Sandy Bunz: This Picture Pisses Me Off

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Sandy Bunz who for many years ran a porn company located in the Valley writes: Money is what it is all about. The vampire from AHS has stirred the pot so much and gotten an assemblyman to go Statewide with a bill. The industry is a group of artists who have no chance of fighting the tyranny.

This politician in the picture is happy like the money vampire at AHS to act like the the elitist Bloomberg and tell people how to behave. What a bunch of SHIT. In nine years of shooting porn I never told the actors how to brush their teeth or to wear a condom. That is their choice. It is the
actors choice, not some politicians or vampires like is shown in the
picture!! What is next? What “BIG GULP” can’t be drank? What cigarette can
not be smoked on screen.

The art is being ruined by the latex condoms condoned by the phoney power
grabbing politician and the money slut over his right shoulder.

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