Rob Black’s Christmas Story : Jesus of AIDS

I want to tell you of kind of a Christmas story. With AIDS.

I know, I know. How does AIDS become a Christmas story?

I think we have created something in this business called Jesus of AIDS. I know you’re saying to yourself, “Rob Black, you’ve lost your mind.” Maybe I have.

Maybe I’m gonna tell you a story I came up with last night while standing on the balcony smoking some of my glaucoma medicine and reflecting on the star that I’m seeing in the sky. It got me thinking about the Bethlehem star and about following that star.

I’m thinking about Bethlehem and Porn Valley and AIDS. I’m thinking that Jesus is sorta like how AIDS is in the business. Nobody knows how it got here, nobody knows where it came from. It just fuckin showed up. And abruptly leaves. Just like that. Then the little fucker shows up again and everyone goes, “Fuck! I though we killed you Jesus AIDS!” And he goes, ” No, I’m resurrected. I’ll never die! I’m Jesus of AIDS!”

I’m thinking about the Bible and Christianity and how everything is meant to instill fear and control people. I’m thinking about Danny Wylde and how he suddenly retired because of mysterious problems with his penis from taking performance enhancing drugs or maybe spiking with Caverject. Not real sure, it wasn’t made that clear.

Danny Wylde was told he couldn’t perform in movies anymore because of his penis problems and that it could endanger his life. Yet he is still camming with his defunct penis. Remember, Danny Wylde was the Free Speech Coalition poster boy, appearing on Huff Post Live representing talent in the industry who were against condoms.

You ask, “Rob, how does this all factor in?” Remember, this is a story. Jesus of AIDS. And just like the Bible, it’s a fictional story. Nothing is to be taken literally. Just like Jesus in the Bible. Nobody believes that a man lived 900 years or hung out in a whale’s belly. Everyone has different interpretations of the bullshit and how to best apply it to their own life situation. Just like Jesus of AIDS.

As I’m sitting there in my glaucoma medicine induced pontification, I’m thinking of how Diane Duke has all the information of all the people who go in for testing at Cutting Edge. Forget about Talent Testing. I’m talking about the system that they control.

Of all the people this year who have tested positive for HIV, I have to imagine that there have been more. I have to imagine that there have been more who have just vanished. I can go down a list of performers who were peaking, at the height of their careers, escorting and whatnot, who have abruptly disappeared.

Remember, this is just a story.

I’m not talking wannabe apostles who are in and out in two weeks. I’m talking apostles who have put in one, two, three years. I’m talking apostles who were up for MILF of the Year or Performer of the Year and then they just vanish. They are just gone.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you honestly believe that in the span of having four HIV cases since August and nothing before that, just a period of tranquility and beautifulness, we have system in place that never detects people with HIV? Bullshit.

What happens is you have people that get HIV who haven’t been working on set, so there’s no need to call for a moratorium. They’re able to sweep it under the rug.

I’m not talking about now. I’m talking BC. Or rather BRB. Because before The Rob Black Show they weren’t under the microscope like they are now. Prior to that, you had three news agencies that were doing absolutely nothing. Mike South posts a story and doesn’t follow up on it. Like super gonorrhea. He sits in Georgia and has people feed him information that is wrong half the time. So in turn, you get bullshit.

You had people who contracted HIV and were banished with no other options. Like they tried to do with Cameron Bay, but I helped her with that situation. How many people auditioned to be an apostle, but were turned away because they already had the plague?

You had the Diane Duke parables that went smoothly for a while until they began to encounter the troubled waters brought by The Rob Black Show. You had AIDS Healthcare Foundation who were dismissed as a bunch of fairies until their archangel Rob Black brought them the keys to the kingdom in the form of a roadmap. And thus Cal/OSHA entered the kingdom with a scroll of commandments.

So now Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition are going, “What now? The jig is up. They’re on to us. They know where our money is. What do we do?” And just like the Nazi regime when they knew the empire was falling, the concept of suicide entered their heads. They said, “How do we retain our power? How can we keep the money offerings flowing?”

When Mr. Marcus was smitten with the plague of syphilis, that’s when the Free Speech Coalition started on their downward spiral. And Christian Mann and Diane Duke covered up this atrocity and said all is well in the kingdom.

It was a big coverup. A big lie. Mr. Marcus was giving girls a dose of the ol’ syph. Covered up with doctor notes.

This started the woes of Free Speech Coalition. They were put under the microscope by Rob Black and then the troubled waters really started rolling. Bowling events with LATATA, where Diane Duke whacketh up funds with pimps.

Then Diane Duke was mired in the condom law fight, where she went to Sacramento with numerous freakazoids, who were normal to the denizens of porn valley, but the common folk went, “Freako…”

Then Clover tested positive for syphilis. Or did he? He tested seven times and at the end was never maybe false positive. Or not. Maybe. Mike South said PASS was horrible, Diane Duke was horrible, LATATA was great. Mike South hailed LATATA as The Second Coming. They were awesome.

Then you had HIV. Or was it hepatitis C? Can’t remember which came first. Kinda like chicken or the egg. Syphilis, HIV, super gonorrhea, hepatitis C, don’t really know. Kinda hard to keep track.

Hepatitis C then came forth and Alex Gonz’ revelation revealed that he had been plagued with hepatitis C for three years. Cutting Edge Testing, PASS, Free Speech Coalition, the entire regime let this man work. Lisa Ann outed him and he went into hiding for two months until he was resurrected by Derek Hay. Nobody spoke of this and Free Speech Coalition never said anything.

Then the great plague of four HIV cases in a span of five months. Sofia Delgado is not spoken of as she tested positive and vanished. Cameron Bay, Rod Daily and now TJ Cumming and nothing but a clusterfuck of misinformation from Free Speech Coalition.

Other tales of Cameron Bay’s diagnosis and John Stagliano knowing her viral load and Diane Duke spinning a press release fairy tale of Dr. Maio not directly giving him this information. Moratoriums on, moratoriums being lifted early so Vivid could finish shooting Spiderman. Xander Corvus and his bloody penis with Cameron Bay, don’t forget that.

None of this deters the business from funneling money offerings to Free Speech Coalition. Again, Jesus of AIDS.

Then the revelation of revelations.

As horrific as the plagues of syphilis and the FSC Tuskegee experiment and HIV and hepatitis C and super gonorrhea were, they all involved adults. What was revealed was that a man by the name of Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow, a convicted child molester, child pornographer, was suffering the children to come onto him. Or rather he came onto them.

Free Speech Coalition worked with this man for over a year and a half. Mike South said it was a chance meeting and the FSC were unsuspecting and AVN and XBIZ never told the tale. We reported it and Mike South said we beateth a dead horse.

As we brought up Marc Randazza’s ties and Julie Meadows ties to Brackob/Treptow, Mike South spun the tale of super gonorrhea. Seventeen people exposed to super gonorrhea was more important than talking about a pedophile. Where goest these seventeen?

And so, the book of Jesus of AIDS is written. They said “How do we get the conversation diverted? How do we get the momentum swayed?”

“OK we need our go to AIDS person. We need someone who will go in, go out and not talk to the media and we need him to put people in a panic and disarm everybody so they look to us for leadership and we’ll have the strong companies say respect the administration that we have now.”

“We need Jesus of AIDS.”

“Alright Danny, will you come out?”


“Can’t you just say…”




“But your dick is broke…”

“I don’t care. Nobody is going to out me. No. Uh huh.”

Jesus of AIDS. Remember, this is my fairy book story.

And the writers went, “OK, jeez. Thanks asshole. Thanks for nothing. Go back to camming with your broke dick.”

“TJ? We’ve got a deal for you!”

Ladies and gentlemen, just like I told the story a few weeks ago of Horus and how Jesus was created by a bunch of gay men who said this Horus thing isn’t working, we need something better, so they got the Gregg Allman looking Jesus with the swimmers body.

So you had TJ Cummings come in and say, ” I have HIV. I got it off camera. I want to be left alone. Goodbye.”

You had a resurrection in the midst of pedophilia, super gonorrhea, hepatitis C. How convenient. And so close to Christmas. And an excuse to take time off. Most companies will take a vacation from Friday until after the new year.

So baby AIDS, Jesus of AIDS came into the porn industry of Bethlehem just at the right moment. With a moratorium that was over in record time.

We’ve managed to make it to close to the end of the year. Free Speech Coalition has brought you Jesus of AIDS.

The Danny Wylde audition didn’t work out. TJ filled the role. Jesus of AIDS.

Is the tale of Jesus of AIDS real? I dunno. It’s about as real as the fictional book you all believe in. I have a tale called Jesus of AIDS. You have the tale of Jesus of Nazareth.

Which do you believe? Jesus of AIDS or Jesus of Nazareth?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a paradox.

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