Rob Black To Christian, You’re a Man Conflicted with Your Own Sexuality

“The Great LATATA that Mike South promotes along with Derek Hay and Shy Love are truly looking out for the talent,” Rob Black said sarcastically Wednesday night.

“On my afternoon show I explained we were going to have one of two scenarios neither one boding well for the business. Scenario One was that these people [Cameron Bay and her boyfriend] were brand new.

“This wasn’t the case because they shut down the business. In turn, we knew it was somebody who had been through the system. What that means, from the point of the last test to this test, they contracted HIV.

“Plain and simple. Which goes to the argument that our business is not safe any more with an honor system or retards swearing to each other that we don’t have HIV.

“This person got HIV within a span of a month and was working with whoever. They’re trying to flag down every single person they worked with from their last clean test to this dirty one.

“If we had condoms no one would have been exchanging bodily fluids. Guess what? The industry from Mike South to Christian XXX snub their noses at it and now we have HIV once again in our business.

“This girl [Bay] is a tattooed mohawk-wearing Joanna Angel-type. She was a worker from anal cream pies to bisexual movies. She’s got the look of Christy Mack.

“Peter Warren and Stevie J over at AVN- that business of AVN is so on the ball they don’t have the story posted about this performer. What an amazing news organization you are. Stevie J, hey Peter Warren, if you guys aren’t too busy looking for the next Alt girl to take your cousin’s wedding, can you take a look at Cameron Bay and can you possibly do a story about her HIV status?

“You two guys are on borrowed time and when you get booted out of there I’m going to come over and piss in your face and ask Peter Warren if he’ll take me to a wedding.

“You motherfuckers run the heartbeat of the industry and you stupid cocksuckers are not talking about the biggest news since Hep C which you guys were nowhere around.

“You two guys are the biggest losers- tweet that Steve Javors. This convicted felon [Black] you tweet about is protecting the industry ten times better than you, you fucking losers. While you’re home sticking dildos in your asshole, the industry wants to know who else might have HIV. Do you think you can take the dildos out of your assholes and do some investigative journalism?

“Man, AVN, you are so fucking done. Manwin/AVN you are done. Steve Javors, Peter Warren where are you going to get a job?

“You run a magazine called Adult Video News and every half assed asshole on the street looking for pussy knows the industry is on lock down because of Cameron Bay. LATATA and ATMLA, all I know these licensed and bonded agents can’t seem to figure out what’s going wrong with their talent.

“This has been going on since Monday, and this Cameron Bay cunt has the audacity to be pissy because people are spreading her name around. This cunt is upset. Think about this. Somebody needs to go and talk to some people.

“You have an industry led by Derek Hay, Christian XXX, John Stagliano, you have an entire crew of people telling you we don’t need condoms in the business. And yet in less than a year we’ve had HEP C, HIV, and two syphilis outbreaks one with one of the most well known performers in porn history.”

Black noted how the industry used to be able to control it’s own- granted there weren’t 17 agencies back then; and the distinction between gay and straight has become blurred.

“Everybody’s kinky now and wants to fuck trannies,” said Black.

“I have no problem with that, but you use condoms. If you want to do what you want to do, put on condoms and adhere to the testing procedures. Why is that a big problem?

“Christian, is that a problem in your personal life when you’re having gay sex without condoms? When Christian is over Europe having sex with transsexuals and gay men does he use protection? If he wears protection why does he refuse to wear it in the adult business and why does he ridicule a woman who says we should wear condoms.

“Someone please explain that mentality to me without resorting to name calling. I’d love to hear it. We have a problem in this business and when someone speaks up for condoms Christian attacks them.

“Does Christian XXX wear a condom when he does all these things in Europe? We can have this debate without name calling. It’s very simple. When Christian XXX is here in Los Angeles when he’s out in a club and happens to see a man, a woman or a transsexual that tickles his fancy and he takes that person home, would Christian XXX wear a condom?

“You’re going to honestly say that our business is safer than dating at a bar? What’s happening now with Cameron Bay, she didn’t fall off the truck yesterday, but she’s been working enough where people are shitting themselves. If this woman’s husband or boyfriend is HIV and worked with another woman shouldn’t that woman be nervous right about now?

“Christian you’re the one attacking women. You were the first one to say Katie Summers should have known about John Stagliano. You’re a man conflicted with his own sexuality.

“And you have a chromosome that is very feminine and you can’t figure out what sex to have and you become bitchy and erratic. For you to lash out at a girl over a condom issue with this outbreak, you sit there and attack a girl for no other reason that she hangs out with me and started out her career with people who tell them bullshit.

“If you question anything or bring up condoms- you will be attacked by Christian XXX, Derek Hay, Shy Love and LATATA. And then there’s hipster douchebag reporter Richard Abowitz who is all these intellectual things and dated a porn star Aurora Snow.

“He said this is not your average porn girl, but she’s intelligent and I will get her a job at The Daily Beast and I will know what it’s like to explore the dirty side because I’m a hipster douchebag.

“I have mingled among the common fold and I gave that whore one good leg up on everybody else by giving her a job at The Daily Beast, and she will be forever indebted to the great Richard Abowitz.

“When Katie Summers today was talking about the condom issue Abowitz attacked her for grammar. This John Stagliano supporter decided to attack a girl because she spoke out on a condom issue. Richard Abowitz, you’re quite the journalist, quite the man.

“This is what we got to battle, Christian XXX and Richard Abowitz, who attack women for speaking out about condoms. This is what the industry has degenerated to. Richard Abowitz are you going to attack my wife for re-tweeting what Alana Evans said about condoms?

“Women, you have men like Christian XXX and Richard Abowitz who’s supposed to be a Libertarian- this writer is going on twitter and attacking women because they’re speaking out about the HIV outbreak in our business and want to protect their bodies.

“Isn’t that the most disgusting act you ever heard? If this does not rally every single woman out there you have no fucking heart. You let Richard Abowitz attack a woman for voicing her opinion on a condom issue and he attacks her for grammar.

“Christian XXX has the audacity to bold face lie to the entire industry. He tweets that me and Gene Ross are going to make a joke about what’s going on. In the same breath he attacks Katie Summers and joins in the ridicule of Katie Summers for her grammar. That is what you have in this business.

“How your blood cannot be boiling to realize that no change will occur in this business when you have Christian XXX lying and ridiculing women on twitter because they speak out. Then you have reporters who report on our business- this journalist Richard Abowitz who’s supposed to be a supporter of the business- he attacks a 24 year old girl for grammar. Shame on you Richard Abowitz. Shame on you Christian XXX. You want to control women’s bodies.”

Black also said if it can be proven that Cameron Bay’s boyfriend did perform in the anal cream pie gangbang, the business will be shut down permanently.

“And it looks like Steve Hirsch’s appeal is going real good,” Black added.


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