Ryan Idol Seeking New Trial In Attempted Murder Case

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from www.queerty.com – Convicted last year of attempting to murder his estranged girlfriend, Marc Anthony Donais—a.k.a. ex-porn star Ryan Idol—is filing a motion for a new trial this month, citing ineffective assistance of counsel.

If the court grants his motion at his September 21 hearing, Donais, who is still awaiting sentencing, could be freed on bail pending a new trial. If its denied, sentencing will proceed immediately.

Though active in gay porn for only five years, Donais—as Idol—was one of the biggest stars of the 1990s, transforming himself into a brand name with films like Idol Eyes, Idol Country, Idol Thoughts and Idol Worship.

He even popped up on Broadway in Joe Mantello’s revival of Terrence McNally’s bathouse comedy, The Ritz. Of his sexuality, Donais said, “I don’t like to label myself. I’d just like to say I’m a loving person. I can love a man and I can love a woman.”

But love didn’t always go smoothly for Donais: In 2009, he was arrested after hitting his ex-girlfriend in the head with a toilet-tank lid during an argument. The 46-year-old testified he acted in self-defense, claiming he believed she had a knife.

“I just hope I can put this whole unfortunate episode behind me and get on with my life,” Donais said today in a written statement.

“I’ve made some big mistakes and let myself and others down, but I’m always amazed at how many people remember me and wish me well. My gay fans, in particular, are an amazing source of support and I really appreciate their thoughts and prayers.”

We’ll admit we have thought of you, Ryan Idol. But prayers? Not so much. Just be glad you’re not featured in Chi Chi LaRue’s “epic” Criminal Cocks.


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