Ron Jeremy: “Hell is Watching Gilligan’s Island Reruns”; The Eerie Reality of Sam Kinison

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Michigan- Ron Jeremy is everywhere. Sometimes he’s in 27 different places at one time, thus breaking God’s record. So the fact that Jeremy chose the subject of God this weekend only makes sense.

Jeremy was at the Daybreak church in West Michigan debating his usual sparring partner for such events, Craig Gross, pastor of the XXX Church. These guys have met more times than Lincoln-Douglas and Ali-Frazier combined.

What was significant this time around, was that Jeremy got more somber than usual.

Jeremy told the crowd that he believed in God but still struggles to reconcile many of the large questions commonly asked by secular people about the nature of the Christian God and the existence of heaven and hell.

“A lot of porn stars believe in God,” Jeremy told his audience. “The majority do.”

“I don’t think it’s a problem having my kind of lifestyle as long as you’re honest.”

According to Jeremy also told the audience a story about being in a New Jersey car accident with the late comedian Sam Kinison, which happened while the two were having a discussion about religion and death. They walked away with barely a scratch from a rollover accident that should have killed them, he said.

Afterward, Kinison asked Jeremy, “Do you believe in God now?” To which Jeremy replied, “You really go out of your way to prove a point.”

One might say that God got the last word on the “Final Destination” argument when Kinison, who miraculously escaped one mishap, later lost his life in another automobile accident, this one in Needles, California when he was ;plowed head-on by a drunk driver.

Jeremy relayed another anecdote about a time at home when he felt like God was trying to mysteriously answer a prayer he’d asked on behalf of his aging pet turtle. He also spoke about his friendship with Tammy Faye Messner, a Christian singer and evangelist he met while filming the reality TV show “The Surreal Life” in 2004.

Messner died of cancer in 2007 and confided her illness to Jeremy at a time when she wouldn’t disclose it to others, he said.

“She said she had such a strong faith in Jesus that she wasn’t scared to die,” he said. “I admire that”

According to the story, Jeremy also challenged the notion that Jesus wouldn’t let people into heaven if they didn’t have a personal relationship with him, a tenet of Christian faith. What about people in other countries who never learned about Jesus?

“I believe if you’re a good person, you go to heaven,” he said.

And hell? “I never understood that either.”

“If you’re getting your flesh burnt off, wouldn’t you be used to it by day 24?” he said. “To me, hell is watching ‘Gilligan’s Island’ reruns.”

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