Schevelle’s G-String Chronicle: St. Louis,The Elephant, Tony and the Mouse

from, Schevelle writes: There we were at my next gig at PT’s Showclub in St. Louis, MO, actually it’s in Centreville, MO and that’s pronounced “sin-tra-ville”, ladies and gentlemen. My agents must think a lot of me to send me to all of these high-end major cities.

So there we were again, me and Tony, in another lively “city” working together. And I am thinking to myself, okay, this is the week where I find out something weird about Tony. You know what I mean, you like someone and you are spending time together. Then you realize, wow a good bit of time has gone by and this person is really cool OR….you wake up and their worshipping chickens or something. So this was the week, I could feel it.

The hotel was pretty nice, it was attached to a casino and overlooked the river and the big Archway to the Midwest thing, or whatever they call the arch thing that they have in St. Louis. Point being, it appeared to be nice and clean. A positive note about Tony, he likes to workout, so do I, (don’t worry, this is going somewhere) now I have a workout partner and the hotel has a fitness center so we’re heading down the clean hallway to get to it. Tony is telling me this story and I was looking at him while we were walking and suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks and his eyes got real big. I followed his gaze and saw something scamper across the carpet.

Now, keep in mind, Tony is not a small guy and he doesn’t back down from things easy. Keep this in mind along with the story of the “Elephant and the Mouse”. So, this teeny, tiny, almost cute mouse goes scrambling across the floor and, as if knowing that Tony didn’t like it, instantly turns and makes a B-line at like Mach 4 in the open floor straight to Tony.

I have never seen Tony run at a full sprint, but he made it down the hall in a tenth of a second and I never saw his feet even touch the floor, all with the little mouse following him. I was laughing so hard, I didn’t realize the mouse turned and changed directions back to where I was standing. It ran around and then ended up in a corner away from Tony. He gingerly ran past it and into the fitness room. For all of the long time Tony Batman fans, I hope you enjoy the stories from the road and the “inside look” at The Batman, who is VERY uneasy with mice.

Later that night we are heading to the club and as we followed the directions, we began to pass some clubs. First we pass Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club (big, bright, nice, building), we pass Hollywood (big, bright, nice building), Penthouse Club (big, bright, nice building), Scores (big, bright, nice building), but none of those being our club. No, we exit and turn onto a dark, desolate road and head 7 miles to the club that my agent booked me.

PT’s Showclub is the oldest club in the area and they were celebrating their anniversary that week (30 years). This booking was a little different in that they booked me Mon-Thurs. Let me tell you why it was a Mon-Thur. booking. Because on Friday and Saturday I was replaced by the Midget Wrestlers. Yes, the midget wrestlers. All the staff kept telling me, “Wait til Friday and Saturday, it will be busy”, which I would then answer “I’m not going to be here on Friday and Saturday. Ya’ll have the midgets coming in.” This in return would evoke the response of eyes lowering and a quiet “Oh”. But, never you worry, Tony was there so it WOULD be fun. He and the house D.J.’s were great on the mic and helped inspire the audience approach the stage and participate. Although, the audience acted like timid children, the house dancers, along with Tony had the stage busy and we all know that that means more fun. The ladies, DJ’s and our helper Andrew all worked well together to make it a pleasurable anniversary week.

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