Ron Jeremy at University of Nebraska-Lincoln next week

from – Ron Jeremy (a.k.a. “The Hedgehog,” a colleague informed me), will be at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Tuesday to defend his body of work.

Jeremy, the porn star of more than 2,000 films, will be one half of a UNL-sponsored “Debate on Pornography: Pro vs. Con.” You can probably guess what side he’s on.

Jeremy’s debate with Susan G. Cole, an activist in the GBLT community, will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Centennial Room of the Nebraska Union, 1400 R St. The event will be hosted by the University Program Council and is free for UNL students with a valid N-Card and $3 for the public, faculty and staff.

As an author, a playwright, and an activist, Cole has kept busy in the GBLT community. She was a member of the first lesbian political organization in Toronto, the Lesbian Organization of Toronto. Cole has been strongly against the pornography industry and has written books such as “Power Surge: Sex, Violence, and Pornography,” and “Pornography and the Sex Crisis.”

The “Debate on Pornography: Pro vs. Con,” from Wolfman Productions, has been touring college campuses for years. The pornography world is a growing industry and has long had people questioning: “Is it degrading to women, or empowering?”

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