Sasha Grey to Drive Across Russia, Make Russian Dumplings

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MOSCOW from – Former adult video star Sasha Grey said on Tuesday she will take part in a car rally from Vladivostok to Moscow next month.

Grey will be driving the same model Lada Kalina sedan as Russian President Vladimir Putin, who took a Kalina for a 350-kilometer (210 mile) drive starting from Vladivostok in 2010.

The event was pitched to Grey by automobile website, whose editors also pledged to teach her to cook traditional Russian “pelmeni” dumplings.

“Cooking and racing. Two of my favorite things! Yes please!” Grey wrote on her Twitter page late on Monday.

The exact dates of the rally were not announced as of Tuesday. The distance from Moscow to Vladivostok is about 9,000 kilometers (5,600 miles).

Whether Grey will really get to race is open to question: Russian cars, including the Lada Kalina, enjoy a patchy reputation in Russia due to their poor quality. Putin had two spare Kalinas with him during his own drive from Vladivostok, and had to change cars at the start of the journey due to a breakdown.

Grey, 25, became one of the most well-known porn stars in the late 2000s, but retired from the industry in 2011 to focus on modeling, conventional acting and industrial music endeavors.

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