Ron Jeremy Squares Off with Susan Cole in Debate

LINCOLN — from – An anti-pornography activist who has spent much of her adult life crusading against the exploitation of women squared off Tuesday at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln against the male star of more than 2,000 skin flicks.

The University Program Council sponsored a debate at the Nebraska Union between writer and activist Susan G. Cole and porn star Ron Jeremy.

Cole told a mostly student crowd of more than 800 people that pornography destroys personal freedoms and feeds sexism and violence towards women.

She cited as an example the adult film “Fascination.” The film features a woman said to talk too much during sex, so Jeremy quiets her creatively.

“Later, I was talking too much,” Jeremy rebutted.

Jeremy argued on pornography’s behalf, citing multiple articles and studies discrediting correlations between sexual violence and pornography.

“If you want to laugh, you watch Monty Python,” he said. “If you want to cry, you watch ‘Terms of Endearment.’ If you want to feel nauseous, you watch ‘Cloverfield.’ And if you want to feel excited, you watch porn.”

The crowd lined the walls, stretching to see the debate.

Program Council members approved the debate after doing research and talking with students about relevant, interesting topics, said Karen Wills, the group’s program coordinator.

Business major Mike Corritore of Waterloo said he was surprised by the turnout. Many came to see Jeremy, also known for his reality television role on VH1’s “The Surreal Life.”

Chancellor Harvey Perlman’s office received phone calls from disappointed donors and alums, Wills said.

“When students are in college they are easily swayed by sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll,” she said. “Our goal is to provide a venue and an outlet so that they make informed decisions.”

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