Says The Samurai: Isadore Hall’s Office Fully Aware of the Stagliano Stretch Class Situation

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The Samurai writes: Rob Black left out one very important part of the equation regarding Stagliano. Rob is right when he says either the girls weren’t informed that Stagliano is HIV positive, which makes the agents and Stagliano himself complete pieces of shit, and all the crew members who were present also, or they did know and they are just ignorant little whores.

But here is what Rob left out. It is possible that these girls did know,
but were convinced to do the scenes because of their relatively low risk.
But here is where it gets tricky. Did these female talent inform the people that they worked with in the days after their scene with Stagliano
that they had just worked with someone who is HIV positive?

Did the agents inform the other talent that these girls had just worked with someone who is HIV positive? Why is there no quarantine list for the talent who are working with an HIV positive person?

And it is obvious that nobody is checking tests on Staglianos shoots too.
Is Stagliano listed as available for work on APHSS?

What does the APHSS medical board think of all this? Their silence could
be construed as complicity, as well as the FSC’s silence on the matter. And yes, Isadore Hall’s office is fully aware of all of this.

Now lets have Dianne tell us how well the current system works once again.
The fact that she had to be ‘called out’ before making any statement speaks
for itself. APHSS is a fucking joke, they will not even address an HIV
positive performer currently working in the industry.


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