Samantha Strong Tries to Set Me Up with Her Mother

Porn Valley- Last time I saw Samantha Strong was in 1991 at this Sopranos-like pick-up bar and restaurant in the Valley called Forte’s. Strong had introduced me to the place, and I was getting tons of ass there until it closed down and was reincarnated as a Cajun food joint named Stevie’s.

I don’t know what was worse, this ass palace closing, or losing touch with Strong.

Strong, a great looking woman, was porn’s consummate fruit cake. In her heyday, Samantha was probably nuttier than Lynn LeMay. Which is saying something.

Strong was supposedly introduced to the industry by Ron Jeremy, and John Bowen later became her manager. But that tumultuous relationship didn’t last long which isn’t surprising considering their respective personalities – fire and gasoline.

My first encounter with Strong was when she was up for AVN’s Best New Starlet. Strong had been a contract girl with Zane Brothers, and her best known feature for them was Backside to the Future, directed by the late Milt Ingley. Truth was, I had the hots for Strong, but she’s trying to introduce me to her mother.

Hardly in the mood for consolation prizes, I’m not listening to any of this. Turns out, Strong wins the award, and I meet mom the night of the Awards Show. Down to the hairdo, she’s a Marilyn Monroe-type only with more curves and Strong’s now throwing a wedge, sending the bitchy and self-amused message that I could have had this had I played my cards right.

“You sonofabitch!” yelled Strong on an entirely different note. “You knew all the time.” Strong was convinced that I had known beforehand she had Best New Starlet in the bag [which I did] but kept her in the dark during the course of the convention.

A couple of years later, again in Vegas, Strong’s signing autographs. This time she writes down her hotel room number at the Tropicana for me with an invite in her eyes that says drinks are on the house. Except something’s telling me I should be making other plans. Which is the best instinct I could have heeded, since Strong had also neglected to mention that she was sharing a room with Randy Spears.

Had I gone to the room that night, I would have walked into a brawl involving Spears, Strong, a thrown telephone, hotel security and rape charges made against Spears who was handcuffed and taken to jail. That’s the kind of woman Strong was. Trouble.

In 1990, Strong was paid $5,000 to do her first anal scene. This was going to be for Cinderella. The name of the movie was Sam’s Fantasy. The boxcover featured a black & white shot of Strong with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth. Brad Willis, who designed and shot the boxcover, had created a masterpiece.

Henri Pachard was director of the movie, and I had flown out from Philadelphia to write an on the set piece which featured another scene involving Jerry Butler and Victoria Paris who had a food fight before consummating their passions on a dining table.

For the shoot, Cinderella had put Strong up at a local hotel. Except now she was discovered to have disappeared.

Jack Stephen, Cinderella’s Vice President in charge of Strong, went to the hotel asking to be let in her room. The hotel wasn’t going to let him in so Stephen demanded it.

“I need to get in there NOW,” he told management indicating that he was the one paying for the room.

According to Stephen, there was a do not disturb sign on the door, and, when he was let in, discovered cocaine wrappers all over the place. He told the hotel people to gather Strong’s stuff up and shut the room down.

“Then she showed up two days later,” Stephen relates. “She behaved, and we shot the movie. Then she goes to Mexico and loses all the cash we paid her.”

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