Ron Jeremy Tackles Craig Gross in Yet Another Debate

Wisconsin – from – What happens when a member of the adult film industry comes across a pastor? An intense debate on the issue of pornography sparks.

The pornography business is one of the fastest growing industries among today’s generations. The question about values and ethics are debatable, and is one challenge openly accepted by a Las Vegas Pastor and a leading adult film star.

On Wednesday, Nov. 11, Ron Jeremy, known as the King of Porn, will lock heads with Pastor Craig Gross, founder of the XXXChurch, at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh as part of the Speaker Series.

Jeremy will be defending his life-long profession in adult filmmaking, while Gross slams the industry for “degrading women” while introducing the idea that too much porn can lead to problems like addiction.

Craig Gross and Ron Jeremy are definitely from two different worlds. Gross is the founder of XXXChurch, a website designed to help those struggling with porn addiction through the words of Jesus Christ. Ron Jeremy is one of the leaders of adult films as star and producer. These two men now travel to colleges around the nation debating both sides of pornography.

Gross has been on this mission for the past four years. His goal is not to eradicate pornography, but to help people overcome problems with misuse and addiction.

“Porn gets inside the brain like a parasite” Gross said. “There’s no such thing as ‘Please watch porn responsibly’.”

The porn industry often locks in their viewers by offering free clips, then charging to view. “They hook to get you back in for more” says Gross.

Ron Jeremy does not share the same views about the industry. “It’s just porn,” he says.

Jeremy has been involved in the porn industry for more than 20 years. He has been featured in 1,700 films, directed 250 of them, and has become porn’s biggest ambassador to the mainstream. Within his time in the industry he has “slept with” more than 4,000 women.
“Nothing we do is going to satisfy those who hate our business. The anti-pornographers still hate it” Jeremy said. “Gross would probably still hate it.”

It’s apparent that both Gross and Jeremy have two different overall views. They do however agree on one thing; pornography is only for adults.

“I was a youth pastor, and my kids were having to work really hard to avoid porn,” Gross said. “It’s easily accessible to the younger viewers; there isn’t much control over the age of the viewers either.”

Jeremy too, realizes this can be an issue especially with the internet. “We don`t want to target minors. We`re very happy with 18 and over, and we`re clearly targeting 18 and over” Jeremy said.

Gross points out that the age of the viewers is not the only issue when it comes to porn. He believes that trends in the adult industry are not only causing intimacy problems among couples, but creating a “false reality” of sexual relationships.

“Excessive porn use can cause desensitization and skewed views of healthy relationships” Gross said.

After hearing the debate, many students have contacted Gross in realization of the weight of the matter. Matt, a student at James Madison University, contacted Gross after hearing him speak. The student commented, “The one thing I left with, feeling it even before that night, is that porn desensitizes. What you fantasize about during a ‘session’ and what actually goes on in the bedroom with your partner are two completely separate things.”

Gross realizes he does not get through to everyone, but hopes the younger generation will eventually understand. “I hope the girls especially understand that they don’t have to go along with porn to get the guy or make their guy happy” Gross said. “They can find someone else.”

Despite both debaters having different stances on the subject, the pair are actually civil.

“We’re not opponents, we’re friends” Gross said. “We have a great friendship, even though we are not alike.”

Both Gross and Jeremy have been on the road doing debates across the country, and have gotten to know each other well.

“I really believe that Ron does not think porn hurts people…but he is an overall great guy that loves people,” says Gross.

Jeremy had nothing but positive things to say of his friendship with Gross; “I like what he’s doing,” Jeremy said. “Girls that don’t belong in the industry, he helps to save them.”

The pair continues to debate on the issue of pornography. Ron Jeremy still remains a top idol in the adult film industry, as Craig Gross maintains several websites fighting porn addiction.

“I hope next time [someone] pulls up porn on their iPhone or computer, they think twice about it” Gross said. “It’s truly for the best.”

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