Sarah Jessica Parker Winds Up on the Lovelace Cutting Room Floor

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A role that caused a lot of drama during the making of Lovelace has turned out not to be necessary for the drama onscreen.

Last year, Sarah Jessica Parker was a last-minute addition to the film, which features Amanda Seyfried in the life story of the woman who starred in the 1972 X-rated movie Deep Throat. The Sex and the City actress was an emergency fill-in for Demi Moore, who dropped out of the movie in the middle of production after she suffered unspecified health problems and was hospitalized.

The casting crisis was averted, but with the film now just days away from its debut at the Sundance Film Festival, directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman have told EW that it turned out they didn’t need the character after all.

Parker, who played the role of feminist icon Gloria Steinem, has joined a long list of actors left on the cutting room floor.

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Epstein and Friedman say the script originally ended in 1984, after porn icon Linda Lovelace went back to her real name, Linda Boreman, and became an anti-porn crusader. They shot those scenes, but as editing was underway the directors decided it would be better to end the story earlier, in the year 1980, which was before Lovelace/Boreman became affiliated with Steinem.

Parker, whom the filmmakers described as very gracious for rushing to fill the role while they were in the midst of shooting, was part of the coda to the film. Epstein and Friedman said her willingness to help out made it especially difficult for them to tell her the performance was no longer needed.

“You never want to make that call,” Friedman said.

“But she was a pro,” Epstein added.

Will we ever see her performance in deleted scenes on the DVD? The filmmakers, who will be seeking distribution at the festival, haven’t gotten that far yet. So the on-set photo above may be the only time we see Parker as Steinem — at least for a while.

Lovelace makes its Sundance premiere on Tuesday.

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