Rob Rotten To Announce “The Rottens” Hall of Fame Winners

Rob Rotten and his Punx Productions Inc studios are announcing the first three inductees into 1st Annual Punx Productions’ Hall of Fame. The three worthy hall of famer’s will be announced on January 29th, 2010 and were narrowed down from a list of more than twenty candidates by Rotten and a panel of industry vets.

The three will receive celebratory plaques and be added to the Hall of Fame roster on the Punx Productions site.

In typical fashion, Rotten stressed a no-nonsense backbone to his new awards showcase, “I’m announcing my Punx Productions Hall of Fame now because everyone just got slapped around by the toxic, hours-long commercial that is the Golden Globes.

“Only real contenders and real talent will hope to receive a Punx award– and NOT because they needed a ratings boost to sell/rent the most DVD’s possible. I’m not interested in the bottom-line, where’s the talent? That’s the Rotten spirit.”

Rotten himself says he plans to make this an annual celebration of worthy talent in the industry, and hopes to garner enough support and enthusiasm behind ‘the Rottens’ to have each year bigger and badder than the last. Be sure to check out who made it into the Rotten Hall of Fame at and keep partying through it!

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