Rod Daily: I Got HIV and All I Got Was a Lousy $18 Bucks from Free Speech

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Keep donating to Free Speech because Rod Daily showed you exactly how the organization regards you after you’ve come down with HIV. Daily at the AHF press conference Wednesday said that he and Cameron Bay had received comments both positive and negative from industry members, and that both had received support and some donations.

Daily added that Free Speech sent him a check for $18.05.

“So they definitely showed their concern for performers… I don’t know if that was like a slap in the face or, you know, whatever it is,” Daily said.

Joanne Cachapero later explained that the check to Daily was from the Performers Subsidy Fund, and that most currently-working performers would have received checks for similar amounts in order to defray the cost of testing—which Michael Weinstein later claimed would cost performers $600 per month.

So here’s another question. Didn’t Manwin [AVN] say they were going to reimburse talent for testing? So Daily gets a check for $18 bucks when talent is now being gouged $320 a month?

Screwed again, guys.


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