we give a rundown of the producers? We did this before, we’ll do it again.”

“External Passion, Erotica X. That’s fucking Mason.”

“All of you girls out there tell me now. Who books Mason’s stuff? If you can’t get a hold of Mason, guess what? That means she doesn’t want to use you. But Mason is the person that you call. So Charity Bangs, you really need Bud Lee to call Mason?”

“Weapon of Ass Destruction. Jules Jordan. We all know Jules Jordan. He’s on Twitter. So girls. You all need Bud Lee and Robert Moran to communicate with Jules Jordan? Jules Jordan can be reached by phone, by email, by Twitter. If Jules Jordan doesn’t get back to you, that means he doesn’t want to shoot you!”

“LAX, Derek Hay, Tee Reel. Tee Reel can call producers all day but nobody’s gonna shoot Tessa Lane unless they want a BBW chick. Is Axel Braun going to make Tessa lane Supergirl? NO! Is Paul Thomas gonna use Tessa Lane for Behind The Green Door and not Brooklyn Lee? NO!”

“So guess what? The pimp has nothing to do with it girls! If you try to get in touch with Jules Jordan and he doesn’t hit you back you suck! Tim Von Swine and Kelly Shibari are on Twitter every single day looking for talent. So if you need a pimp to work for Mike John and Tim Von Swine you are a loser!”

“If Tim Von Swine and Mike John and Jules Jordan don’t call you back, it’s not because of you pimp, it’s because YOU SUCK! You are a loser! I just gave you names of two producers who you don’t need to contact an agent to shoot for. And they are the big gonzo big dogs. So no agent is going to get you work that you can’t get yourself. If Tim Von Swine hasn’t hired you it’s because you are a loser!”

Everybody’s butt boy Ivan. PUBA! Does anybody think they need to have an agent to get a hold of that fat mark? If you haven’t caught the eye of Ivan and PUBA you are a loser!

“Lexington Steele. Lexington Steele fucks the girls. Lexington Steele is very easy to get a hold of. I can get a hold of Lexington Steele. He won’t get on the phone, but I can get ahold of him. So if you’ve tried to get in touch with Lexington Steele and called Lexington Steele and Lexington Steele hasn’t called you back there is nothing an agent can do. You are a loser!”


“Axel Braun, Shylar Cobi, Bryn Pryor all of these people are very easy to get in touch with. Call Shylar, he does all the booking for Vivid. If they don’t get back to you are a loser!”

“Losers. That’s what all of you girls are when you continue to be with pimps.”

“I’ve just outlined the major players and they all book directly.”

“No agent’s gonna help you overcome being a loser.”

“Jeff Mullen. Not the Wizard of Oz. I love him. He’s cheap as fuck and he calls everybody directly. And you give him a hand job fugeggaboudit. You’re in like Flynn. So if Jeff Mullen doesn’t call you you are a loser!”

“Hustler Video. They do a gigantic piece of shooting. There are two people there. Sharmin was the makeup girl for Axel Braun and she knows every girl in the business because every girl has gotten their makeup done by her and if Sharmin likes you she will be more than happy to book you direct. So she doesn’t have to pay Mark Spiegler or Derek Hay a hundred dollar booking fee.”

“The other person there is Drew Rosenfeld. I know for a fact if you go to Drew and put on your alligator tears he will go to the low end shooters like my cousin Mark Zane and say, do me a favor put this girl in a movie , she was in my office crying, he will put you in a movie!”

“So girls. I just told you of two people to call at Hustler. Never heard of an agent crying on Drew’s shoulder. But talent does.”

“New Sensations is booked by Renae. Everybody knows Renae. Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell are the directors. they book all the bad ass romance movies. They book their own talent.”

“Walk over to Porno Dan and say ‘Hi, my name is Kim, I wanna be a porn star. Or Hi, my name is Jacky Joy. I’ve been in the business for eight years. You haven’t shot me before. I just changed my agent. You think you’ll shoot me now? Uh, no I know who you were in your first year dummy.”


“Evil Angel. Evil Angel. Everybody who directs for Evil Angel. Who can’t in touch with Francesca Le or Mark Wood? Who can’t get a hold of Bobbi Starr? Who can’t get ahold of Joey Silvera?”


“Dreamzone. Dreamzone is booked by Rob and Regina. Or Craig Daze. Or Adam Hasner. Rob King and Regina are over at Exquisite. Adam Hasner. Fuck, you play with his dick he’ll put you on the cover. Jesus Christ.”

“Adam and Eve. Who shoots for Adam and Eve? David Lord. He has a hair salon. You go over there and do a line with him and you’re in. Tegan Presley and Josh. I’ve talked to Josh. If I’ve talked to Josh, I think talent can talk to Josh.”


“It’s pathetic how retarded you all are. You’re either all retarded, you’re all gullible, or you’re fucking lazy fucks.”

“You give your money to Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler when I just named off the entire industry and who to talk to if you wanna get booked.”

“And if you have already talked to all of them and they still haven’t booked you?”

“You’re a fucking loser.”

“And if you haven’t talked to them because your agent says you can’t you’re a gullible retard.”

“And is you know both of those things and you’re still with an agent. You’re a fucking loser hooker.”

“You will never be an adult film star. You will never be the next Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick. You will never be a girl that makes a million dollars selling her pussy.”

“If you don’t have the wherewithal to get up off of your ass and call or text these people and you blame your agent for not getting you work then it’s your own fault that’s you’re a worthless loser.”

“In Hollywood an agent is supposed to work for the talent. Not the talent work for the agent. I know for a fact of girls being penalized and not being able to work and Derek fining people.”

“Derek Hay and Spiegler are nothing but leeches and they leech off women and convince then that they can things for them that nobody else can do.”

“I’ve laid out for you everybody you have to contact. And for that information, Derek Hay, Mark Spiegler and Bud Lee take 20% of your money? And tell you to go fuck yourself about a test? Why would an agent not pay for a test?”

“You ever see movies in Hollywood where talent goes in to talk to their agent and they say, ‘what the fuck have you done for me? I’m leaving you. You suck. Only in our business can talent be intimidated by their agents. How is this? Do you think Robert Duvall and Al Pacino can’t fire their agents?”

“You think there is any talent anywhere in Hollywood who dread to see their agent?”

“Nobody in Hollywood if afraid of a fucking agent! You see movies where somebody goes, who’s that? The agent. Fuck him!”

“The girls who say they’re too busy and need someone to organize their schedules. Get an assistant. It will cost you less than an agent. Do you realize that there are guys who pay an agent 20% and a publicist 700 dollars a month? That’s not smart business. If you do that you’re not a smart businesswoman. You’re a lazy worthless loser.”

“I’ve told all of you of one unified casting system, the UAWA and they provide the testing. what don’t you understand? How do you dismiss setting up on system that intakes talent, how do you dismiss not paying one production fee and now not paying one testing fee? How do you argue that?”

“And all of you talent how do you argue being worth anything when you’re looking for Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler and Bud Lee to pull your life out of the doldrums, give you all sorts of work and make you the superstar you know you can be?”

“As long as you stay with your pimp, you’re worthless.”

“That’s the bottom line.”

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