Sacramento: Send In The Clowns; Who In This Business is Going to Talk to Cal/OSHA Asks Rob Black

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Rob Black announced that he was headed for Sacramento to talk to people about UAWA and to take steps to rid the industry of the likes of Christian Mann, Diane Duke and Derek Hay

Bill Margold who apparently enjoys the regime of corruption the industry experiences, tweets today at William Margold ‏@WilliamMargold:

“Sacramento has always been a circus. And now it’s about to be visited by X’s biggest clown. Hopefully he’ll bring his own strait jacket.”

Not particularly addressing Margold’s comments head on, Black on his Monday afternoon show wanted to know what other clown [he didn’t actually use the word] besides himself was more qualified to speak for the industry.

Personally? It certainly wouldn’t be Margold because I doubt politicians would be amused with ad nauseam Viper stories.

“We’re seeing the emperor with no clothes, the chinks in the armor and the corruption of the business,” said Black.

“Christian Mann is dying of cancer. John Stagliano has HIV. These are people who don’t have bright futures but are dealing with your health and your money.

“There’s no one to take care of Cameron Bay. Who’s going to care for her? She needs $500,000 in medical expenses but has yet to receive a call from John Stagliano. I tried to do it the nice way.

[As I told Black recently he can’t be nice and needs to go all Genghis Khan from now on. You saw a lot of that Friday night with his hair in a Samurai bun.]

“And now everyone’s attention is there,” said Black.

“The facts are facts and nobody can hide from me. The tired arguments have been played out and discussed over and over. If you are questioning me to be the one to lead a unified front and to negotiate with lawmakers saying, ‘its not me because of my checkered past’ or lies you want to discuss – then who should talk to them?

“Porno Dan? David Lord? Hasn’t the industry been given that chance? Haven’t the doors been open? is ground zero for HIV, and you have Princess Donna and a bunch of buffoons over there- but you send Princess Donna, Alana Evans and Julie Meadows to Sacramento.

“Explain to those people [the politicians] how we don’t need condoms because we are safe, that our testing policy works because we detected you have HIV.”

The trust element is gone and the system is flawed, Black points out.

“When the industry was young there was no HIV testing because that thought was unheard of, but then it happened with Marc Wallice and a loose testing philosophy resulted. But with more safeguards, we took it as a risk philosophy- if it happens it happens.

“There’s been a systematic break down in the business,” Black added.

“Our policy is test/trust. We’ve lost sight of that and rules have been broken. We have family members in the world that kill each other. When did Mr. Marcus all of a sudden become Desmond Tutu? Alex Gonz has Hepatitis; he’s spreading it, but no one cares.

“Nobody has ever been safe. Our entire business has been based on trust until 2013 because it’s obvious that APHSS/PASS has had so many holes in its testing procedure.

“All the testing you’ve had, it’s been a fluke that no one’s got anything more. We’re finding out there’s been over 1,000 cases of gonorrhea, so when AHF is touting numbers it’s really stupid to call them lies because those numbers are coming from clinics. People don’t pull numbers out of the air except in the adult business where we’ve all done it all our lives.

“If you go back to shooting without rubbers, you’re ignorant, stupid and it’s get against the law.

“Nobody is safe in the business. The tests are wrong and you all know that. Scott Taylor of New Sensations is seeing the writing on the wall, and he’s not going to get hit with lawsuits. He’s not going to deal with people coming up with diseases and pointing fingers.

“You’re going to see another huge company saying they’re going all-condom,” Black predicted.

“Mark my words. The writing is on the wall in spray paint and the shit that don’t come off. The talent is finally getting it. The women are finally getting it.

“Even guys are finally getting it. You got Porno Dan telling people he doesn’t use condoms because he only fucks girls inside the business- you’re going to tell a big company owner to put a condom on? ‘Fuck you, I ain’t putting you in a movie.’

“Now girls are having sex with producers who aren’t tested. That’s how we’ve done it. I did it. I’m someone who’s been there and done it, now let’s change it and make it better.

“But it burns your asses to hear me say that. That’s what you guys are pissed off about, that I’m saying it’s done and who are you to stop the fun? That’s what you’re pissed off about. That’s what you’re mad about. So who in the hell are you supposed to anoint to bring the industry what they need with the people [Cal/OSHA] you all told to go to hell. Bryn Pryor?

“Diane Duke and Joanne Capistrano know nothing about the business. Our business has been what it’s been for 40 years. We deal with pimps and prostitutes and pandering; we deal in exploitation, drugs and gambling. We deal with every purveyor of filth there is because everyone knows someone will get us dope- every element of illegal activity- but we act like none of this exists.

“I don’t understand why no one admits to any of that. Have we all now wised up? So who is the person that’s going to talk to Cal/OSHA? Tell me who in the business is going to talk to them?

“Tell me who is that person? I’d love to hear these names. Name names and I’ll bring up every shitty thing about them. You have been led astray for so long and when someone takes a fist and punches you in the face it hurts so much that you can’t open your eyes and wipe the blood away.

“But once you absorb the pain you go holy shit I now understand what Rob Black is saying. Who’s going to be the anointed one? Bill Margold? Steve Hirsch? Porno Dan? Who? Jim Lane? Nick Orlandino? C’mon, who? Peter Acworth, Patrick Collins, who?

“I understand this is a hard pill to swallow. I get it. But the quicker you digest your medicine the faster you will heal. It’s not going to happen overnight.

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