Rod Jetton says strip club bill was doomed because he didn’t like “Pompouse-Arrogant” Senator


Missouri House Speaker and alleged woman beater Rod Jetton [pictured] told a St. Louis newspaper that he has little doubt that a federal grand jury is investigating him for pay-for-play allegations involving campaign donations that watered down a bill regulating the porn industry.

Jetton told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he didn’t take money from the adult entertainment industry to gut a bill from state Sen. Matt Bartle regulating the industry.

However, Jetton admitted assigning the bill to Lee’s Summit state Rep. Bob Johnson’s committee because he knew Johnson didn’t like Bartle or the legislation.

“Bob Johnson didn’t like Senator Bartle. And I didn’t much care for Senator Bartle. He was a pompous, arrogant senator and he liked to get his way,” Jetton said. “I knew that Johnson was not going to buckle under pressure from Bartle. Johnson wanted the bill. He specifically told me.”

Jetton assigned the bill to an unfriendly committee — days after a political action committee with connections to Jetton adviser Don Lograsso accepted a $35,000 donation from the adult entertainment industry.

Jetton told the Post-Dispatch that he discussed a donation with a lobbyist from the porn industry in Kansas City before assigning the bill.

“There was a conversation with the lobbyist for the strip clubs, Kent Gaines, where he said they wanted to make a contribution to my political efforts,” Jetton said. “I basically said I don’t want your money and even if I wanted it, I wouldn’t take it. I mean, I’m not stupid politically.”

Bartle testified before the grand jury Tuesday about the 2005 bill and has been outspoken about what he thought occurred.

Jetton told the Post-Dispatch that he hasn’t spoken with the feds or prosecutors about the case.

“I really am befuddled how I can be looked at for this when I clearly know I never told anyone if they give me a donation I’d kill a bill,” he said. “I can think of a lot of occasions where I said I’m going to kill a bill or I’m going to pass a bill. But never have I told anyone if you’ll give me money, I’ll do this or that.”

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