Save Your Money, Bro. Don’t Buy One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest

I’m gonna do a huge favor to all of the retailers and distributors in Pornoland.

There is one movie out there that you should not bother spending your money on. If you’re smart and you care about your customers, I would recommend giving this one a pass. That movie is from DreamZone and it is called One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest. It is produced by Frank Korestsky and Adam Hasner, the two biggest pieces of shit in the world.

This movie was originally conceived by Tom Byron two and a half years ago. Tom Byron actually bought the script from Nelson X, who was a reviewer for XBIZ. Not sure if he’s still there. I think he’s doing his own PR thing now. Nelson wrote three scripts for Tom Byron. Tom Byron paid five hundred dollars a piece for these scripts, of course out of his own money because that’s how it was done with Adam Hasner and Frank Koretsky, the two biggest pieces of shit in the world. As Adam Hasner would say, “Don’t worry, bro. You’ll get the money back, bro.” Tom Byron didn’t get nothing back. Bro.

So Tom Byron paid for three scripts, Hairy Twatter, The Little Spermaid and One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest. At the end of the day, they got shelved while Tom Byron was there and were never made until after he left. Here we are almost three years later and One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest is out and it making its way through the pipeline to retailers.

The press release on AVN states:

“DreamZone Entertainment’s long-hyped parody One Flew Over the Cuckold’s Nest has begun shipping to adult retailers.
Starring Alexis Ford, Shayla LaVeaux, Brianna Brooks and Kim Blossom, the spoof of the 1975 Jack Nicholson classic of a similar name gives the tale of a state mental facility gone amok a new twist involving interracial cuckolding, as implemented by “Nurse Snatch-It.””
“One Flew Over the Cuckold’s Nest is being released in a two-disc collector’s edition set that includes bonus scenes, trailers, photo galleries and SFW versions of some of DreamZone’s other parody adaptations.”
“Adam H., VP of DreamZone Entertainment, stated, “One Flew Over the Cuckold’s Nest is more than a clever title, bro and retailers have spoken to that understanding, bro as we’ve seen an enthusiastic influx of preorder sales for this release, bro. Remaining retailers are encouraged to contact your representative to obtain your copies today, bro”

“So give me call, bro, and tell me how many copies of this DreamZone piece of shit you want, bro. Cuz if you order a lot, Frank will think I’m an awesome salesman, bro. And I won’t have to suck his cock as much as I as do, bro, to keep my job, bro.”

End of press release. Swear to God, that’s what the press release says.

So all you distributors and retailers, if there is one movie to pass on, if there is one movie to save your money on, this is the movie. It is a waste of money. In these days of limited shelf space and limited dollars to spend, I implore you to not waste your money on this piece of shit.

DreamZone Entertainment is garbage. Most of what they put out are repackaged Tom Byron or Rob Black compilations. The Evolution Distribution movies are all old recycled scenes from Tom Byron and Rob Black that they try to pawn off as new releases. All of the entities that Frank Koretsky and Adam Hasner are trying to sell to you gullible suckers out there are repackaged Tom Byron, Evolution and Rob Black footage. Frank Koretsky and Adam Hasner are still trading off of our names. Sorry to burst everybody’s bubble, but facts are facts. Heroes of the stupid Frank Koretsky and Adam Hasner are nothing more than two shyster con men who are out to fuck you over as they have done with so many others over the years.

Save your money. Do not buy DreamZone’s One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest. It is a waste of time and a waste of money. If you really want it that bad, wait a month and you can buy it as a catalog special for two bucks and within a week, you will able to watch it online for free.

Save your money and invest it in real product like Brad Armstrong’s Underworld from Wicked Pictures or something from Axel Braun like Star Wars. But don’t waste your money on this DreamZone piece of shit.

Thank you.

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