Ron Jeremy Dead Wrong in His Attack of Video Games?

from – In a particularly interesting exchange with an anti-porn activist during a question and answer panel at this year’s Adult Entertainment Expo, porn star Ron Jeremy concluded that there are far worse things for under-18-year-olds to be exposed to than porn. Things like video games.

“We don’t want kids to watch porn. Though if they do, there are far worse influences out there, like video games. [Studies have] found that violent video games are [a] much bigger…negative influence on kids,” Jeremy said.

Interesting that Jeremy didn’t actually cite or name any of these studies or mention any of the half-dozen or so studies that say exactly the opposite. A recent study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project concluded that video games are a positive experience for most kids, noting they promote problem-solving, learning and a heavy emphasis on social interaction. Additionally, there have been studies to show that violence in video games can be a good stress reliever for teens.

Ironically, Jeremy starred in an adult film titled “Super Hornio Bros.” (A parody of the mega-popular Super Mario Bros. video games) The only thing more traumatizing for a kid than a half hour of violent video games is to see Jeremy “acting” on an HD television.

Even more contradictory to Jeremy’s argument is the fact that he recently sponsored an adult-themed video game called “Bonetown,” whose protagonist gains levels by fighting off other guys and having sex. Additionally, you can take drugs and get drunk if you want.

Now, I wouldn’t let my hypothetical 8-year-old play “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” but I certainly wouldn’t want him or her exposed to porn either. Video games have become the modern day scapegoat for everything wrong with kids today – just like television or rock music in prior generations.

While I agree these things could have a negative influence on the right kid in the right circumstance, I think the majority of these troubled kids have one common factor: bad parenting.

My point is that bad parents make bad choices, probably meaning their child plays violent games, listens to violent music and watches violent television. Problems arise when parents don’t know what is going on in their kid’s life.

Blaming “Call of Duty” for your kid getting in a fight at school isn’t going to fix the problem.

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