Rocco Saves Marriages in TV Series

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from – Rocco Siffredi [pictured with his wife Rosa Caracciolo], who has starred in more than 450 porn films, spent a few days in the northern city of Treviso sharing tips with disgruntled couples as part of an upcoming TV series, Heaven: Rocco Siffredi.

Among the advice given was to be more “playful” in their relationships as well as encouraging men to show more affection.

“Couples fall into habits after a few years together, which can be harmful…so they they should play, they need to rethink life as a couple in a fun way,” Siffredi told Corriere.

Siffredi, who has been married for 20 years, also said women are much more “complex” than men and need “cuddles and caresses”, something which, after a while, a man forgets.

“I don’t claim to teach, I don’t have a magic wand …that is, I have a wand, but it is not magic,” he joked.

Dozens of people came to meet Siffredi at Treviso’s Piazza dei Signori.

One onlooker, Elena, told Corriere: “I came out of curiosity…he’s a very charming man, better than what I expected.”

Another, called Marco, said he would ask Siffredi what a woman really wants. “It’s not an easy question to answer, I know, but women are not easy at all.”

Stefano, 20, said he’d always dreamt of meeting his “idol”.

“But don’t get me wrong, I like him as a person,” he told Corriere.

Siffredi, who started his career in a Paris sex club, announced his retirement from porn films in 2004 for the sake of his two children, but then made a comeback in 2009. He is one of the few porn stars to have success in other areas of the adult-film industry and mainstream media.


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