Rob Kardashian Publicist Dismisses Lisa Ann Romance Story

from – It’s another run in the rumor bin for these Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars, and this time it’s about the less-famous brother Rob Kardashian. Several accounts have surfaced about him dating a porn star, but his publicist has finally taken care of those and dismissed them.

Earlier this week, the X-rated actress Lisa Ann insisted she was romancing the 22-year-old reality star. Best known for her work in last year’s adult film Who’s Nailin’ Paylin, she claims that Rob and her have been a couple for about a month.

According to sources close to the Kardashian, however, this is far from the truth. Digital Spy reports that a friend of his told Us Magazine: “Lisa Ann did meet Rob, but that’s it. Never even hooked up. She wants a bit of fame right now. Rob is laughing it off!”

Apparently, the two met at a gym and things kicked off from there. The 37-year-old Lisa Ann even detailed her relationship with Rob Kardashian, saying “Rob treats me like his little teacher and we have a fun sexual relationship that is simple and carefree.”

Disgusted, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star turned to his family for support. Over at his Twitter account, he’s been asking his sisters for advice regarding the matter. They merely encouraged him to forget about the tabloid story since it wasn’t true at all.

Rob tweeted: “@KimKardashian @KhloeKardashian I dunno how you deal with lies from the tabloids!? Lies, lies, lies… Thanks for the publicity bi***es.”

In response, Kim Kardashian told her brother to just “get used to it.” She’s certainly learned how to handle such affairs, given the fact that she’s had her share of them in the past.

Kim also added: “”@RobKardashian U also can’t worry about what other people think…just live & be happy! Anyone that really knows u, knows the truth!”

As the whole issue settled, reality star Rob just finished off with a Thanksgiving message and showed he really was over the Lisa Ann press problem. “Thank You God for the wonderful Family and Friends You have blessed me with,” he wrote. “Never stop Loving the ones that you said you ALWAYS would Love.”

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